The World of Concrete is finally here, and with it comes a plethora of new tool and accessory announcements! Today we’re talking Milwaukee, specifically their MX FUEL line, and we’ve got a list of all-new releases to talk about; without any further ado, let’s get into it!


First up on the list is the brand new MX Plate Compactor, which Milwaukee has designed to hit harder and travel faster than ever before, greatly increasing productivity on the jobsite and allowing you to get through your job quickly and efficiently. The multi-directional capability as well as a speed control allow for greater maneuverability than ever before, leading to finer and more accurate control on the job. Using the all-new MX HD12.0 battery (more on that later), the 20” Plate Compactor will be able to get through 4500 square feet of material, or about a half hour, of runtime per charge, and will be available in Fall 2023.


Milwaukee’s all-new concrete cutting solution is one that’s sure to turn heads. The unique design of the saw provides easier and more accurate cutting of joints, offering a cut depth of up to 1.5” on a 6” Green Concrete Diamond Blade (more on that in a bit). This solution also cuts down on wasted time, removing the need to swap blade sizes constantly, which in turn boosts productivity on the jobsite. Paired with the all-new MX XC8.0 battery (more on that in a bit as well), the new 6” Green Concrete Saw offers up to 160 FT of cuts per charge, allowing you to get through the job with ease. Milwaukee’s new MX FUEL 6” Green Concrete Saw will be available Fall 2023.


Yes, you read that correctly, Milwaukee is also releasing brand new saw blades to go along with their new concrete saw. These new Green Concrete Diamond Blades are designed to cut up to seventy more feet of concrete per charge than the competition, greatly increasing productivity on the jobsite. The 6” x .100” blades utilize a unique U-notch design to provide up to 30% faster cutting speeds while in use, and its laser weld offers greater durability on gravel, crushed stone, slag, and other hard aggregates. Five distinct bonds of blades will be available, in Hard-Medium; Medium; Medium-Soft; Soft; and Softest, to provide options for all types of aggregate cutting. While the blades have been optimized to work with the all-new MX FUEL Green Concrete Saw that we spoke about above, Milwaukee have also designed the blades to work with any 6” triangle arbor green concrete saws, offering the solution to more people than ever before. Milwaukee’s Green Concrete Diamond Blades will release in Fall 2023.


Two brand new walk-behind trowels are up next, both offering an incredibly smooth, even, and balanced experience while in use. The smaller 24” trowel is perfect for edging purposes, using its 5 horsepower motor to deliver an unrivaled finishing experience, offering up to 35 minutes of runtime when paired with the MX FUEL XC12.0 battery. Its larger cousin, the 36” trowel, is a phenomenal option for all-around smoothing. The 36” trowel utilizes a similar 5 horsepower motor, though it requires a bit more of a power draw on an MX FUEL XC12.0 battery, cutting its runtime down to about 25 minutes per charge, so you may want to carry a spare battery to swap out while on the job. Both of Milwaukee’s MX FUEL Walk-Behind Trowels will be available in Fall 2023.


The all-new Core Rig from Milwaukee is unlike any other core rig on the market; able to core up to 14” holes in reinforced concrete, this Core Rig uses an intuitive bit removal system, three-piece modular design, and a distinct lack of cords to deliver one of the easiest coring solutions offered. You’ll want to pair this with Milwaukee’s all-new MX FUEL XC12.0 battery for maximum efficiency and runtime, and will get about four 10” holes per battery charge; a second battery on hand would be an excellent investment when using this Core Rig, which will release in Fall 2023.


To go along with their new Core Rig, Milwaukee is also releasing three new diameters in their Diamond Ultra Wet Core Bit line, with diameters of 10”, 12”, and 14”, expanding the line like never before and offering three separate large-diameter coring options. Designed to deliver the fastest drilling experience with maximum runtime in concrete coring, these bits are crafted to last up to 20% longer than those of the competition, and Milwaukee have also broadened the versatility of their bits; while designed to be optimized with the all-new MX FUEL Core Rig, these new Diamond Ultra Wet Core bits can be used with any core drills. Milwaukee’s Diamond Ultra Wet Core Bit line will expand to a range of diameters from ⅝” all the way up to 14” when these three new diameters arrive in Fall 2023.


In addition to an all-new Core Rig and three brand new diameters for their Diamond Ultra Wet Core Bit line, Milwaukee are also introducing two new diameters in their Diamond Premium line, in 7” and 9”. Designed with the highest quality diamonds available, these new wet core bits offer exceptional speed and long-lasting life for maximum performance on the jobsite. Carve through cured concrete like butter, even with hard aggregates and medium steel reinforcement! Milwaukee’s Diamond Premium line will expand to a full range of ¾” to 14” with the addition of these two diameters, which release in (you guessed it) Fall 2023.


Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about those batteries we’ve been mentioning this whole time! Two brand new REDLITHIUM batteries will be added to Milwaukee’s MX FUEL line, HD12.0 and XC8.0, are designed with maximum efficiency in mind, and offer a significant boost in jobsite productivity, while the Super Charger is designed for faster charging speeds, able to charge the 8.0 battery in less than 45 minutes, and the 12.0 in less than 65 minutes. Milwaukee loves their versatility, and these accessories are no different, and are compatible with any MX FUEL tools or accessories that you may already own. The all-new REDLITHIUM batteries and Super Charger will be available in Fall 2023.

It’s exciting times in the tool industry! Ohio Power Tool is at the World of Concrete as we speak, so if you’re at the show, be sure to stop by and say hi! Otherwise, feel free to reach out at 614-481-2111 or with any further questions, comments, or concerns, and be sure to follow us on all the various social media platforms to stay up to date on the latest announcements, deals, and more!