All-in-one. The complete package. Everything you’ll need. We all love those phrases, especially if we’re talking about something we love (this humble writer, for example, loves a good trade paperback, which collects an entire arc of comic book stories into one neat book). Milwaukee are no different, and they’ve brought that concept straight to the jobsite; their hole saw kits include everything you’ll need when it comes to drilling larger holes all in one convenient, durable, hard-shell carrying case; it’s the complete package for all your hole-sawing needs. See what I did there?

Just one of many options Milwaukee offers for hole saw kits.

Milwaukee knows that when it comes to hole saws, one can never have too many options. Whether you’re an at-home DIYer or a professional out on the job, Milwaukee have provided kit sizes to fit every need and budget. All of the kits will include at least between 7/8” and 2-1/2”, with even the smallest nine-piece kit (49-22-4006) offering five different sized hole saws (along with pilot bits, of course). The more pieces in your kit, the more specific the size of hole saw you’ll see; with their largest twenty-eight piece kit (49-22-4185) including a whopping twenty-two hole saws, all for under $300. 

49-22-4185, the twenty-eight piece set

These hole saws feature Milwaukee’s unique All-Access Slots along the body of the hole saw, which allow for easier, quicker, and more efficient plug removal, as well as vastly improved visibility on the pilot bit for more accurate placement, and are coated in their Thermoset coating; you’ll notice improved cutting speeds with these saws compared to other brands, and the optimisation with cordless tools allow for up to 25% more holes per battery charge. 

All-Access Slots in Action!

The two smaller-sized kits (twelve-piece 49-22-3090 and the aforementioned 49-22-4006) also feature carbide cutting teeth on the saws, which provide longer life to the blades themselves and also allow for the cutting of more extreme materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, cement board, fiberglass, plaster, asphalt shingles, and a plethora of others like a hot knife through butter. Butter itself might not work out so well with these saws, though; probably best to stick to the knife on that one.

This likely shouldn’t be your first option

Each of Milwaukee’s hole saw kits also include a durable hard-shell carrying case with an included accessory box, where you can store additional pilots, arbors, bits of string, spare change, or it can be removed entirely to create additional space for more hole saws (one can never have too many hole saws). Click the link here to scope out our options today, and impress all your friends with your collection tomorrow! As always, you can reach us at 614-481-2111 or for any questions, and don’t forget to follow us wherever you like to get your social media!