Exciting news for jobsite professionals and contractors! Ohio Power Tool is proud to announce the addition of Armorgard’s innovative product line. Renowned for their durability and practicality, Armorgard products are designed to enhance productivity and safety on the jobsite. Let’s take a closer look at the standout items now available:

Armorgard Rubble Truck (RT400-CK)

Say goodbye to the hassle of moving trash and rubble around your jobsite with the Armorgard Rubble Truck. Ergonomically designed to make your tasks quicker, safer, and easier, this truck boasts a substantial 13.5 cubic feet capacity and can hold up to 1,650 lbs.

Constructed from 10-gauge steel, it features solid puncture-proof wheels and side protection buffers, ensuring it can handle the toughest jobs day in and day out. The built-in tipping feature and fully welded crane lifting eyes enhance safety and efficiency, making debris transport a breeze.

Additionally, the Rubble Truck Lid (RT-L), designed to fit perfectly, provides added protection for your materials during transport. Built with handles on top and slots for crane eyes, this lid ensures safe and organized movement on-site, offering peace of mind for any construction or renovation project.

Armorgard Cutting Station (SS7-T)

The Armorgard Cutting Station, transforms how materials are cut on site. This mobile cutting room is packed with features designed for efficiency and safety. PVC curtains contain sparks, sound-deadening foam reduces noise, and a debris collector keeps the area clean. Equipped with lighting, power, and a secure lockable cabinet, the Cutting Station ensures you can set up and work anywhere, maximizing productivity and safety on the job.

Armorgard Site Station (SS2-T)

The ultimate mobile site office, Armorgard Site Station, allows you to stay connected and manage projects on the go. Whether moved by crane, caster, or forklift, Site Station provides lighting, power, and secure storage for all your project needs. Its 16-gauge steel construction and self-engaging T-latch lock ensure your devices and supplies remain safe, making it areliable replacement for traditional desks.

Armorgard Forma-Stor

The Jobsite Storage Shed Walk-in Collapsible 6-1/2′ x 6-1/2′ (845lbs) (ARM-FR200-TT) and Jobsite Storage Shed Walk-in Collapsible 6-1/2′ x 13′ (1313lbs) (ARM-FR400-TT) storage units are the ultimate solutions for on-site storage needs, offering ample space and secure storage with a walk-in design for easy access to equipment and materials.

Built with durable construction, these units provide protection against the elements, ensuring belongings remain safe and organized. Ideal for various industries, they feature a self-engaging T-latch lock, forklift pockets for easy transportation, crane lifting eyes, heavy-duty doors with anti-tamper joins, and are fully galvanized and powder-coated for maximum durability.

Additionally, they come with a strong fitted OSB floor and are available in two sizes. Designed to withstand tough conditions, these storage units are a convenient and reliable choice for construction sites and industrial use.

Armorgard FittingStor (FC6-T)

Armorgard FittingStor is the ultimate 3-in-1 solution for security, organization, and mobility. Constructed from heavy-duty 16-gauge steel and equipped with a self-engaging T-latch lock, this unit keeps your fittings, fasteners, and tools safe from theft. With three sturdy shelves providing up to 100 cubic feet of storage, and the ability to move easily thanks to heavy-duty casters and forklift pockets, FittingStor simplifies jobsite logistics.

Armorgard SiteBoss Cabinet (SB48)

Secure your tools and enhance jobsite organization with the Armorgard SiteBoss Cabinet. This cabinet features 14-gauge steel construction, a multi-spur locking mechanism, and anti-tamper joins for maximum security. With 40 cubic feet of adjustable storage, cable pass-through points for secure charging, and four-way forklift pockets, the SiteBoss Cabinet combines durability, convenience, and innovation.

Armorgard SiteBoss Piano Box (SB49)

The Armorgard SiteBoss Piano Box takes jobsite tool security to the next level. Made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with a fully welded cross-braced lid, this box offers unparalleled rigidity and strength. Its bi-fold lid, dual gas struts, and bespoke cut-out shelves provide easy access and organization for tools, while the multi-spur locking mechanism ensures top-notch security.

Armorgard SiteBoss Chest

The Siteboss Chest 43″ x 30″ x 33″ UltraLock SlamStop Lid (SB24) and the Siteboss Chest 71″ x 24″ x 28″ UltraLock SlamStop Lid (SB25) chests are your rugged and dependable storage companions for essential tools and equipment on the job site. Built tough with heavy-duty 14 gauge steel and featuring innovative security measures like the extreme UltraLock multi-spur locking mechanism and tamper-proof joins, these chests offer ample, secure storage to keep your belongings safe and organized.

Their compact yet spacious design ensures tools are easily accessible, enhancing on-site efficiency. Features such as dual gas struts for smooth lid operation, the exclusive SlamStop lid stay for worker safety, and cable pass-through points for power cord access add to their convenience.

Suitable for job sites or trucks, these chests come in various sizes, including chests, piano boxes, and cabinets, and offer optional extras like robust castors and crane lifting eyes for easy handling, making them ideal for construction, maintenance, and industrial use.

With Armorgard products now available at Ohio Power Tool, you can trust that your jobsite will be equipped with the best in safety, efficiency, and durability. Explore our full range of Armorgard products today and experience the difference in jobsite productivity and security.

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