Working on a jobsite at night or in low light conditions presents a range of hazards for workers that can easily be corrected with adequate lighting options. Most headlamps on the market only shine in one direction, which doesn’t do much to help keep you fully visible when working in the dark. The 360° Halo SL Headlamps from Illumagear light your surroundings from every angle to not only illuminate the workspace in front of you, but keep you easily detectable by others.

Creating a Safer Work Environment

Illumagear’s Halo SL Headlamps give you 360° illumination to help you see and be seen from every angle on the jobsite. Working in low-light conditions can make you susceptible to a number of hazards including falling, eye strain, headaches, tripping, and more. A normal forward-facing headlamp is great for adding an additional spot light for whatever you’re working on, but it doesn’t do much to keep you visible to others, which can be extremely dangerous in certain jobs. A 360° headlamp lights up your entire surrounding area to create a safer environment for everyone there.

Light Up Any Jobsite

The Halo SL Headlamps fit securely on to any standard hard hat to light up your work area from every angle. The 360° light keeps you visible for up to a quarter mile away in every direction. Electricians, mechanics, pipe fitters, freight handlers, nighttime construction workers, and warehouse personnel are just a few of the professions that can benefit from a 360° headlamp on the job.

Available in “Brake Light” Options

Illumagear has three different Halo headlamps options to choose from. The standard white light delivers clear illumination all around you to help you and others navigate your jobsite. The Red and Amber “brake light” models have different colored lights in the back of your head so people can easily tell which direction you’re facing. This is especially helpful when operating machinery in low light conditions.

The Halo SL Headlamps offer up to 20 different lighting combinations to adapt to any task at hand. The spotlight mode brightly illuminates 50-feet ahead of you so that you can see and be seen from far away. There are also flood light and task light modes to brighten up close-up work spaces. The 360° perimeter lights help keep you visible while walking around, operating machinery, etc. and can be set to high, medium, and low light settings in conjunction with the other front-facing lights.

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