Milwaukee’s recent 2022 PIPELINE event has generated a lot of buzz around their new and upcoming tool releases. Certain highly-anticipated tools like the M18 Track Saw and M18 Carry-On Power Supply seem to have taken over the spotlight compared to other tools, and while we agree that these are super exciting releases, Milwaukee has also vastly expanded their automotive and mechanics tools this year! Creating a ton of new solutions for these industries, one thing is clear to us: Milwaukee is focused heavily on the automotive market right now and is doing a pretty good job at gaining a lot of traction in this area.

Are Pneumatic Tools Going Away?

Pneumatic tools have dominated automotive mechanic shops for years, but we’re starting to see less and less of those now, and within the next few years, we are anticipating that they will become mostly obsolete. This is largely due to the innovation of tons of new cordless tools and those taking over the market. Milwaukee’s cordless tools have come a long way over the years, and it seems like they are eager to convert air tool users to their cordless platforms.

The compact size of air tools is the most competitive factor keeping them in people’s toolboxes. Air tools are small—except for their hoses of course—and very powerful, so how do you compete? The ideal replacement for air tools is something compact, powerful, and lightweight. Milwaukee’s M12 tools fall perfectly into this category, offering the ease of portability without sacrificing power output and productivity.

Milwaukee’s Automotive Solutions

Building on their already impressive line, an all-new range of Gen 3 M12 and Gen 4 M18 Drills and Impacts were just announced at this year’s PIPELINE event, as well as the next generation of M12 FUEL Ratchets, and an M12 Nibbler. M12 underbody lights for automotive work have also been added to their arsenal, as well as an M12 Color Match Light, and a new USB Light. These come in handy for mechanics and automotive workers who need trade-specific lighting solutions.  

Voltage12VLight Modes3Light Modes4
Modes3Temp. Modes5Width2.4 in.
Length14 inLength6.9 in.Length7.5 in.
Height6.25 in.Height2.5 in.Height2 in.

If you know Milwaukee at all, you know they’re always up for a challenge, so they’re not just attacking the small stuff. The M18 FUEL 1” D-Handle High Torque Impact Wrench made a huge impact with its initial release and is now readily available for removing semi-tires and other stubborn bolts. For mobile service, these seem like the tools many have been waiting for, and they have very little competition outside the Ingersoll Rand 1” Impact Wrench. Along with their Impacts, Milwaukee’s M18 Buffers look to be possibly the best cordless option currently on the market, and they’re readily available now at OPT!

Another big announcement from PIPELINE was the development of new M12 High Output Batteries, with 2.5Ah and 5.0Ah options coming soon. These batteries are big news specifically for automotive tools like Stubby Impacts, the 3” Cut-Off Tool, and Die Grinders, to name a few. These new HO batteries have the possibility to open some doors for either converting 18V tool users to M12 tools or gobbling up more air tool sales moving forward.

Milwaukee also recently released a new M18 Oil & Grease Resistant 5.0Ah Battery, which we anticipate expanding to additional amp hour M18 battery options as well down the line.

Along with power tools, Milwaukee’s hand tool and accessories range expanded greatly at the PIPELINE event. They announced all new flex ratchets, larger combination wrenches, new picks, new ball peen hammers and something that has already started shipping and rolling into our showroom–complete impact socket sets in PACKOUT boxes! These PACKOUT Socket Sets have been very popular since their release, and are a great solution for carrying impact sockets on the go. While the PACKOUT was originally targeted at service professionals, they are being used a lot in automotive shops and garages. Drawers, wall mounts, paper towel holders, caster bases, all of their new additions make these very nice solutions for working in the shop and of course for taking with you on the road. Hopefully the PACKOUT line will expand for more tool and accessory storage with the mechanic in mind. 

With all these new releases, we are expecting to see Milwaukee dominate the automotive and mechanic tool market in the next five years or so. Check out all the new PIPELINE releases here! If you have any questions about the the tools mentioned above, or any other automotive or mechanics tools from Milwaukee, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!