Well there goes that side hustle! It looks like Milwaukee has heard (and seen) everyone’s homemade bandfiles, and they have decided to come out with their own official version. With two sizes soon to be available (13″ and 18″) on their M12 battery platform, these bandfiles deliver the fastest spot removal, unmatched control, and greater mobility and access while in use compared to the competition, allowing for increased efficiency and accuracy while you’re on the job.

You gotta admit, it looks pretty slick.

If you’re still using electric or pneumatic, say goodbye to cables, cords, and hoses all over your jobsite! Just slap one of the recommended M12 XC 4.0Ah batteries on to power through up to 50 spot welds using the 18” bandfile (2482-20) or up to 40 spot welds with the 13” (2483-20) on a single charge! Milwaukee’s new bandfiles provide professional auto techs with the fastest spot weld removal on the market at a practically unbeatable price.

The new bandfile hard at work in the hands of a trusted auto tech.

The new M12 FUEL bandfiles deliver not only unmatched control and incredible speeds, but also greater mobility than ever before with revolutionary forward and reverse functionality as well as a 360° arm rotation. Equipped with their lock-on technology to improve ease of use and minimize energy exerted while on the job, using this bandfile will seem like a breeze. Quick access technology allows for snappy belt changes on the fly, as well as a variable speed trigger and forward LED lights to give you even greater access to the project than ever before. Combined with the sheer power of the M12 platform, Milwaukee’s new bandfiles have eliminated the need for bulky compressors, clunky hoses, and sketchy DIY files you assembled yourself in your garage while watching a YouTube tutorial. It’s okay… we’re not judging.

Daft Punk’s got nothing on this guy.

We all know how deeply Milwaukee cares about customer experience, and these bandfiles are designed with the user in mind. The ergonomic grip, plethora of features, and user-friendly accessibility all powered by their slick M12 FUEL battery line gives the new bandfiles the power of pneumatic files in the palm of your hand. Give us a call at 614-481-2111 or click the link to reserve yours today, and don’t forget to follow us wherever you get your social media to stay in the know on everything Ohio Power Tool!