When it comes to inspecting pipes, drains, or other tight spaces, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Ridgid, a trusted name in the industry, offers a range of inspection cameras designed to meet different needs. Originally Ridgid had over 12 different cameras for the mini reels but to make it easier than ever for the user, they condensed their camera models down to 4. In this blog, we’ll explore each of their mini models: the MicroReel, MicroDrain, Nano, and MicroReel CA. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clearer understanding of which one is the best fit for your specific requirements.

Color-Coded Flexibility

One of the first things you’ll notice about these cameras is that each reel is color-coded to indicate the flexibility of the cable. This feature can be incredibly useful when deciding which camera to use for a particular job. Let’s dive into the key features and capabilities of each model to help you make an informed choice.

SeeSnake MicroReel APX with TruSense Technology (70808): The Powerhouse

The MicroReel is the largest of the four mini inspection cameras in Ridgid’s lineup. It features a 100-foot cable, making it suitable for inspecting pipes ranging from 1½ to 3 inches in size. The MicroReel also features the biggest camera and largest reel, making it a powerhouse for demanding inspection tasks.

The MicroReel features new technology, such as APX True Sense and a Self-Leveling Camera, which ensures you get high-quality and accurate footage. The addition of a kickstand and the ability to use a CSx Via further enhance its usability.

SeeSnake MicroDrain APX with TruSense (70023): Compact and Reliable

For smaller pipes, the MicroDrain is an excellent choice. With a 5mm camera size and the capability to inspect pipes as narrow as 3 inches, it’s perfect for more confined spaces. Like the MicroReel, it also features the latest technology, including APX True Sense and a Self-Leveling Camera. The blue color-coded cable signifies its level of flexibility.

SeeSnake NANOReel Inspection Camera (70038): For Special Tasks

The Nano is the go-to camera for specialty tasks. It can navigate through pipes with a diameter below 1¼ inches, offering exceptional flexibility in confined spaces. Whether you’re dealing with intricate plumbing or performing inspections in hard-to-reach areas, the Nano’s compact design and flexibility make it a valuable tool.

SeeSnake MicroReel CA (70728): Versatile and Interchangeable

One of the most remarkable features of Ridgid’s inspection cameras is their interchangeability. You can easily switch out the drum on all the models. Additionally, all four models can use a CA350 camera, offering even more versatility.

Moreover, you can monitor the degrees at which your camera is positioned, ensuring precise and accurate inspections.

The MicroReel is also compatible with the SeeSnake CA-350 Adapter and Docking Handle (67808) that can be easily installed and removed depending on application.

Kits Available:

SeeSnake MicroReel CA (70728) that includes:

67808 – SeeSnake CA-350 Adapter and Docking Handle
69758 – Kickstand Accessory
55898 – Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera (115v)
55183 – 12V Advanced Lithium 2.5Ah Battery

SeeSnake MicroReel CA (70803) that includes:

67808 – SeeSnake CA-350 Adapter and Docking Handle
69758 – Kickstand Accessory

Free Updates and Connectivity

Ridgid takes things a step further by providing free updates. The HQX Live platform can be updated via Wi-Fi, ensuring that your camera system stays up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

Choosing the right inspection camera depends on your specific needs and the type of work you’ll be undertaking. If you frequently deal with larger pipes and require more flexibility, the MicroReel may be your best bet. For smaller pipes and tight spaces, the MicroDrain or Nano are solid options. And if versatility and interchangeability are a priority, the MicroReel CA should be on your radar.

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