It’s almost launch time, the Milwaukee MX FUEL Tools will start shipping May 2020 and will likely change the way we use power tools forever moving forward. It might not happen overnight, but batteries are easy and if we can avoid mixing gas, fuel cans, generators, extension cords, emissions, high decibels, etc everyone will eventually get there. Milwaukee is launching with the MX FUEL 14” Cut-Off Saw, MX FUEL Breaker Hammer and MX FUEL Core Drill. Later this year we will see the MX POWER SUPPLY, MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine and finally MX Rocket Light Tower. What else is coming for MX later 2020 or 2021, we’ll it looks like Milwaukee has their eye on any construction related product with a gas tank, air hose or power cord so the answer is apparently YES to all of it.

Milwaukee MX – Cheaper / More Power / Longer Runtime

One thing we’ve learned about cordless tools over the last 10+ years is just like computers or any other technology they will become cheaper, more powerful and have longer runtime every year. The entire world is investing in better battery technology so even if you look at these tools today and thing we’ll maybe if it had a little more runtime or it was a little less expensive. The reality is you or your company, within the next few years will be using a lot more battery powered tools that were previously gas or pneumatic or corded. It might not make sense today, right out of the gate to make this sort of investment but everyone should be paying attention, it’s coming.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Breaker

This is the most likely MX tool to be a complete replacement for your current corded jack hammers. The Milwaukee MX FUEL MXF368-1XC ($2499) is very comparable to other highend breaker hammers like the Bosch BH2770VCD or the Makita HM1812X3 which both are between $1699-$1899. The MX cordless option while a little pricier offers best power to weight of any hammer on the market at 50 ft/lbs impact in a 63.9 lbs hammer. Also only 4.9m/s2 makes it one of the lowest for vibration plus ONE-KEY asset tracking, LED lights, cart, bits, soft start and other features should make this tool work the price of admission.

A single MX battery runs a considerable amount of time, 2 Tons of work which is a 40’ trench 12” x 6” deep, so that is a very respectable amount of work on a single battery, with 2 batteries the work would be non-stop but for most jobs these tools are not continuously used all day everyday it is a much more task based. Cordless here makes a ton of sense and think this will be many folks first MX tool purchased.

Milwaukee MX FUEL 14” Cut-Off Saw

When it comes to truly attacking the jobsite gas tools going right after a 14” Cut-Off saw, like a Stihl TS420 ($1049) is certainly the right place to start. These tools are very common and very effective for cutting in many applications, concrete, pipes, corrugated materials, PVC, bundles, you name it. The MX FUEL Cut-OFF Saw MXF314-1XC ($1999)does what no other cordless solution has ever done before offering a full 5” cut capacity and very similar cut speed to its gas counterpart. Going cordless also means these tools can go indoors, working in basements or other confined spaces that does not allow for gas engine operations. This is what we think will make this a clear winner for some and at least a solid secondary option for many more.

These MX saws are heavy at 32 lbs (about 20% heavier) and are very thirsty for power, needing to swap batteries about 2-3 times per what you’d expect from a single tank of gas. If a tank lasts a day or two this may be a perfect replacement however for continuous use there will need to be an investment in multiple MX batteries. This is definitely the case when using the MX Cut-Off Saw Cart 3100 ($999) which is one of the nicest carts we’ve seen built to work with a handheld saw but just be ready to have several batteries readily available and continuously charging.   

Milwaukee MX Core Drill – Handheld & Rig Stand

The core drill is a less common tool than say a cut-off saw but certainly very widely used by most plumbers, electricians, and many other trades people. While many cordless SDS-MAX hammers can use carbide core bits there are currently no cordless solutions setup for wet drilling with diamond core bits. The difference is night and day when it comes to drilling a smooth, clean, precision hole in block walls or solid concrete.

Power and runtime with the MX FUEL Core Drill MXF301-1CP ($2649) seem to be very effective, RPM 790/1550, while is comes with the smaller MX battery CP203 with 3.0Ah it can handle five 3” in solid 6” concrete, any more than that and you’re not going to want to be holding the drill by hand anyway. When you add the Stand Rig Kit MXF301-2CXS ($3999) you also get the larger battery and set up with XC you’ll get more than double the runtime so a very robust system.

The MX Core Drill also adds a patented clutch and AUTOSTOP feature which is unlike anything we’ve seen in other core drills, when all the power binds up the last place you want it to go is your wrists which has historically been the cause of many injuries. The MX core drill will stop the drill within a quarter turn preventing over rotation.

Milwaukee MX Carry-On Power Supply 3600W/1800W

The Milwaukee MX Power Supply MXF002 is probably the most anticipated and scrutinized product in the initial MX launch. Coming later in the second half of 2020, pricing as of April 2020 has not been released. Since the Carry-On is also a duel rapid charger for MX batteries (45 minutes CP203 / 90 minutes XP306) this will be an important addition for jobsites that are running multiple MX tools.

Running off either 1 or 2 batteries it is a very solid 120V 15amp with 2 outlets of backup power 1800W running with 3600W peak power. With two of the XC runtime is very impressive, power a 55” TV for 14 hours straight or run a standard microwave up to 40 hot pockets, you know the important stuff. On the go power for table saws or stationary pipe threader or 42” drum fan this really has a lot of versatility on the jobsite. Off the jobsite ideal for backup power around the house for a few hours or perfect for camping where you’ll be able to charge devices and run lots of electronics without the hum of a generator.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine

Here in Central Ohio it’s all Drum Machines, not sure what happened with Sectional Machines but nobody here uses them so we were very excited to see the new Milwaukee MX Drum Machines. Very much in line with a traditional Ridgid K-7500 ($2980 w/o cable) that has been the standard. The new MX Drum Machines take a very aggressive price approach here with MX FUEL Drum Machine MXF500-1CP ($2899) and the upgraded version with POWERTREADZ assist MXF501-1CP ($3499) both of these units come with 1 of the smaller CP203 batteries.

The Drum can handle 100’ of 5/8” or ¾” cable however does not come with any cable. Milwaukee is launching larger cables that will work with these machines but as of today nothing yet. You can also use your existing drum cables from Ridgid or whomever and actually run up to 200’ of cable in up to 8’ drain line capacity. Will the POWERTREADZ feature be popular or not, it’s a real toss up for us, it’s super nice no question, runs off the MX battery it makes a huge difference getting up and down stairs but at $600 premium will people take a change before they get to use it?

Milwaukee MX Rocket Light Tower

The stats on the MX Rocket Light MXF041-1XC ($2999) are like nothing we’ve ever seen from a cordless solution 27,000 lumens, 10’ motorized mast, outdoor weather rated for rain and serious wind gusts up to 45 mph, ONE-KEY capable to fine turn lumen output to meet needs for specified hour, 8” all terrain tire, 4 outriggers, charging capability, all the bells and whistles.

The runtime at 27,000 lumens is only 3 hours with an XC battery but again these units can be connected to a power cord actually charging the MX battery or you can set the runtime needed which will adjust the lumen output accordingly.

We really are very impressed with this design, at around 100 lbs it is heavy but still extremely maneuverable, through tight doorways, over rough jobsite terrain, loading and unloading from vehicles this light is very nice setup around with a ton of versatility to light the jobsite. It’s not going to be a light for the average user at that price tag, perhaps a rental item or for serious light construction projects.