In the construction industry, concrete is a staple material due to its strength and versatility. Ohio Power Tool supplies a comprehensive range of power tools that cater to each stage of concrete construction, ensuring professionals have the right tools for every phase of their project.

Mixers: Before concrete can be poured, it must be properly mixed to ensure uniform consistency and strength. For small to medium projects, portable concrete mixers are great tools but can certainly be done by hand as well. These mixers blend cement, aggregate, and water to create concrete ready for pouring. They range from handheld mixing drills, suitable for mixing buckets of concrete, to larger, wheel-mounted mixers for bigger batches, ensuring a consistent mix for various project sizes.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
MC44SMultiquip Steel-Drum Concrete MixerCall For Pricing
2810-20Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mud Mixer with 180 Handle (Bare Tool)$219.00
FLEX-FX6151-ZFlex 24V Mud Mixer 2 Speed (Tool Only)$199.00
DW-DCD130T1DeWalt 60V MAX* Mixer/Drill Kit With E-Clutch System$379.00
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Concrete Vibrators: Once the concrete is poured into the formwork, vibratory pokers, also known as concrete vibrators, are used to consolidate and compact the mix. These tools remove air pockets trapped in the concrete, ensuring a dense, strong final product. The vibratory action helps to distribute the aggregate evenly throughout the mix, preventing segregation and weakness in the hardened concrete.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
MXF371-2XCMilwaukee MX FUEL Backpack Concrete Vibrator Kit$2,299.00
MXF370-2XCMilwaukee MX FUEL Concrete Vibrator Kit w/ ONE-KEY$1,799.00
2910-21Milwaukee M18 FUEL 4′ Concrete Pencil Vibrator XC6.0 Kit$529.00
2911-21Milwaukee M18 FUEL 8′ Concrete Pencil Vibrator XC6.0 Kit$579.00
DW-DCE531M1DeWalt 20V MAX 4′ Pencil Concrete Vibrator 1-1/4″ Kit$543.79
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Screeds: After vibrating, the next step is leveling and smoothing the top surface of the poured concrete. Screeds come into play here, with options ranging from simple manual screeds for smaller jobs to power screeds for larger areas. Power screeds, which can be vibrating, oscillating, or roller-based, provide a quick and efficient means to achieve a flat, smooth surface, essential for flooring and foundational work.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
MXF381-2CPMilwaukee MX FUEL Concrete Vibratory Screed 3.0Ah Kit$1,999.00
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.
Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
48-38-2004Milwaukee 4′ Concrete Screed Bar$299.00
48-38-2006Milwaukee 6′ Concrete Screed Bar$399.00
48-38-2008Milwaukee 8′ Concrete Screed Bar$519.00
48-38-2010Milwaukee 10′ Concrete Screed Bar$649.00
48-38-2012Milwaukee 12′ Concrete Screed Bar$749.00
48-38-2014Milwaukee 14′ Concrete Screed Bar$899.00
48-38-2016Milwaukee 16′ Concrete Screed Bar$999.00
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Trowels: For a finer finish on concrete surfaces, power trowels are used. These come in walk-behind or riding models, with rotating blades that smooth and compact the concrete. Adjustable blade angles allow for varying levels of finish, from rough to highly polished, suitable for different flooring applications, including warehouses and commercial buildings.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
MXF336-3HDMilwaukee MX FUEL 36″ Walk-Behind Trowel$5,999.00
MXF324-2HDMilwaukee MX FUEL 24″ Walk-Behind Edging Trowel$4,799.00
BG-WC36BH27MC123Bartell 36″ 8.5HP Walk Behind Edging Trowel$2,804.49
BG-W24H16FCBartell 24″ 4.8HP Walk Behind Edging Trowel$2,600.19
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Concrete Saws: Cutting is often necessary after the concrete has set, for expansion joints or to modify the structure. Concrete saws, equipped with diamond-tipped blades, are designed to cut through hardened concrete cleanly and efficiently. These saws range from handheld units for small cuts or tight spaces to larger walk-behind models for making long, straight cuts.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
DP101227Diamond Products Propane 14″ Core Cut 23HP Walk-Behind Concrete Saw$10,300.59
DP21855Diamond Products Core Cut 20″ CC1300XL 12HP Honda Concrete Walk-Behind Saw$4,024.89
DP78816Diamond Products 26″ Core Cut 25HP Kohler Command CC2525KC-26 Gas Walk Behind Saw$13,082.39
DP102363Diamond Products Core Cut 30″ CAT Engine Walk Behind Saw Front Pivot$34,031.29
DP101234Diamond Products 30″ Propane CORE CUT 35HP Walk-Behind Concrete Saw$26,093.29
DP41741Diamond Products Core Cut 36″ 71HP Kubota Diesel CC6571D-36 Concrete Walk-Behind Saw$39,010.79
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.
Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
2786-22HDMilwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless Cordless 9″ Cut-Off Saw W/ ONE-KEY 12Ah Kit$899.00
MXF315-2XCMilwaukee MX FUEL 14″ Cut-Off Saw w/ RAPIDSTOP Brake Kit$2,499.00
MXF316-2XCMilwaukee MX FUEL 6″ Green Concrete Saw Kit$4,499.00
SPT79A-10Skilsaw 7″ Medusaw Walk Behind Worm Drive for Concrete$699.99
STL-TSA 230STIHL 36V 9″ Cutquik Concrete Cut-Off Saw (Tool Only)$499.99
STL-TS 420STIHL 14″ Cutquik Gas-Powered Cut-Off Saw 66.7cc$1,249.99
STL-TS 700STIHL Cutquik Gas-Powered Cut-Off Saw w/ 14″ Guard$1,649.99
STL-TS 800STIHL 16″ Cutquik Gas-Powered Cut-Off Saw 98.5cc$1,749.99
DW-DCS692X2DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Cordless 9″ Cut-Off Saw$899.00
DP48975Diamond Products C14 Electric Hand Saw 120V/15amp 4500 Rpm$949.59
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Core Drills: When precise circular holes are needed in concrete, for plumbing, electrical, or HVAC installations, core drills are used. For smaller diameters handheld options work well, but for larger diameters mounted on a stand for stability, these powerful drills use diamond-tipped core bits to cut through concrete without causing damage or excessive vibration to the surrounding area.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
MXF302-2HDMilwaukee MX FUEL Core Rig with Stand$5,699.00
MXF301-2CXSMilwaukee MX Fuel Handheld 6″ Core Drill & Rig Kit w/ Stand ONE-KEY$3,499.00
MXF301-2CPMilwaukee MX FUEL Handheld 6″ Core Drill Kit w/ One-Key$2,699.00
DP4244126Diamond Products Core Bore 16″ CB733 – Electric 3-Speed Drill Motor$1,719.69
DP4245115Diamond Products M-1 14″ Core Bore CB733 3 Speed 115V Complete Drill Rig$2,683.19
DP4277581Diamond Products Core Bore M-6 Large Diameter Core Stand$3,853.59
CSDBE 201CS Unitec Eibenstock 8″ Single-Speed Rig-Mounted Core Drill$1,177.79
CS2 1327 0010 SACS Unitec 4.2 HP 12″ Hydraulic Core Drill$4,683.08
CS2 1328 0050 SACS Unitec 3.8 HP 12″ Air Core Drill$4,963.20
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Polishers & Grinders: Surface preparation or repair often requires grinding to remove imperfections, coatings, or residues. Concrete grinders, equipped with diamond grinding wheels, smooth and level concrete surfaces, preparing them for finishing or covering. They are also used to polish concrete floors to a high gloss in commercial or residential buildings where the exposed concrete is the desired finish.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
DP08771Diamond Products 16″ Mini Groover 49 HP Deutz Diesel CG-2E49 Walk Behind Grinder$47,490.49
DP08005Diamond Products 10″ Mini Groover 20HP Honda CG-1G24 Walk Behind Grinder$28,109.19
DP47799Diamond Products 24″ Core Prep 10HP Honda CC210H Dual Head (2x 12″) Floor Grinder$6,552.49
DP48555Diamond Products 24″ Core Prep 2HP Electric CC202E1 Dual Head (2x 12″) Floor Grinder$5,675.99
DP47385Diamond Products 12″ Core Prep 10HP Honda CC110H Single Head Floor Grinder$4,552.79
DP15072Diamond Products 8″ Core Prep 2HP Electric CC80E Single Head Floor Grinder$3,355.19
DIT-G00046Diteq TG-8 2 HP Electric Grinder/Polisher$3,41.39
DIT-G00140Diteq 17″ PRO Swing MAchine 165 RPM$1,948.39
CSEBS 180 FCS Unitec 7″ Concrete Grinder 20 AMP$1,433.99
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.
Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
CS320.2400TCS Unitec 8″ TFP 200 Gas Walk-Behind Floor Scarifier$3,679.39
CS320.2012TCS Unitec 8″ TFP 200 Pneumatic Walk-Behind Floor Scarifier$5,213.69
CS326.2000TCS Unitec 10 TFP 260 Gas Walk-Behind Floor Scarifier$7,067.69
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.
Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
FEST-577048Festool Diamond Grinder RG 130 ECI-Plus$699.00
MET603825750Metabo RSEV 19-125 RT 5″ Renovation Concrete Grinder$494.99
CSG15Bosch 5″ Concrete Surfacing Grinder Scarifier Vacuum Port$459.00
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Demolition Hammers: For demolition or alteration of concrete structures, electric demolition hammers provide the necessary power to break concrete. These hammers come in various sizes, from smaller chipping hammers for light work to larger breakers for substantial demolition tasks, making them versatile tools in renovation and deconstruction projects.

Product Image Sku #Product NameProduct Price
MXF368-1XCMilwaukee MX Breaker Hammer 1 Battery Kit w/ One-Key$1,999.00
DW-D25980KDeWalt 68 LB. 1-1/8″ Hex Pavement Breaker Kit Truck & Steel$1,699.00
DW-DCH966Z2KDeWalt 60V 41 Lbs. 1-1/8″ HEX Breaker Hammer Kit$2,199.00
DW-DCH911Z2DeWalt 60V 24 lbs SDS Max Inline Demolition Hammer$1,399.00
DW-D25832KDeWalt 16 LB. SDS-MAX Chipping Hammer Kit$551.39
BH2770VCDBosch Brute Turbo Demolition Breaker 1-1/8″ Hex Deluxe Kit$1,999.00
11335KBosch 35lb Demolition Breaker 1-1/8″ Hex – JACK$1,029.00
BH2760VCBBosch Brute Demolition Breaker 1-1/8″ Hex Kit$1,699.00
BH2760VCKBosch Brute 1-1/2″ Hex Breaker Hammer Kit$1,616.69
11316EVSBosch SDS-Max 14AMP Demolition Hammer$729.00
DH507Bosch 10 Amp SDS-max Demolition Hammer$485.29
GRHPB55-1AVSGreenlee Hydraulic Breaker – 55 Lbs.$3,469.69
GRHPB45-1AVSGreenlee Hydraulic Breaker – 45 Lbs.$3,431.99
GRHPB45-2AVSGreenlee Hydraulic Breaker – 45 Lbs.$3,384.89
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Rotary Hammers: In situations where fastening to concrete is required, rotary hammers drill holes for anchors and fasteners. These tools combine rotation with a hammering action, allowing for efficient drilling into hardened concrete without excessive effort or damage to the material.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
5546-21Milwaukee 1-3/4″ SDS MAX Rotary Hammer$699.00
2717-20Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1-9/16″ SDS-Max Hammer Drill (Tool Only)$549.00
2916-20Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1-1/4″ SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer w/ ONE-KEY (Tool Only)$499.00
5517-21Milwaukee 1-9/16″ SDS Max Rotary Hammer$449.00
2915-20Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1-1/8″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer w/ ONE-KEY (Bare Tool)$449.00
2912-20Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer$349.00
2613-20Milwaukee M18 Brushless 1″ SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer$199.00
DW-DCH273BDeWalt 20V MAX 1″ XR Brushless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (Bare Tool)$279.00
DW-DCH293BDeWalt 20V MAX 1-1/8″ XR Brushless SDS-Plus L-Shape Rotary Hammer (Tool Only)$449.00
DW-DCH416BDeWalt 60V MAX 1-1/4″ Brushless Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (Tool Only)$499.00
DW-DCH481BDeWalt 60V Max 1-9/16″ SDS-MAX Brushless Combination Rotary Hammer (Tool Only)$539.00
DW-DCH614BDeWalt 60V Max 1-3/4″ SDS-MAX Brushless Combination Rotary Hammer (Tool Only)$639.00
DW-D25733KDeWalt 1-7/8″ SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer E-Clutch$1,061.09
DW-D25773KDeWalt 2″ SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer$1,137.39
11255VSRBosch 1″ BULLDOG Xtreme SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill 8 Amp$219.00
GBH2-28LBosch Bulldog Xtreme Max 1-1/8″ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer KickBack Control$249.00
GBH18V-34CQNBosch PROFACTOR 18V SDS-Plus 1-1/4″ Rotary Hammer Brushless (Tool Only)$469.00
RH540MBosch 1-9/16″ SDS-Max 12AMP Combination Rotary Hammer$379.00
GBH18V-36CNBosch PROFACTOR 18V Hitman SDS-Max 1-9/16″ Rotary Hammer Brushless (Bare Tool)$519.00
11264EVSBosch 1-5/8″ SDS-Max 13AMP Combination Rotary Hammer$599.00
RH850VCBosch 1-7/8″ SDS-Max 13.5AMP Combination Rotary Hammer$929.00
RH1255VCBosch 2″ SDS-Max 15AMP Combination Rotary Hammer$1,129.00
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Dust Management Systems: Concrete cutting, grinding, and drilling generate significant amounts of dust. Dust management systems, including vacuums and dust extractors, are crucial for maintaining air quality and visibility on the job site. These systems collect dust at the source, preventing it from spreading into the work environment and reducing health risks associated with concrete dust inhalation.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
0885-20Milwaukee M18 Fuel 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum (Bare Tool)$299.00
0910-20Milwaukee M18 FUEL 6 Gallon Modular Wet/Dry Vacuum$219.00
0920-20Milwaukee M18 FUEL 9 Gallon Dual-Battery Modular Wet/Dry Vacuum$299.00
0930-22HDMilwaukee M18 FUEL 12 Gallon Dual-Battery Wet/Dry Modular Vacuum Kit$729.00
GAS20-17AHBosch 17 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Vac Dust Extractor Auto-Cleaner 300 CFM$1,499.00
GDE18V-26DNBosch SDS-plus Bulldog Mobile Dust Extractor (Bare Tool)$137.81
BG-HD3-110Bartell 120V 3.2HP 288CFM Dust Collector HD3 HEPA$4,702.59
BG-HD3Bartell 220V 4.8HP 356CFM Dust Collector HD3 HEPA$5,191.69
*Prices as of time of posting and subject to change.

Ohio Power Tool recognizes the diverse needs of concrete construction projects, offering professionals a wide selection of power tools that address each stage of concrete application, from mixing to demolition. Each of these products are available at Ohio Power Tool right now!

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