Bosch currently has 50+ grinders and accessories in their arsenal that use the X-Lock technology that is quickly being adopted by other industry-leading brands. The revolutionary X-Lock system allows users to attach and release grinder wheels with the click of a button. The X-Lock grinders have two clamps that lock securely into the matching grooves on the inside of the wheel, clicking it into place without any extra tools. When you are ready to switch out your wheel, just press the lever on the top of the tool to release it.   

Why Should You Opt for X-Lock?

Why should you go with an X-Lock grinder? If you’re someone that is constantly switching out the wheels on your angle grinder, an X-Lock grinder could save you a lot of time. With this technology, you don’t need any extra tools to swap out your wheels, which means you no longer have to spend time scrambling around your toolbox for your spanner wrench every time you change an accessory. Additionally, there is no need to tighten or adjust the grinder because the claws on the X-Lock mechanism secure the wheel on perfectly right away. Once you hear the click, your tool is ready to use! This no-fuss process is 5x faster than conventional interfaces.

In addition to being super convenient, the X-Lock system is much safer because the wheels no longer have to be removed by hand. Certain wheels such as diamond wheels for cutting masonry can get really hot after extended use, so removing them by hand can be dangerous. However, the X-Lock grinders can eject the wheel without you having to touch it, so you don’t risk burning your hand on the hot material or cutting yourself on the sharp edges.

If you already own an angle grinder and are considering making the switch to X-Lock wheels, you can still do so without buying an entirely new grinder. Almost all of the X-Lock attachments are backwards compatible with the standard 7/8 in. mounts, so they can be used with non-X-Lock grinders as well. However, you cannot use regular angle grinder wheels on an X-Lock grinder because the X-Lock mount is larger than the opening in the regular angle grinders.  

What X-Lock Items Do We Have?

You can find a range of Bosch X-Lock grinders and wheels at Ohio Power Tool, including the recently released 18V EC 4-1/2 in. Angle Grinder with X-Brake technology that helps rapidly stop the wheel when the switch is turned off. There is also a range of new wheels including metal cutting/grinding, flap discs, masonry cutting and metal/stainless steel cutting wheels that are a part of the X-Lock range.  

The X-Lock system from Bosch is quickly becoming an industry standard for grinding tools. 40+ partners have signed on to create tools and accessories that are compatible with the X-Lock range. You can find great grinders from brands like Makita that can be paired with the X-Lock wheels, and accessories from Diablo that are compatible with this range as well. As more and more companies are adopting this technology, it is clear that X-Lock tools are the future of quick-change angle grinding. Check out the full list of providers who have adopted the X-Lock system below:

The X-Lock family is continuing to grow, and we are excited to see what new additions will be coming in the future. If you have any questions about the Bosch X-Lock range or compatible products from any of our other partners, the OPT team is here to help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!