Is it sort of an oxy-moron to have a corded wire puller? The purpose of these tools is to pull electrical lines meaning for new construction or heavy remodeling there might not be readily available outlets where you are working. Wouldn’t is be sweet to have a cordless solution, with the battery platform you’ve already got? Well presto Southwire M3K and M6K pullers are now Cordless thanks to Milwaukee M18 SuperHawg 2809-22 with 12.0Ah HD batteries!

Southwire M18 Puller

If you are thinking well great now I need to throw my Southwire puller in the trash can, not to worry all the current M3K and M6K pullers can be retrofitted to be converted from corded to M18 cordless with this simple bracket M3K-M6K-B ($147). Mounts right to existing bolt pattern and very simple switch over.

Both the 3K and 6K pullers from southwire come with the PC100 cart and accessories which means setup is a 1 person job that takes only a few minutes. While it’s hard to predict exactly how much wire can be pulled per M18 charge of the 12.0Ah battery Southwire’s claim is 2x batteries will last all day! Not exactly sure if that means 1 on charger and switch ever few hours but the point is even with continuous work these monster Milwaukee M18 batteries will last a long time. Also since it’s the most popular 18V platform on the market chances are good you’ve already got a pile of M18 batteries lying around.   

For all you Southwire needs the Team at Ohio Power Tool is here to help 800-242-4424, pulling, knockouts, wobble lights, temp lighting and much more!