Over the past year we’ve seen some very impressive things from our friends at GearWrench in a lot of different categories including hand tools, storage and much more, no questions they are stepping up their game to go after professionals. It all comes together very nicely with a few of their new All in One Kits where you are pretty much ready to go right away. The 613 Piece Master Mechanic Rolling Cabinet 89060KIT or the 220 Piece Mobile Mechanic in Tough Box GWSGMTK3 build to Military Specs.

The Rolling Cabinet Tool Box 83169 launched about 2 years ago and really is built to a very high standard, better than we had ever seen previously from GearWrench. The 42” mobile workstation has 18 gauge frame, 2000 lbs capacity, 6” casters, fully assembled in shipping crate, 11 ball bearing drawers, adjustable dividers with matting, locking side cabinet, charging station and much more. Pretty much a ready to go box within minutes, just add tools!

The new GearWrench 613 Piece Master Mechanic Tool Set 89060 adds a lot of upgrades hand tools into this set for 2020 which gives you pretty much everything you’ll need. A full 386 piece set of sockets for 1/4, 3/8, ½ drive, plus 76 bit sockets, 9 ratchets, 104 combination wrenches (ratcheting & non-ratcheting), adapters, extensions, screwdrivers, pliers, and more! See full PDF list here. Put this kit with the mobile work cart it’s a real nice package for many applications and professions.

Mobile Mechanic in Tough Box

Another new kit that got a big upgrade for 2020 is the 220 Piece Mobile Mechanic in Tough Box GWSGMTK3 (launching late spring, early summer) it gets an updated Tough Case which can handle the most severe conditions. Originally designed for military specs assuming it might get parachuted out of an airplane into the jungle or ran over by a Humvee in the desert, we’d hope these are much tougher conditions than you’ll face but this tool box is for sure very nicely setup. Working on equipment in the field or vehicles on road or whatever comes your way. Each drawer has an insert and each tools is locked into place right where it should be out of the box. We are very excited to see lots of innovations and quality improvements from GearWrench as they systematically update their hand tools, expand their master sets and continue to upgrade their storage options. We have been fans for GearWrench for some time but really think they are doing something special over there and can’t wait to see what’s to come!