Makita recently released the industry’s first 4-1/2″ and 5″ angle grinders with non-removable guards. These 4‑1/2″ (MAKGA4553R) and 5″ Paddle Switch Angle Grinders (MAKGA5053R) feature the Non-Removable Guard as a permanent safety feature to ensure that users are protected from sparks, debris, and grinder/sanding wheel malfunctions when using the cut-off tool.

Professionals in industries such as energy mining, ship building, welding, and other industrial environments need grinders with permanently affixed guards. Some users remove the wheel guards to give them more range and visibility when using the tool, but along with this comes an abundance of safety concerns. To ensure that these grinders are still user-friendly, the non-removable guards remain easily adjustable so that you can still have optimal visibility and versatility without having to remove the guard.

Makita angle grinder with paddle switch and non-removable guard

Makita Puts Safety First

While removing the wheel guard may be more convenient in the moment, the risk really isn’t worth the long-term consequences. The reality is that grinding wheels do fail. Even if you have never experienced this when using a cut-off tool, accidents are more common than you think and can cause a lot of damage and be extremely dangerous.

The non-removable guards prevent damage and harm by reducing safety hazards, as well as the risk of safety violations in the workplace. A safety compliance officer will give out violations if they see that a cut-off tool is being used without a wheel guard. This is an essential safety feature because it deflects sparks and debris from users while providing a barrier from the cut-off wheel or grinding wheel. OSHA requires that these guards be used due to the injuries that could be caused should the grinding wheel fail or fly off during use.

In addition to the wheel guard, it is also always important to wear protective eyewear, gloves, or face shields for an added level of safety when working with any angle grinder. It only takes one accident to cause a lifetime of damage. If you’re debating between either using the $10 guard or dealing with thousands of dollars in possible medical bills, I think the decision is clear.

construction worker using a Makita angle grinder with a non-removable guard

What Else Do These Makita Grinders Offer?

Along with the non-removable guard, the new Paddle Switch Angle Grinders have a lot of other great, user-friendly features. The 11 AMP motor delivers 11,000 RPM to power you through the most demanding applications. The guard can be adjusted with the push of a lever to quickly change positions during use without the need for extra tools. Additionally, the large paddle switch allows for a quick and easy power start in multiple grip positions. These grinders are overall incredibly user friendly and efficient for professional users. If you’re in need of a grinder that will keep you protected and save you time, the Makita Paddle Switch Angle Grinders with Non-Removable Guards are the way to go.

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