FLEX just announced a slew of new products in their FLEX Faceoff event, and at the forefront is their brand new battery technology. They have just upgraded their already impressive batteries even more with their new line of stacked lithium batteries. These batteries are designed to deliver 200% more power, 300% more runtime, and 100% faster charging than their regular lithium batteries. Available in 10.0Ah, 6.0Ah, and 3.5Ah, these batteries are incredibly powerful, efficient, and compact, to help you tackle the toughest jobs out there.

How Stacked Battery Technology Works

Stacked cell batteries are designed to better manage the internal flow of energy by using Lithium Ion pouches instead of cylindrical cells. The pouches are designed to better manage the flow of energy through the cells and prevent overheating. FLEX has been developing this technology for over 3 years to ensure that you are getting the best of the best from them and this release. The internal pouches are soft and protected by a material that dissipates heat to keep the pouches from overheating or getting damaged on impact.

Performance Enhancing Features

The Stacked-Lithium Batteries have a major focus on power and performance. The stacked cell technology allows the battery to gain more power and runtime without adding to the overall size. FLEX states that their 3.5Ah Stacked Lithium battery is similar in size to a typical 2.5Ah battery, while the 6.0Ah battery is similar in size to a typical 5.0Ah cylindrical battery, and the 10.0Ah battery is similar in size to a typical 6.0Ah cylindrical battery. Not only are the new batteries smaller and extremely powerful, but you can also fully charge your battery in just 15 minutes for maximum efficiency.

The new 10.0Ah battery delivers a whopping 2520W, while the 6.0Ah delivers 1920W, and the 3.5Ah delivers 1200W. The stacked batteries are also cross compatible with all of their 24V tools to take any of your FLEX cordless tools to the next level.

Safety Upgrades

While new to FLEX, and the tool world in general, this type of battery technology is not completely new, and has had a tendency to overheat and explode if high quality materials are not used. FLEX addresses this issue by leaving room for the pouches to swell inside the battery when in use and act as a shock absorber for impact protection. Their Thermatech technology regulates the internal temperature of the battery while it’s charging and in use by passing cool air through it, helping to prevent overheating and cell explosion. Additionally, if any cells start to fail or over-expand, the battery will shut off immediately to prevent any damage. This stacked cell technology is also used by DeWalt for their new POWERSTACK batteries, but FLEX is the first to release a full amp hour range of stacked lithium batteries.

The FLEX Stacked Lithium Batteries are part of FLEX’s brand new release from their FLEX Faceoff event, along with several other new tools, and will be available soon at Ohio Power Tool! If you have any questions about this new battery range or anything else from the FLEX lineup, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at sales@ohiopowertool.com, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!