The new DeWalt 2,100 MAX PSI 1.2 GPM 13 Amp Electric Jobsite Cold Water Pressure Washer is the perfect portable solution for cleaning tools and equipment, decks, siding, sidewalks, boats, outdoor furniture, and vehicles. This powerful pressure washer gets up to 2,100 PSI and 1.2 GPM to take on a wide range of your outdoor cleaning tasks. 

Most Compact and Portable Pressure Washer

For how powerful this pressure washer is, it is still super compact and much more portable than other options on the market. Most comparable pressure washers are a lot bulkier and can’t collapse down like the DeWalt one can, making them difficult to store and transport. The DWPW2100 only weighs 24 pounds, making it simple to carry along with you or pull around the jobsite on wheels. The whole unit is self-contained in a sturdy frame to keep it protected from impact, and to make it stackable! It’s also flat on every side so you can store it vertically, horizontally, upside down—whatever you need to maximize your space.

The handle extends out from the back, so you can wheel the pressure washer wherever you need to go, or walk it along with you if you’re cleaning a large area. Then when you’re done, the hose fits securely underneath the handle for the most convenient transportation option. If you’re someone that brings a pressure washer along with you every day, this is a great one to consider because it will easily fit into your vehicle and is super simple to set up and take down. 

Store All Your Attachments Inside The Unit

One of the stand-out features of the DWPW2100 pressure washer is the internal storage compartment on the side of the unit. This conveniently stores all of your necessary attachments like the wand, nozzles, and extensions in one place so you can easily access them on the job. With the extra storage you can keep everything in one place so you don’t have to worry about misplacing or forgetting your attachments.  

Speaking of attachments, the pressure washer comes with a few different options to adapt it to a variety of cleaning projects. The kit includes a 25-ft. high pressure hose, a turbo nozzle for up to 2.4X cleaning width, a 15° and 40° nozzle for different detailing applications, a soap nozzle, the wand sprayer head, and a built-in, removable soap tank for projects that require detergent. The sprayer head also holds all the different nozzle attachments right on the handle so you can easily switch them out on the spot and continue spraying.

Unmatched Power and Durability

This DeWalt pressure washer is designed with the ability to clean surfaces up to 35 feet away for long-range washing and it withstands heavy-duty usage with a 25 ft. kink-resistant hose. With the different nozzle heads, you can transition from long-range, high-power spraying for removing large debris and dirt, to more delicate detail cleaning quickly and easily. The power and convenient design of this pressure washer make it great for any size cleaning project.

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