The 2024 edition of NFPA 70E brings forth several updates, some of which are pertinent to AR / FR clothing and associated PPE. Understanding these changes is essential for ensuring workplace safety.

Arc Flash PPE Categories for DC Systems: Updates in Section 130.7(C)(15)(b) expand the range requiring arc flash PPE for DC systems based on recent test data.

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Product ImageSku #Product Name
ARI-10023989-OPTAriat Men’s FR DuraStretch Patriot Hoodie
ARI-10039390-OPTAriat Men’s FR Air Crew T-Shirt
ARI-10027868-OPTAriat Men’s FR DuraLight Stretch Canvas Vest
ARI-10032830-OPTAriat Men’s FR Rev Pullover Hoodie
ARI-10039165-OPTAriat Men’s FR AC Stretch Camo Baseball T-Shirt
ARI-10041480-OPTAriat Men’s FR Durastrech Fleece 1/2 Zip Job Shirt
NSA-SWSI2-OPTDriFire Men’s TecGen FR Pullover Hoodie
NSA-DF2-CM-446TS-NB-OPTDriFire FR Lightweight Short Sleeve T-Shirt
NSA-HYDROFLASHJ-N-OPTDriFire HydroFlash FR Foul Weather Jacket
NSA-TCG011902-OPTDriFire Men’s TecGen FR Work Shirt
NSA-TCG011602-OPTDriFire Men’s TecGen FR Work Shirt
NSA-DF2-CM-446LS-NB-OPTDriFire FR Lightweight Long Sleeve T-Shirt
PIP385-FRHN-OPTPIP AR/FR Long Sleeve Henley
Product ImageSku #Product Name
NSA-HYDROBOM-YB-OPTDriFire HydroLite FR Extreme Weather Bomber
NSA-OWVTZMQC2-OPTDriFire Vizable FR Quilted Lined Outerwear Vest
NSA-R31RL06-OPTDriFire ARC H20 FR Trench Coat
 NSA-C34T8Q2DC3-OPTDriFire Vizable FR Class 3 Bomber Jacket w/ Lanyard Access
NSA-R30RL06-OPTDriFire ARC H20 FR Rain Jacket
NSA-TEEY2LSHC301-OPTDriFire Vizable FR Dual Hazard Long Sleeve Hybrid T-Shirt
NSA-HYDROFLASHJ-Y-OPTDriFire HydroFlash FR Foul Weather Jacket
NSA-TEEY2PC3-OPTDriFire Vizable FR Dual Hazard T-Shirt
NSA-C34TZMQHC3-OPTDriFire Vizable FR Extreme Bomber Jacket
NSA-DF2-AX3-277-HD-HY-OPTDriFire FR Front Zip Sweatshirt
NSA-V00HA2V-OPTDriFire Vizable FR Mesh Safety Vest
48-73-523-OPTMilwaukee AR/FR Cat. 1 Class 3 Breakaway Mesh Safety Vest – ANSI/CSA
48-73-520-OPTMilwaukee AR/FR Cat. 1 Class 2 Mesh Safety Vest
PIP305-2000-OPTPIP ANSI Type R Class 2 (AR) Arc Rated (FR) Flame Resistant Solid Vest
PIP305-3000-OPTPIP ANSI Type R Class 3 (AR) Arc Rated (FR) Flame Resistant Solid Vest
PIP305-2100-OPTPIP ANSI Type R Class 2 (AR) Arc Rated (FR) Flame Resistant Mesh Vest
Product ImageSku #Product Name
ARI-10023466-OPTAriat Men’s FR M4 Relaxed Stretch DuraLight Basic Boot Cut Jean
ARI-10017226-OPTAriat Men’s FR M4 Relaxed Workhorse Boot Cut Pants
ARI-10012555-OPTAriat Men’s FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jeans
BLA163615508900-OPTBlaklader FR Kneepad Work Pants Nail Pockets
NSA-PNTD6JTR-OPTDriFire TecGen FR Taproom Denim Jeans
NSA-HYDROFLASHB-N-OPTDriFire HydroFlash FR Foul Weather Bib Overall
NSA-HYDROPANT-YB-OPTDriFire HydroLite FR Extreme Weather Pants

Staying informed about these updates is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment and minimizing the risk of electrical incidents. Regular review of safety procedures and PPE adaptation is essential to ensure compliance and protect employees from potential hazards.

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