The all-new RIDGID PCS-500 Pipe Saw boosts jobsite efficiency with clean, square cuts fast. Easily cut through 10″ schedule 40 pipe in just over a minute with this brand new, purpose-built pipe saw from RIDGID. Whether in the shop or in the field, this fully transportable Pipe Saw can cut 1″ to 12″ pipe with up to a ½” wall thickness.

This Pipe Saw is configured to cut steel and stainless steel, and with a quick switch to one of the optional blades it can cut plastic and cast iron.

Designed for versatility, the PCS-500 Pipe Saw is configured to cut steel or stainless steel, and with a quick switch to one of the optional blades it can also cut plastic or cast iron. Eliminating the need to struggle with gas tanks, open flames, or loose tools, this Pipe Saw is both convenient and a time saver, securing to the pipe with a rugged 3-point roller system that sets up and cuts in minutes. Without the hassle of a complicated set-up, you now have time to focus on your more important tasks.

The conveniently placed handlebars and feed rate speed monitoring with LED interface enable easily controlled rotation from a comfortable, ergonomic position. Built-in handles and a dedicated cord wrap provide easy portability to transport the tool to and from the jobsite.

“Since introducing the RIDGID B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller a few years ago, RIDGID saw a need for a portable cutting solution. Our new Pipe Saw is the answer and ideal complement. The speed and efficiency in making quality cuts, paired with its ergonomic and easily transportable design, make the RIDGID Pipe Saw an ideal cutting solution.”

Larry Feskanich, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Pipe Fabrication, RIDGID

Just like RIDGID‘s other dependable tool solutions, the PCS-500 Pipe Saw comes backed by the RIDGID full lifetime manufacturer warranty. This new Pipe Saw can be purchased with the 1″-6″ clamp (66388), the 6″-12″ clamp (66393), or with both clamp options (66398) and is available for PRE-ORDER now at Ohio Power Tool!

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