The new Milwaukee Tripod Chain Vise is available NOW at Ohio Power Tool! This exciting new release has been highly anticipated and is going to make a huge difference for vise users because it is more portable, easier to set up, and more durable than any other chain vise on the market. Milwaukee’s goal when developing this product was to eliminate unnecessary set-up time for contractors and cut down maintenance issues over the life of the stand to fix common complaints with other models currently on the market.

Common User Frustrations with Chain Vises

Chain vises are used in the field all the time by electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contractors, but are typically a pain to transport and set up on the jobsite. They also have a tendency to become unstable over time as the joints wear down. With this in mind, Milwaukee wanted to come up with a solution to these issues and create the most user-friendly option available–the Tripod Chain Vise.

Milwaukee’s Solution

Milwaukee reinvented the traditional pipe stand form and function with the development of this new Chain Vise. The key feature setting it apart from the rest? Its portability. The Milwaukee Tripod Chain Vise folds down completely flat with a carrying handle for easy transportation and storage. This allows it to fit neatly in a truck bed or jobsite storage box without taking up too much space. Then once you’ve taken it where you need to go, it can be deployed in 2 easy steps! This takes away a lot of the hassle with setup and transportation of a bulky stand, so that you can get to the important work faster.

“Chain Vises are used by virtually all of our mechanical and electrical contractors and the design hasn’t changed in decades. Most of the stands seen in the market today are difficult to transport, inefficient to deploy, and become unstable as the joints wear down from harsh jobsite environments. The 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise takes on all of these common frustrations.”

Alex Boll, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

The Stable-Lok system is Milwaukee’s solution for increased stability during use and more durability over the lifespan of the Tripod Chain Vise. Milwaukee claims that their Stable-Lok technology will hold securely to maintain accuracy even after repeated use over time on tough jobsites. You can also adjust the tension of the deck as needed for more accurate levelling.

The tripod legs are adjustable, so they can be easily aligned to fit any jobsite. The pitch can also be adjusted +/-3° to level materials and build systems to a pitch. With a 1/8”-6” multi-material pipe capacity, a larger work surface, and optimized tool storage, this stand can serve as a portable work desk while on the jobsite.

There are also a few accessories available for the Tripod Chain Vise to adapt it to your jobsite and needs. For added storage, you can add a lower shelf with up to 50lbs weight capacity. There are also a few pipe jaws that can be used with the chain vise, like the Standard Jaw, which can be used with a variety of different materials. The PVC Coated Pipe Jaw is designed to protect PVC coated pipe and the Stainless Steel Pipe Jaw helps reduce corrosion while cutting and welding stainless steel materials. This Chain Vise is a super versatile option for any jobsite and can be adapted for a variety of cutting and welding applications.

Milwaukee Tripod Chain Vise 48-22-8690 Specifications

  • Pipe Capacity: 1/8” – 6”
  • Stability Adjustment: STABLE-LOK
  • Leveling Adjustment: +/- 3 degrees
  • Storage & Transport Profile: Flat, briefcase-style
  • Storage Height: 49.5”
  • Storage Depth: 5.25”

The new Milwaukee 6″ Leveling Tripod Chain Vise and accessories are available now at Ohio Power Tool! If you have any questions about this item, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!