Festool has been innovating the saw game since 1928, and we’ve all come to connote the Festool name with superior quality and excellence in the industry. For far too long, we’ve had to be as torn as Natalie Imbruglia, singer of the 1997 smash hit “Torn,” between the ease of use with portable battery-operated saws or the raw power, sheer strength, and animal brutality of corded electric saws for our projects; are we slaves to the saw, or masters of our craft?! Well now, thanks to Festool, we no longer have to choose between the two; Festool has given us exactly what we need.

KSC 60 Cordless Kapex Miter Saw

Introducing the KSC 60 Cordless Kapex Miter Saw! Yes, you read that correctly; Kapex is finally going cordless! With miter angles of up to 60° on both sides, and inclination angles of up to 46° on the right and 47° on the left, you’ll be able to get the perfect cut no matter the angle. The twin column guide that it comes with ensures that the saw operates smoothly and with quality expert precision, helping you get that Renaissance-level cut without any wobbles or judders in the workpiece.

Festool has introduced an interesting dual-battery power system with this miter saw; while you can still get the incredible power, precision, and quality typically associated with the Kapex name using just one of Festool’s 18V batteries, slotting a second one into the compartment provides a boost in torque and range sure to blow corded power clear out of the water. The variable speed dial included on the saw gives you ultimate control while on the job, and using Festool’s saw blades made of incredibly high-quality materials for your wood, laminate, or aluminum projects, you can expect portable power for all-day use.

Also included in the box are additional feet that can be used to convert the saw into a longer workbench, keeping your lengthier workpieces in check and keeping the control in your hands. An LED spotlight attached to the front is used to help guide the saw by casting a shadow of the blade to create an additional guideline while also providing maximum illumination on your scribe marks. The latest generation of EC-TEC motors rounds out the fun features on the saw, keeping the tool compact and lightweight without sacrificing any of that corded-tool-level power.

CTC Dust Extraction

Released at the same time as the KSC 60 Miter Saw were Festool’s new CTC Dust Extraction systems; which pair with your favorite Festool products via Bluetooth to activate Autostart features–as soon as the extraction unit detects power from a tool, it will kick itself on as well, ensuring a smooth transition without any hiccups, though you’ll also get a separate remote start in the box if you’d prefer to go that route. 

This extractor uses a 36V turbine with two of Festool’s 18V batteries to provide maximum suction power on the jobsite, giving you the same level of power as you’d find in your typical corded dust extractors with the added benefit of not needing to lug a power strip all over the place. Along with its compact design, lightweight materials, and ability to stack directly into your Festool Stack Pack stack, this dust extractor is perfect for nearly any application one can need it for.

Three different power settings can be swapped between at will, depending on the application, which also correlates to the battery life of the tool itself; the lowest power will, of course, provide you the longest runtime, while the highest power will have you grabbing a charger a bit sooner; thankfully, the conical geometry that Festool has used to build the extraction unit not only provide more suction power to the unit itself, but also make the tool incredibly robust, with quite flexible handling. This extraction unit is perfect for all your mobile sawing, drilling, or sanding applications, and also includes a manual dedusting function to quickly recover suction power via the main manual filter and filter bag if the unit detects debris clogging the dedusting filter and bag. 

Systainer3 with Lid Compartment

Festool‘s Systainer line has long been a favored option for tool storage, even going so far as to make appearances in several film and TV ventures including The Expanse and The Mandalorian. The durable materials and sturdy clasp have kept tools safe for years, and now Festool has introduced an all-new member of their Systainer line. This new Systainer3 includes a transparent lid compartment, with room for small parts or accessories inside. Built-in partitions are adjustable, meaning you can customize the layout of the lid compartment to suit your personal needs for a variety of job sites.

Optional bit and drill bit cases can be purchased and attached for even more storage options, while your tools fit snugly and safely in the large storage space below. All the same Systainer features you know and love are included in this new version, and you won’t even have to change the rest of your Systainer stack; the new Systainer3 with it’s Lid Compartment is compatible with all Systainer generations and dust extractors.

All of these Festool options are available right now at Ohio Power Tool; if you haven’t seen the links throughout this post to pick up your own today, first of all, this writer thanks you for being so engrossed in the article, wow, thank you so much–sorry, go grab your new Festool KSC 60 Cordless Kapex Miter Saw, CTC Dust Extraction System, or all-new Systainer3 today, and feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns at cs@ohiopowertool.com or 614-481-2111, and follow us wherever you get your social media to stay up to date on announcements, deals, and so much more!