The new Festool TOPROCK Bluetooth Speaker keeps your tools and your tunes all together in one place. This 2-in-1 solution stores your jobsite essentials in the Festool Systainer tool compartment with a convenient sound system built into the lid so that you can carry the TOPROCK with you to any jobsite and have entertainment with you wherever you go!

The Festool TOPROCK features illuminated control buttons, USB port for charging your personal electronic devices.

Two Jobsite Essentials In One

The TOPROCK Bluetooth Speaker has a powerful speaker built into the lid to produce top-quality sound to fill your jobsite with your favorite jams. If you’re constantly on the move or don’t want to carry around two separate items with you every day, why not have both in one? Built into Festool’s Systainer system, this tool box stores your tools in the bottom and has the speaker system built into the lid. The soft-closing lid ensures that the speaker doesn’t get damaged with the force of the tool box closing over and over, and the built-in rechargeable battery will get you up to 20 hours of run time on one charge.

TOPROCK is compatible with all Systainer system components.

Great Sound Quality

The Festool TOPROCK provides an amazingly clear, full bodied sound. Four active speakers and two bass reflex systems produce 20 watts of crystal-clear, stereo-quality sound output. The high-performance neodymium speakers are integrated into the Systainer lid, and combined with two bass reflex systems that really let your bass boom out of a cleverly designed resonance chamber. If you want to fill up a bigger space with sound, you can connect two TOPROCK speakers to your smartphone at once and enjoy a stereo sound that fills the room at the touch of a button. The key to making this possible is the sophisticated Bluetooth 5.0 standard with TWS (true wireless stereo) technology. If two TOPROCK speakers are in the same room, they can be synced to act as left and right speakers for a true stereo quality sound, or they can both play simultaneously if located in separate rooms.

Two TOPROCK speakers can be connected together the surround larger areas.

Full Compatibility With All Festool Systainer Systems

The TOPROCK Bluetooth Speaker is built into a standard Systainer3 tool box and fully compatible with all Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors, and many other system accessories. Plus, the Festool Systainer systems are incredibly durable, so your tools and the speaker system will be well protected in the tool case. The TOPROCK tool box retails for $225, which is a good price considering it is both a high-quality speaker and functional toolbox all in one.

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