As a one-stop shop for all your professional quality power tools and accessories, we here at Ohio Power Tool are all about making your work day as simple and efficient as possible, and our friends over at Bosch are much the same; as one of the leaders in power tools found on the jobsite, the engineers at Bosch know what they’re doing when it comes to creating new innovations and technology to produce more expedient and efficient work across a wide variety of different jobsites and industries. One of the most innovative steps they’ve taken for a more efficient jobsite is the introduction of their all-new battery platform, AMPShare.

This battery system from Bosch is able to be used across multiple tool brands without any extraneous adapters, gadgets, or gizmos, including the entirety of Bosch’s existing 18V tool line. Powered by Bosch’s incredible battery technology, AMPShare batteries are designed for extreme power, incredible durability, and long runtime, with the ability to reach full charge in as little as 20 minutes. AMPShare also reduces clutter in your tool box, bag, or backpack, and removes the need to carry multiple different batteries or chargers around, as well as the need to buy new batteries for every new tool which saves you money in the long term.

Inside the new AMPShare battery is Bosch’s CoolPack technology which provides superior heat management to the battery. This technology allows the heat buildup to dissipate quickly, which extends both overall battery life as well as runtime. The AMPShare batteries are built to be compact and lightweight, coming in at just over a pound, which reduces strain and increases comfort during use, especially in strenuous positions. These batteries are also backwards compatible with Bosch 18V tools, dating as far back as 2008.

Currently, Bosch has a host of European-based manufacturers under its AMPShare umbrella, including AAT, Brennenstuhl, Fein, LEDLenser, Leister, MATO, Signode, Steinel, Rothenberger, Ramset, Wagner and many more, with plans to introduce additional manufacturers to the AMPShare line in the future; for the ultimate jobsite versatility, any AMPShare battery can be charged with any of the brands that support the technology. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of an all-new battery technology, and we’ll be sure to update this post once pre-orders are open!

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