When thinking about high visibility clothing, the first color that comes to mind is black, right? Okay, maybe not… but black hi-vis clothing actually exists, and it serves a purpose! There are many industries that can benefit from high visibility safety apparel, but don’t necessarily need the flashy, extreme hi-vis versions. That’s where the sleek design of Black Hi-Vis apparel comes into play. Let’s take a look below at how this works.

This type of PPE falls under the ANSI class 1, type O (Off-road) standard, meaning it is meant for more controlled environments where there is less risk of harm to the wearer. This includes areas where vehicles are moving 25 mph or slower, the wearer is further away from traffic, or moderate-to-high visibility areas. A safety garment meets ANSI class 1 standards when it has 217 in2 of fluorescent material. Black Hi-Vis Gear can come as vests, shirts, jackets, and parkas to increase a person’s visibility in a more subtle way than traditional colors of hi-vis clothing.

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What Is the Purpose of Black Hi-Vis Apparel?

Black hi-vis workwear is perfect for industries that encourage workers to wear hi-vis garments, but there is not a specific class code for how reflective they need to be. It helps workers take a preventative stance towards better workplace safety. Industries that wear hi-vis clothing include construction, electricians, firemen, police, welders, factory workers, and equipment operators. Many of these industries have OSHA standards for what type of hi-vis PPE is required to be worn, ranging from class 1-3. However, workers in warehouses, processing plants, factories, and in low-risk outdoor environments often use black hi-vis clothing because, though it isn’t necessary, it helps to be as visible as possible when working around heavy machinery or equipment. Another plus for this style of PPE is that it hides dirt, oil, and grease much better than the brighter colored yellow and orange options. It provides a sleeker and cleaner look that will likely last you a lot longer, while still being protective.

Many professionals find it useful to have a reversible high visibility vest or jacket that can switch from a black class 1 side to a bright yellow class 2 or 3 side when moving to more dangerous situations. Policemen, firefighters, security personnel, and other first responders are examples of people who don’t require class 2 or 3 hi-vis clothing all the time, so black PPE would be perfect for their day-to-day. Having a plain black background on a safety jacket/vest also allows for more customization and room to add company logos or designs to further identify workers.

Our Favorite Black Hi-Vis Gear

Ohio Power Tool has a few great options for black high visibility work wear, as well as a wide range of gear that satisfies all of the ANSI standards. Check out our best-sellers below and find out why more and more customers are switching over to black hi-vis gear.

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