When it comes to cutting 4” to 18” pipe on the jobsite we rarely hear “nah it doesn’t need to be straight just cut it however” typically in production work you want fast, accurate, consistent cuts. Nothing we’ve come a crossed since opening our doors in 1983 comes close to delivering what the Exact PipeCut Saws can for pipe cutting. The Exact PipeCut 460 PRO (4” – 18”) joins the 280 PRO (2” – 11”) and 360 PRO (3” – 14”) with a very similar 6.5” circular saw housed on top of these crazy looking spider legs.

These exact saws are not cheap, may seem too expensive if labor costs, reworking and wasted materials are no concern of yours. What these saws do amazingly well is allow pretty much anyone to easily make super accurate cuts on large heavy materials very quickly. These saws are all sold as systems with a large duffel bag that not only include the saw but the roller system.

Rolling Up the Secret Sause

The floor rollers that are included with the Exact Saws work in conjunction with rollers build into the saws to both roll the pipe and roll the saw very easily even if pipe is very long and weight hundreds of lbs a single user can very easily make an accurate cut without any assistance. Adjustment knob on the saws allow quick tool free clamping to different size pipe in matter of seconds.

Pipe Cutting Saw Rollers

But How Many Cuts Per Blade

One of the top questions we get is how many cuts per blade will we get? Well it all depends is the answer nobody want to hear but luckily Exact published some average life expectancy again based on correct use and there are some other variable but PDF of Blade Life Averages which will at least provide a ball park of what to expect for blade life. Also might give you a little guidance on what blade to use. The Diamond Grit Blades are looking to be over 250 cuts in an 8” cast iron so these can last a considerable number of cuts. For a 12” stainless Steel pipe with a Cermet Blade however might only be 10 or so cuts so the range is pretty significant. Overall the Exact saw users we’ve talk with the blade life has been better than expected.

Don’t Forget to Bevel

The Exact Tool Brand also has a similar set of PipeBevel Tools which are very similar in usage but puts a perfect bevel on the pipe instead of cutting it. Also if you don’t want to work on the ground with the rollers Exact also have a portable Roller Bench 170 Station which brings everything to a much more comfortable working height but drops the max load to 220 lbs so better for small diameter pipe.

If you’ve got any questions about Exact Pipe Saw and Beveling Tools give the team at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they’d be happy to help get you the right tool for the job!