“Grip it. Stick it. Pivot.” Milwaukee has just unveiled their new M12 Rover Service & Repair Flood Light with USB Charging (2367-20). Available for pre-order now but releasing in the beginning of November, this new Rover is the ideal new lighting solution for workers in service trades. When you need a compact and flexible but powerful light source for those dark and tight workplaces, this is the new tool to use.

What it Brings to the Table

This adaptive new Rover light offers a multitude of features for users in nearly any workspace. 700 lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition Output can illuminate your work area for 8 hours, or use Low Mode with 250 lumens for up to 24 hours of operation running on a Milwaukee M12 XC4.0 Battery. The 110° pivoting light head features a keyhole on the back to hang the light for hands-free use and also boasts a high-strength magnet for mounting on electrical panels, air ducts, or any other magnetic surfaces that are common in maintenance and repair situations so that you can get light from any place at almost any angle. If you don’t need to mount the light, it’s stable design allows it to also stand vertically on its battery or to lay flat on its side.


The M12 Rover Service & Repair Flood Light is lightweight, optimizing it for handheld use and weighing in at only 0.73lbs. With a battery, the tool measures 3.6″ x 2.5″ x 6.6″ (LxWxH), making it easier to store in your tool pouch or bag than many other lights may be. The light also includes a 2.1Amp USB Port, allowing for phone or electronic device charging when you need an extra power source. With added durability, this light is jobsite tough, impact resistant for up to 9′ drops, and IP54 rated for dust and water protection. This product is also backed by a 5-Year Manufacturer Tool Warranty and a Limited Lifetime LED Warranty, so the LEDs never have to be replaced!


The M12 Rover Pivoting Flood Light is an ideal solution for those in service trades like Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Automotive, and MRO. With the ability to sit on the ground in front of you or off to the side, this light offers functionality that competitors don’t have, allowing you to keep working rather than constantly moving and repositioning your light. Because this tool is compact and lightweight, it can be used anywhere, whether you’re lighting a small or a large area, especially with the capability of attaching it to studs, pipe, steel deck and I-Beams. The M12 Service & Repair Flood Light can also be used as an inspection light, allowing you to easily direct light wherever it may be needed for close-quarter handheld tasks like searching through the jobsite, looking for power during an outage or inspecting a car engine.

The M12 Rover Service & Repair Flood Light with USB Charging is built to go anywhere and withstand all jobsite conditions, providing the most powerful, portable, and trade-focused lighting to users on the M12 Lighting Platform. If you have any questions about if this is the right tool for you, the Ohio Power Tool team can help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at sales@ohiopowertool.com, or leave a comment below for assistance. To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!