Attempting to answer the question, could you ever be comfortable wearing two pairs of glasses at the same time? We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion in Milwaukee‘s eye protection offerings with the launch of Safety Over Glasses (OTG). New Milwaukee Safety Over Glasses have been meticulously crafted to accommodate most prescription glasses, prioritizing the utmost security and comfort. With a wraparound frame design, these glasses provide a level of security, while a top rubber guard adds an extra layer of protection against potentially harmful debris.

Milwaukee’s initial launch of Safety Over Glasses offer both clear 48-73-2070 and tinted 48-73-2075 options, catering to diverse work environments and lighting conditions. The availability of tinted lenses not only shields against bright sunlight but also reduces glare, enhancing visual clarity and reducing eye strain during prolonged use outdoors.

Product ImageSku #Product NameProduct Price
48-73-2070Milwaukee Over the Glasses – Clear Dual Coat Lenses$19.97
48-73-2075Milwaukee Over the Glasses – Tinted Dual Coat Lenses$19.97

Safety Over Glasses (OTG) boast high-velocity impact-tested lenses, delivering Military-Grade Impact Protection (meets all these standards ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 – CSA Z94.3 – MIL-PRF-32432) to shield your eyes effectively. Additionally, the dual-coated lenses feature an Anti-Scratch Hard Exterior Coating and a Fog-Free Interior Coating, guaranteeing clear visibility even in challenging conditions. This innovative design enables you to maintain focus and productivity without obstructed vision, thereby enhancing overall safety and efficiency on the job site.

We would anticipate this expansion in eyewear safety to continue, no official launch dates on indoor/outdoor, yellow tint for low-light versions but Milwaukee understands the demand is there and we would anticipate them to meet those needs in the near future.

Check out all our options for Safety Glasses & Safety Googles here, staying safe on the jobsite has never been easier or looked better. Don’t hesitate to reach out at or 614-481-2111 with any questions, comments, or concerns, and be sure to follow us on all your favorite social media channels to stay in the know on all the latest announcements, deals, news, and more!