Fein has introduced two impressive additions to its lineup of magnetic drills: the Fein JMU 137 PQW (72707361090) and the Fein AJMU 137 PMQW (71700562090). These are designed to cater to the diverse needs of professionals who require precision, durability, and mobility on the job site.

Fein JMU 137 PQW: The Universal Magnetic Core Drill (72707361090)

The Fein JMU 137 PQW is a powerful single-speed magnetic core drill that stands out with its compact design and powerful performance capabilities. Here’s what sets it apart:

Versatile Applications: With capabilities to handle up to 1-3/8 inches (35 mm) drilling tasks, the JMU 137 PQW is equipped for a wide range of operations including mag base drilling, twist drilling, tapping, countersinking, and reaming.

Safety Features: Fein prioritizes safety with features like a permanent magnet for secure positioning even at heights, a motion sensor, and a tilt sensor safety shutoff to prevent accidents.

Ease of Use: Operators will appreciate the intuitive control concept within their field of view, ensuring straightforward operation and minimizing errors.

Durable Build: Designed for tough conditions, the JMU 137 PQW boasts high-quality craftsmanship and a compact, lightweight body that doesn’t compromise on power.

Enhanced Functionality: It includes a reversible function, an integrated coolant tank for prolonged tool life, and a magnetic holding force indicator for precise positioning.

Fein 71700562090 AJMU 137 PMQW: The Cordless Advantage (71700562090)

Fein takes innovation further with the AJMU 137 PMQW, a cordless magnetic drill that redefines mobility and endurance on construction sites. Now to discuss the standout features of this drill.

Battery-Powered Freedom: Featuring Fein’s CORE 18V 12 Ah battery, this drill offers exceptional mobility without sacrificing power. It delivers up to 48 holes per charge (11/16″ diameter on 1/2″ mild steel plate), making it ideal for remote or mobile work.

Long-lasting Performance: With COOLPACK 2.0 technology and advanced battery management, the AJMU 137 PMQW ensures up to 135% longer battery service life compared to conventional batteries. This enables extended operation times and reduces downtime.

Innovative Safety Features: Similar to its counterpart, this model includes a tilt sensor safety shutoff, ensuring operational safety in all conditions.

Efficiency and Ergonomics: Weighing only 26.9 lbs, it’s the lightest cordless mag drill available, yet it packs features like electronic speed control, a generous stroke range, and intuitive operator controls for enhanced usability.

Adaptability: Equipped with a MK2 tool mount, it allows direct use of industrial tools, further enhancing its versatility on the job.

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