The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Blower 500 CFM Quiet 54 DBA 3017-20, for $179, boasts impressive features that make it stand out in its category. Firstly, it delivers the highest constant power, thanks to its POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, maintaining performance with a constant 500 CFM, 120 MPH, and 12.2 N of blow force. What sets it apart is its rapid response, reaching full throttle in under one second, enhancing productivity and control.

Furthermore, it’s remarkably quiet, emitting only 54dB(A) – up to 40% quieter than competitors. This makes for a more comfortable working environment.

User control is a priority with its Variable Speed Trigger, allowing for precise adjustments. The integration of REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures optimal communication between the tool and battery, maximizing performance, protection, and productivity.

Moreover, its design features such as optimized balance and an ambidextrous sliding lock-on mechanism contribute to improved clearing control. Its nozzle attachment capability further enhances its versatility, allowing users to optimize airflow for various applications.

Notably, it eliminates common gas-powered blower issues like pull starts, engine maintenance, emissions, and excessive vibration, offering a hassle-free experience. Overall, this blower combines power, efficiency, and convenience, making it a top choice for professionals and homeowners alike.


Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
49-16-2790Blower Gutter Attachment$79.97
49-16-2791Blower Angled Flare Attachment$14.97
49-16-2797Blower Tapered and Flat Nozzle Attachment Kit$24.97

Next up, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Battery Backpack Blower 3009-20, for $499, is engineered for outdoor trades, offering superior blowing force comparable to up to 60cc gas blowers.

Equipped with a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, it maintains a consistent 650 CFM, 155 MPH, and 20.5 Newtons of blowing force. Its rapid throttle response, achieving full power in under one second, enhances both productivity and control.

This battery-operated blower requires two M18 REDLITHIUM Batteries for operation, with additional battery terminals available to extend runtime. By utilizing the included four M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT 12.0 Batteries, the blower delivers continuous use ranging from 30 to 60 minutes based on the selected mode. Its adaptable battery setup allows operators to customize the number of batteries for either lighter weight during quick clean-ups or extended runtime for prolonged clearing tasks.

Moreover, featuring a fully adjustable harness, mode select, telescoping nozzle, variable speed trigger, and low noise emission of just 62dB(A), this backpack blower offers unparalleled adaptability and comfort to cater to diverse applications and operator preferences. This blower is available in a bare tool or a kitted option 3009-24HD for $1,499.

Accessories for M18 FUEL Dual Battery Backpack Blower:

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
49-16-2798Backpack Blower Hip Belt$39.97

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