DeWalt has announced their new 20V MAX Copper Swage Tool (DCE450D1), the world’s first cordless mechanical copper swaging tool, designed for HVACR professionals to save time and money on the jobsite. Let’s dive into the standout features of the Swage Tool.

The Copper Swage is not just any tool; it’s a highly specialized soft copper expansion tool that delivers flawless expansions in mere seconds. Engineered to handle soft and annealed copper ranging from 1/4 inch to 1-5/8 inches, this swage tool significantly cuts down on the need for additional copper fittings and brazed joints. The result? Streamlined installations and reduced potential leak points, enhancing the overall quality and durability of your work.


Sku #Product NameProduct Price
DCE4500141/4″ Expansion Head$78.99
DCE45005165/16″ Expansion Head$78.99
DCE4500383/8″ Expansion Head$78.99
DCE4500121/2″ Expansion Head$58.99
DCE4500585/8″ Expansion Head$58.99
DCE4500343/4″ Expansion Head$58.99
DCE4500787/8″ Expansion Head$58.99
DCE4501181-1/8″ Expansion Head$88.99
DCE4501381-3/8″ Expansion Head$98.99
DCE4501581-5/8″ Expansion Head$108.99

This tool can efficiently complete a wide range of swaging applications and expand 3/4 inch soft copper tubing up to 3 times faster than a manual swage tool. Ideal for a variety of heating, cooling, and refrigeration workflows.

One of the standout features of the Swage Tool is its auto rotating expansion heads. This innovative design ensures that every expansion is perfectly even, creating swages that are ideal for brazing. No more worrying about uneven expansions that could compromise the integrity of your joints.

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, this tool features a robust steel body and nickel-plated steel jaws. These materials not only enhance the tool’s longevity but also ensure consistent performance, job after job.

To help prevent cracking, the 3/8 inch expansion head features a 2-stage adjustable collar that allows for a partial expansion in position 1 and a full expansion in position 2. This added control ensures that your swages are consistently precise and reliable.

Finish jobs fast with up to 620 swages on one battery charge. This efficiency boost not only saves time but also enhances the overall quality of your installations, ensuring customer satisfaction and fewer call-backs for repairs.

The 20V MAX Copper Swage Tool Kit (DCE450D1) includes six expansion heads, all neatly organized in a durable blow molded kit box. This thoughtful inclusion means you’ll always have the right size head on hand, stored securely and ready for action. The 20V MAX Copper Swage Tool Kit and additional heads are available for pre-sale right now at Ohio Power Tool so secure yours today!

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