Summer is here, which means it’s time for fishing trips, camping, beach days, and outdoor fun. It also means that jobsites are heating up, so having a good cooler to store cold drinks and snacks to keep you hydrated and full of energy is a must. If you’re looking for a quality cooler to accompany you on all of your adventures, Igloo’s got you covered. While Ohio Power Tool carries a variety of quality coolers for any application, let’s take a look at 3 of our most popular Igloo coolers and dive into what makes them so great. The IMX, BMX, and Workman coolers all claim to stay cold for up to 5 days, so we wanted to take a look at what makes these coolers last and test how they actually hold up in the summer heat.

The IMX 24 Qt. Cooler

Igloo IMX coolers are built with Rotomold technology to withstand rugged outdoor environments. This is the same top-of-the-line technology you’ll find with most other new high-end cooler brands like Yeti, RTIC, etc., and it of course brings a higher price point. Rotomolded coolers are created using a process called “rotational molding”, where the liquid plastic is continually poured over a layer of insulation to create a completely sealed off exterior with no seams. This technique is also used often with larger objects like kayaks because it creates a thick outer seal with no holes or imperfections. Additionally, the Ultratherm insulation in the body of the cooler and lid helps trap in cold and resist UV rays, while the lid latches securely with marine grade rubberized latches. IMX coolers have a lot of great functionality features as well, including a bottle opener, cup holders, a wire basket, lockable lid, and a fish ruler to measure catches. The 24 Qt. model is $109 and can hold up to 35 12-oz. cans. This is a great size and weight to carry with you whether you’re on the jobsite or just on a weekend trip. We also carry a 70 Qt. version that holds up to 105 cans and goes for $170.

The BMX 25 Qt. Cooler

The Igloo BMX coolers are engineered for sturdiness and performance. With a reinforced stainless-steel base and extra thick foam walls, these are great to bring along with you to a jobsite, camping trip, fishing, or really anywhere you need to go. What makes the BMX model different is that it is a blow-molded cooler, which is engineered to perform similarly to rotomolded coolers at a fraction of the price. While it is not quite as durable as the heavy-duty rotomold IMX coolers, the BMX is more lightweight and has diamond plate metal inserts to reinforce key areas of impact. If you’re looking for an option that is more budget friendly or you don’t need as much durability, the BMX line is the way to go.

The BMX Cooler is specified to hold ice for 4 days at 90° F because of the extra thick foam walls and insulated lids that promise best-in-class cooling performance. The 25 Qt. BMX cooler is a great personal cooler to travel with, or it is also available in 52 and 72 Qt. options, ranging from $70-$120 in price.

The Workman 50 Qt. Cooler

The Igloo Workman cooler is designed specifically to withstand long days on the jobsite. The heavy-duty blow molded construction and swing-up handles make this cooler incredibly durable and easy to transport, despite its large capacity and size. If you’re looking for the best value, with less focus on durability, this is the cooler for you. No matter where you’re going, this cooler will keep your food and beverages cold for as long as you need, and at only $40, it costs you less than $1 per quart of capacity.

One great feature of the workman cooler is the elevated Cool Riser Technology, which prevents heat from the ground from raising the internal temperature of the cooler. It does this by keeping the base of the cooler elevated off of the ground so that it’s not sitting on direct heat from a hot surface and air can flow underneath. Similar to the IMX cooler, the Workman cooler has Ultratherm insulation and UV inhibitors to prevent fading and heat penetration.

This line of coolers provides a great price point with exceptional features to keep everything you need cool all day in jobsite conditions. The Workman coolers range from a 1 gallon water jug for personal use to up to 120 quarts (that will hold up to 188 cans!) to take care of the whole jobsite.

The Legacy Stainless Steel 54 Qt. Cooler

The new Igloo Legacy Stainless Steel cooler is their sleekest design yet. This cooler features a  rust-resistant stainless steel exterior, Cool Riser Technology, Ultratherm insulation, a stainless steel bottle opener built right into the exterior, stainless steel swing-up handles with wide comfort grips, stainless steel hinges & zinc-plated steel latch locks, a triple-snap, leak-resistant drain plug for easy draining & cleaning, and is rated to hold up to 85 cans. Did we mention it’s stainless steel and just looks really cool?

Ice Test Results

After putting these coolers to the test to see how well each holds ice over the course of 5 days, we found that the IMX 24 Qt. cooler had the most ice left over in the end. Even after 5 days in the heat, the drinks inside were still ice cold and there was solid ice remaining, which is really impressive. Both sizes of the BMX cooler also held up really well, with ice cold beverages and cold water and some ice left inside. The ice in the Workman 50 Qt. and the Legacy 54 Qt. melted and we were left with room temperature water in both. This was expected, however, because the larger-capacity coolers had more air in them than the smaller ones did with the same amount of ice. If you’re looking for the longest lasting cooler, the IMX is definitely the way to go with the BMX at a close second. The Legacy and Workman coolers are still great options for jobsites or shorter trips because they both held up well over a couple days. Overall, we were super impressed with how these coolers performed.

Whether you’re preparing for a weekend trip or keeping yourself and other workers hydrated on the jobsite, Igloo has a solution for you. If you want to learn more about these coolers, or any of the other coolers available at Ohio Power Tool, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!