Elevate your game with the Klein’s Ultimate Tool Bag and Storage, built to transport and organize your crucial tools from Side Cutting Pliers to Pocket Knives and beyond. Now let’s dive into the products.

Tool Storage/Accessories

Tradesman Pro Tool Bag Backpack, 39 Pockets (KLN-55421BP-14)

The tool backpack, featuring 39 pockets, includes a hard, molded front pocket for safety glasses and a front zipper pocket for small parts.

Klein Zipper Bag, Canvas Tool Pouch 12.5 x 7 x 4.25-Inch (KLN-5139)

Compact and durable solution for organizing and transporting your essential tools. It offers ample space to store a variety of hand tools, small parts, and accessories. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability, while the reliable zipper closure keeps your tools securely in place during transportation.

Klein MODbox Two Drawer Toolbox (KLN-54822MB)

This versatile workstation supports up to 50 pounds, featuring 16 removable dividers for customization. It boasts secure locking mechanisms, including a steel-reinforced latch, and offers convenient access with built-in side rails and a lid equipped with a molded-in ruler and V-groove for conduit or PVC.
Also available in Single Drawer Toolbox (KLN-54821MB) and Three Drawer Toolbox (KLN-54823MB)

Klein Standard Safety Glasses, Clear Lens (KLN-60159)

These safety glasses offer a low-profile design with wrap-around lenses for a seamless fit, meeting ANSI impact standards with scratch-resistant and anti-fog coatings, UV protection, and comfortable, non-slip features.

Klein 260 Lumen Rechargeable Light Array Headlamp w/ Strap (KLN-56049)

The rechargeable headlamp features a rectangular light array for optimal illumination, adjustable strap with pencil holder, magnetic mounting, and compatibility with Klein Hard Hats. It boasts a battery gauge, slim profile, and long-lasting brightness, with USB-C rechargeability and durability.

Tools Sets:

Klein 1/4-Inch Cabinet Tip Screwdriver, Heavy Duty, 6-Inch (KLN-605-6)

This narrow cabinet-tip screwdriver is chrome-plated for durability, with internal flanges for stability, heat-treated shafts, and precision-machined tips for precise fits. It offers comfort, reliability, and meets ASME/ANSI specifications.

Klein Screwdriver Set, Slotted and Phillips, 7 piece (KLN-85076)

This Screwdriver Set offers a versatile selection of tips and sizes, featuring a Cushion-Grip handle and heat-treated shafts for durability. You can even buy each screwdriver separately based on which one you need!

Klein Precision Screwdriver Set, Slotted and Phillips 4-Piece (KLN-85615)

Precision Screwdrivers with rotating caps and color-coded rings offer comfort, strength, and versatility, ideal for various small equipment tasks.

Klein Nut Driver Set, Magnetic Nut Drivers, 3-inch Shaft, 7-Piece (KLN-631M)

This set features full hollow shafts with Rare-Earth magnetic tips for long bolt applications, Cushion-Grip handles, and Tip-Ident for easy use. Tool Set contains Nut Driver: 630-3/16M, 630-1/4M, 630-5/16M, 630-11/32M, 630-3/8M, 630-7/16M, 630-1/2M

Klein 14-in-1 Precision Screwdriver/ Nut Driver (KLN-32314)

This precision screwdriver combines 14 sizes into one tool with an interchangeable steel shaft. It offers control via a spin cap and comfort from a Cushion-Grip handle, featuring industrial-strength heat-treated bits. Sizes like Phillips, slotted, Torx, and hex are etched on barrels and bits for easy identification.

Klein 5/16-Inch Keystone Tip Screwdriver, Cushion-Grip, 6-Inch (KLN-602-6)

The screwdriver is designed for tough tasks with a hex bolster for added strength and wrench-assisted turning, while its Cushion-Grip handle offers comfort, torque, and chrome-plated smoothness for corrosion resistance.

Klein #2 Square Screwdriver with 4-Inch Round Shank (KLN-662)

The versatile screwdriver handles screws in receptacles, switches, and panels, swiftly identified by its Tip-Ident® feature. Its heat-treated, chrome-plated shaft resists corrosion, complemented by a Cushion-Grip™ handle for torque and comfort, and a precision-machined tip for an exact fit.

7-in-1 Impact Rated Flip Socket Set with Ratcheting Handle (KLN-32910RCHT)

The Impact-Rated Flip Socket Set features a ratcheting quick-connect handle, 3 flip sockets, a 1/4-inch bit holding feature, rare-earth magnet, color-coded hex sizes, Cushion-Grip™ handle, versatile storage options, and heavy-duty impact-rated construction for convenience and durability in heavy-duty applications.


Klein Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Angled Head, 8-Inch (KLN-D2000-48)

These pliers feature an angled head design for confined spaces, with high-leverage and beveled cutting edges for precise wire cutting.

Klein 9″ Leverage Side-Cutters New England Pliers (KLN-D213-9NE)

These high-leverage pliers have a rivet closer to the cutting edge for 46% more power than other designs, a hot-riveted joint for smooth action, cross-hatched knurled jaws for sure gripping, tempered handles that absorb snapping when cutting wire, and plastic-dipped “Handform” handles for comfort and maximum gripping/cutting power.

Klein 10″ Pump Pliers (KLN-D502-10)

Pump Pliers feature Quick-Adjust Rivet for one-handed jaw adjustment, with a maximum 1-3/4-Inch opening, secure tongue and groove design, and induction-hardened jaws for durability and sure grip.


Klein High-Leverage Cable Cutter (KLN-63225):

The Klein High-Leverage Cable Cutter is designed for cutting larger cable and wire with ease, featuring high-leverage handles for greater cutting power and precision, ideal for professional electrical work.

Klein Solid and Stranded Copper Wire Stripper and Cutter (KLN-11055)

The Solid and Stranded Copper Wire Stripper and Cutter effortlessly handles various wire tasks, including cutting, stripping, and looping, with precision-ground holes, strong-gripping serrated nose, and double-dipped comfort grips for ease of use.

Klein Kurve Dual NM Cable Stripper/Cutter (KLN-K1412)

Efficiently strip outer jacket of Type NM-B cable with 12/2 and 14/2 slots. This versatile tool strips, cuts, and loops wire, featuring precision shear-type blades, a strong-gripping nose, and double-dipped comfort grips.

Klein Crimping and Cutting Tool for Connectors (KLN-1005)

The Crimper is ideal for various terminals, featuring a specially hardened wire cutter, tapered nose for tight spaces, and crimping die marked for both insulated and non-insulated connectors, with comfortable plastic-dipped handles.


Klein Folding Utility Knife (KLN-44131)

This Lockback and Utility Knife combo offers easy push-button operation and triple ground blades for durability, featuring a wire stripping notch, patented snap lock, and sturdy aluminum construction with rubber grips.

Klein Folding Jab Saw (KLN-31737)

This Folding Jab Saw features a durable carbon steel blade, triple ground teeth for efficient cutting, and a lockback mechanism for safety. Its comfortable handle ensures control while cutting various construction materials.


Klein Straight-Claw Hammer, 18-Ounce, 15-Inch (KLN-H80718)

The Straight-Claw Hammer is ideal for general use, featuring a staple-pulling claw, 18-ounce forged steel head, high-strength fiberglass core, compact design, 15-inch non-slip grip handle, and a hang hole for storage.

Klein Ball-Peen Hammer, 32-Ounce, 15-Inch (KLN-H80332)

The Ball-Peen Hammer, with its 32-oz forged steel head, high-strength fiberglass core, and smoothly rounded peen, is ideal for bending, shaping, or flattening materials. Its compact, lightweight design, along with a 15-inch handle with a non-slip grip and hang hole, makes it perfect for general-purpose use.


Klein 8″ Torpedo Billet Level Rare Earth Magnet (KLN-935RB)

The level features a patented magnet track to secure rare-earth magnets, large high-visibility vials at four angles, a top-view window, V-Groove for conduit, tapered nose, and durable billet aluminum construction, ensuring ease of use and durability on tough jobsites.

Klein Digital Level with Programmable Angles (KLN-935DAGL)

The digital level offers versatile measurements, pre-programmed target pitches, audible alarms, visual indicators, bullseye orientation, auto-rotating display, high-visibility contrast, strong magnetic base, V-Groove edges, language selection, and includes a soft carrying case and batteries.

Hand Tools

Klein Pro Folding Hex Key Set, 11-Key, SAE Sizes (KLN-70550)

The Pro Folding Hex Key Set features 11 extended-reach blades with high-leverage design, square-cut ends for secure fit, and tough alloy steel construction, conveniently housed in a reinforced nylon handle.

Color-Coded SAE Hex Key Set, 9 Pc (KLN-BLS9)

The L-style hex key set offers 9 color-coded sizes with extra-long arms for extended reach and leverage. It features round shanks with plastic sleeves, ball-end design for angled work, heat-treated durability, rust-resistant coating, and a folding case for compact storage that interlocks with other sets.

Klein Power Conduit Reamer (KLN-85091)

The Power Conduit Reamer swiftly reams 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ conduit, reducing installation time. It fits power drill chucks and features a replaceable blade, made in the USA for EMT.

Klein 25′ Double-Hook Magnetic Tape Measure (KLN-9225)

The Tape Measure offers a 16-foot reach and 13-foot standout, with easy-to-read markings, durable nylon coating, and retraction speed brake for safety. It features a double hook, strong magnet, impact-resistant housing, and integrated tether hole.

Klein Magnetizer / Demagnetizer (KLN-MAG2)

This Magnetizer/Demagnetizer instantly magnetizes or demagnetizes screwdriver tips and bits with a single swipe, fitting most screwdrivers. It’s portable, requires no batteries, and comes with easy-to-follow instructions

Insulated Tool Sets

Klein 7-Piece 1000V Insulated Tool Set (KLN-9421R)

The 7-piece set includes various tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, and cutters, all individually tested to meet or exceed safety standards for insulated tools. They’re designed with a thick multi-layer grip for protection against electric shock, a flame-retardant coating, and induction-hardened cutting knives for durability. Additionally, the pliers feature Cushion-Grip handles for added torque and comfort during use.

Electrical Tools

Klein Dual Range Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight, 12 – 1000V AC (KLN-NCVT3P)

This dual-range non-contact voltage tester detects voltage from 12 to 1000V AC, with visual and audible indicators, flashlight, and auto power-off feature. It’s lightweight, CAT IV rated, and durable.

Klein GFCI Outlet Tester (KLN-RT210)

The GFCI Tester identifies common wiring issues in standard and GFCI receptacles, confirming the ground fault protective device’s operation. It’s durable, with an operating temperature range and suitable for 110/125V AC outlets.

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