When it comes to jobsite lighting, power and portability are essential. The MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light (MXF040-1XC) is designed to exceed these expectations, delivering exceptional lighting capabilities in a compact, easy-to-transport package.

The MX FUEL ROCKET Compact Tower Light is our most power-dense tower light yet, offering an impressive 15,000 lumens of task and area lighting. It covers over 2,300 square feet, providing more than five times the usable lighting of the M18 ROCKET Dual Power Tower Light. Whether you’re working in a large outdoor area or a spacious indoor site, this light ensures maximum visibility and safety.

Despite its powerful output, the Compact Tower Light is designed for ultimate portability. It requires 75% less storage and transport space than the MX FUEL ROCKET Tower Light/Charger, making it an excellent choice for professionals who need to move quickly from one job site to another. The impact-resistant molded base integrates seamlessly with the PACKOUT Modular Storage System via locking cleats, ensuring easy transport and storage.

Weighing in at under 50 pounds with the kitted MX FUEL REDLITHIUM XC406 Battery, this light is incredibly easy to carry. The oversized handle further enhances portability, allowing for hassle-free movement around the jobsite.

The Compact Tower Light offers flexible power solutions. When powered by the kitted battery, it can run up to 3 hours on high or up to 10 hours on low, providing powerful, cord-free lighting. For extended use, the Dual Power feature allows users to plug in the light for all-day operation.

Efficiency is key on any jobsite, and the Compact Tower Light delivers with a 7-foot folding mast that can be quickly deployed in seconds. Two deployable outriggers enhance stability, ensuring the light remains steady even on uneven terrain.

Constructed to withstand tough jobsite conditions, the Compact Tower Light boasts an IP56 Rating for water and dust protection. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, no matter the weather or environment.

Included with the unit is the ONE-KEY Bluetooth Card, which allows for seamless connectivity management. This feature enables you to remove, replace, or upgrade the connectivity of your machine throughout its lifespan, ensuring you always have the latest in technology and convenience.

A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz

This light will be available for pre-sale later this month, priced at $1999 as a kit with the MX FUEL 6.0Ah Battery and Starter Kit. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and website for more information.

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