CSC SYS 50 EBI-Basic Cordless Table Saw (576821)

The CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw offers exceptional compactness, fitting snugly into a Systainer for convenient portability. Despite its size, it boasts remarkable versatility and ease of use. It can perform rip cuts up to 11″ (280 mm), cross-cuts up to 17-3/4″ (450 mm), and bevel cuts ranging from -2° to 47° with unparalleled precision facilitated by its innovative digital operation that ensures accuracy within 1/256″.

Powered by a 2x18V dual battery system and a brushless EC-TEC motor, its performance matches that of corded table saws, aided by a UG-CSC-SYS (577001) underframe for stability during ripping and cross-cutting, which conveniently folds for transport.

The CSC SYS 50 is a pinnacle of portable precision, equipped with features like a parallax-free digital display for repeatable height and angle adjustments, multiple saved blade positions, a robust rip fence, and accurate miter angles between -70° and +70°. Its powerful motor achieves speeds of 6800 rpm, suitable for various materials, complemented by a dust collection bag and compatibility with Festool cordless extractors for cleaner operation.

The Festool Systainer system comes with a three-year warranty covering battery packs and chargers, while its longevity is supported by the durable and maintenance-free brushless motor. This table saw has multiple kit options including, CSC SYS 50 EBI-Basic-Set US (w/ Chassis) (577372), CSC SYS 50 EBI-Plus US (w/ Energy Set) (577378), CSC SYS 50 EBI-Set US (w/ Energy Set and Chassis) (577383)

We just posted a video about the new CSC SYS 50, check it out here:

TSV 60 KEBQ-F-Plus-FS Plunge Cut Scoring Track Saw Set w/ 75 in. Guide Rail (577748)

When it comes to achieving flawless cuts with zero tearout, due to it’s splinter-free sawing on both sides, on delicate materials like melamine and pre-finished surfaces, the TSV 60 KEBQ-F-Plus-FS Plunge Cut Scoring Track Saw Set w/ 75 in. Guide Rail (577748) is here to impress. Paired with built-in KickbackStop, you are ensured not only the top performance but the top safety features.

This Track Saw features a diamond scoring saw that provides an extended lifespan for the perfect cut again and again. Its 60 mm cutting depth and can be combined with the FSK cross cutting rail or FS guide rail. Due to its impressive scoring, it can achieve 0° to 45° even on mitre cuts. With the scoring blade and main blade allowing manually activation and deactivation and the FastFix spindle stop on the main blade, it allows for easy blade changes.

Also available without the guide rail TSV 60 KEB-Plus Plunge Cut Scoring Track Saw Set (576735). Craftsmen can now elevate their projects with clean, tear-free cuts that enhance the final result. Gain insights into the exceptional performance of this tool in the Festool UK Training video:

Festool Plunge-cut Saw with Scoring Function TSV 60 K: Introduction

RSC 18 5,0 EBI-Plus Cordless Reciprocating Saw (576951)

Featuring an EC-TEC brushless motor, an easily operated pendulum stroke, and minimal vibrations, this saw offers effortless maneuverability, making it a valuable tool for all tasks or projects. Due to it’s compatibility with Festool’s Systainer, this allows for easier transportation and better organization.

The saw blade can also be inserted upside-down (teeth up), for more versatility with your cuts, allowing you to saw up to the wall, ceiling, or floor without any problems. When paired with the dust extraction device, you can ensure a clean and safe workspace.

This Reciprocating Saw includes a LED light to help provide optimal lighting for any task. This tool is designed to make your cutting tasks efficient, precise, and hassle-free. Explore its capabilities further in the Festool UK Training video:

New Festool Drills CXS and TXS

Festool’s new light and compact drills provide more torque and power now on the 18V platform. Both the Drill CXS 18 HPC 4.0 I-Set US (576889) and Drill TXS 18 C 4.0-Set US (576903) are perfect for narrow spaces or corners. These drills also feature fast tool change with the tool-free FastFix interface and the removable CENTROTEC tool chuck and 3/8″ (10 mm).

They also feature a magnetic onboard bit holder and adjustable LED light for maximum convenience and versatility. The LED lighting can be activated by the trigger or turned on or off manually with a Bluetooth battery pack, that can be controlled vis the Work App. Both the CXS and TXS Drills are compatible with Festool’s Systainer, these help provide easy transportation from the jobsite to the shop.

Drill CXS 18 HPC 4.0 I-Set US (576889):

Drill TXS 18 C 4.0-Set US (576903):

Systainer SYS3 Tool Bag (577501)

Festool understands the importance of organization and convenience in your work environment. The Systainer3 Tool Bag offers a sturdy, comfortable, and customizable solution to keep your tools and accessories in order, all while being compatible with Festool Systainers.

With its robust and high-quality materials hold up to 44 lbs. load capacity. This tool bag is customizable and adaptable with its arrangement of inserts. It also features a sturdy handle with a soft grip, a shoulder strap with a shoulder pad for maximum comfort.

Drill bit BKS D ⅛”-½” CE/W/7 (577483)

This drill bit set features a 7-piece brad point bits. This set includes 1/8 in., 1/4 in., 1/2 in., 7/16 in., 3/8 in., 5/16 in., 3/16 in. drill bit sets.

Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 25 HEPA US (577533)

Introducing Festool’s new Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 25 HEPA US (577533) which is ideal for cleaning large volumes of dust and dirt at job sites, in shops, and in offices. With a 6.6 gallon container volume, the CLEANTEC CT 25 extracts dust, dirt, and water at five levels of suction power. The design allows for the full container volume use and long period work without having to change the filter bag.

Accessories For Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 25 HEPA US (577533)

These accessories include the Filter Bag SC-FIS-CT 25/5 (577484) and Filter Bag LL-FIS-CT25 (577485). The Filter Bag SC-FIS-CT 25/5 (577484) is a high-quality non-woven filter bag that cleans dust deposits inside the filter bag automatically. Switching on the mobile dust extractor engages the SELFCLEAN (SC) filter bag. The SC Filter Bag is FSC-certified.

Next up, the Filter Bag LL-FIS-CT25 (577485) that is a long-life (LL) filter bag is robust polyester sanding cloth material, durable, and suitable for class L dust extraction. This filter bag is not recommended for fine dust

Filter Bag SC-FIS-CT 25/5 (577484)

Filter Bag LL-FIS-CT25 (577485)

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