Milwaukee has announced their new releases of PACKOUT tool sets and PACKOUT additions. They released wrench sets in PACKOUT and their long-awaited PACKOUT Handle. Let’s dive into these new releases now!

15PC Combination Wrench Sets with PACKOUT Compact Organizer (48-22-9483)

First up, we’ve got the 15PC Metric and SAE Combination Wrench Sets, each housed in the PACKOUT Compact Organizer. Whether you prefer metric or standard measurements, these sets are engineered to impress.

Featuring MAX BITE Open-End Grip jaws, these wrenches deliver a grip that’s up to 25% tighter than standard wrenches. The innovative I-Beam handle geometry ensures reduced stripping, even under extreme torque, while ergonomic handles provide maximum comfort. And with laser-etched markings, identifying the right size is a breeze.

15PC Metric and SAE Combination Wrench Trays (48-22-9483T)

Let’s say you already have these tools and the PACKOUT organizer, these trays transform the PACKOUT Compact Organizer into a well-organized, color-coded wrench haven.

Say goodbye to digging through toolboxes in search of the right wrench. The side compartments in the bottom tray offer perfect storage for nuts, bolts, and sockets, ensuring every piece of hardware has its place.

30PC Metric & SAE Combination Wrench Set with PACKOUT Organizer (48-22-9485)

Featuring both metric and SAE wrenches, each wrench has Milwaukee’s MAX BITE Open-End Grip jaws, I-Beam handle geometry and laser-etched markings like the previous sets.

As well as each wrench fitting snugly into its designated spot, ensuring your tools are always perfectly organized and protected from the harshest jobsite conditions.

Again, if you already have these tools and PACKOUT system you can just purchase the trays.

Low-Profile Handle for PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box (48-22-8027)

Milwaukee has also introduced the Low-Profile Handle for the PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box, a highly anticipated addition. This handle is fully collapsible to 19.75 inches, allowing it to fit under most full-size truck bed covers without removal.

It offers a 250-pound capacity and can be installed quickly using just one tool. This handle is designed for easy integration with the PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box, enhancing the PACKOUT modular storage system’s flexibility and durability, which is known for its robust and adaptable storage solutions for tools and accessories.

Each of these are available for pre-sale right now at Ohio Power Tool! Don’t hesitate to reach out at or 614-481-2111 with any questions, comments, or concerns, and be sure to follow us on all your favorite social media channels to stay in the know on all the latest announcements, deals, news, and more!