Milwaukee PIPELINE 2024 is HERE! This annual event is where Milwaukee announces all of the new and exciting tools, accessories, safety, and apparel that they will have rolling out over the next few months–in the pipeline to be launched if you will. This year, they’ve made major announcements with new higher output M18 FORGE batteries, grinders, impacts, band saws, sanders, vacs, outdoor power equipment, PACKOUT, heated gear, and more! Check out our breakdown below and stay tuned for live updates throughout the day as we learn more!

New Batteries, Chargers, and Power Sources

M18 REDLITHIUM FORGE XC8.0 (48-11-1881) and HD12.0 (48-11-1813) Battery Packs

These new M18 batteries provide 50% more power and faster application speeds. They feature advanced thermal management, active cooling, and resistant housing against common oils, greases, and solvents. The packs charge up to 80% in 35 minutes and fully in just 45 minutes! At $199 for the XC8.0 and $249 for the XC12.0, these are set to begin shipping out from Milwaukee in August but are available to order now, along with respective starter kits!

M18 Six Bay Daisy Chain Rapid Charger (48-59-1817)

The M18 Six Bay Daisy Chain RAPID Charger is the most versatile shop-to-mobile charging solution. Featuring dual charge modes for optimized rapid charging, this allows for bulk charging all in 1 solution. For M18, 10 chargers can be daisy-chained together to recharge 60 battery packs overnight, all on 1 circuit. If you’re daytime charging and need your batteries quickly, RAPID mode charges M18 batteries 2X faster than standard chargers and can charge 2 batteries simultaneously to get you back to work faster. Easily manage up to 6 batteries in a consolidated portable charging experience that’s optimized for transportation. Not only is it designed for charging on the go, but it’s also PACKOUT compatible and can be integrated into shop or mobile spaces using the PACKOUT Wall Plates or on your PACKOUT stack. Launching in February 2025, more information and pricing is yet to come.

MX Dual Bay Simultaneous Super Charger w/ 4 Point Mounting (48-59-1816)

The M18 Dual Bay Simultaneous Super Charger with 4 Point Mounting delivers up to 6X faster charging to 80%, to maximizing productivity and reduce downtime throughout the day. Fully charge an M18 FORGE XC8.0 or FORGE HD12.0 Battery to 80% in just 35 minutes. Super Chargers are Milwaukee’s fastest chargers, and this Dual Bay Simultaneous Super Charger is COOL-CYCLE Capable to provide high-speed cooling for added safety and less downtime. The active cooling feature works with M18 batteries that have COOL-CYCLE capability. Simultaneously charge up to 2 batteries while leveraging CHARGE ADAPT Adaptive Charge Distribution to distribute power between both bays for maximized productivity. The CHARGE ADAPT LED light will illuminate for the battery that is able to receive the most amount of power, allowing you to get 1 pack back faster than fully simultaneous chargers. REDLINK Intelligence communicates directly with your battery to monitor cell voltage, temperature, and charge status to optimize the performance and maximize the life of the pack. Compatible with all M18 batteries and equipped with 4 Point Mounting, the Super Charger is designed to be mounted anywhere you need. This charger is also launching in February 2025 with pricing yet to be determined.

MX FUEL Rapid Charger (MXFRC)

This new MX FUEL rapid charger minimizes downtime with faster charging times compared to the standard charger. It features an active cooling system and compatibility with COOL-CYCLE packs. Release dates for this battery and the starter kit are still in the works, but the battery is set to launch for $349.

Battery AmpMX FUEL Rapid ChargerMX FUEL Standard Charger
XC6.045 Minutes90 Minutes
XC8.065 Minutes110 Minutes
HD12.0100 Minutes160 Minutes

M12 TOP-OFF USB-C Travel Power Supply and Charger (48-59-1211)

The TOP-OFF is now on the M12 Platform! This 2-in-1 battery & device charging power supply charges personal devices fast with 15W USB-C and features a convenient form factor with an LED battery gauge. It’s compact, offers a push-button start, and provides up to 12 hours of run-time when paired with an M12 3.0 battery. It includes a wall adapter and USB-C charging cord and is available NOW for $69.97 with an anticipated ship date in August.

Power Manager (3333-15A)

The Milwaukee Power Manager enables you to optimize your circuit usage and charge more M12, M18 or MX FUEL batteries. The Power Manager automatically energizes the largest number of chargers possible, and then switches over to additional chargers once it has detected batteries connected to the system have completed charging. This enables those of you with heavy energy demands to prioritize high-speed chargers for fast daytime charging, and bulk overnight charging, all while avoiding tripping breakers or unnecessarily upgrading your infrastructure. Easily transition from gas to battery equipment with the Milwaukee Power Manager giving you the ability to easily and efficiently charge any battery. Available in January 2025 for $499 (15 Amp) or $599 (20 Amp).

New M18

M18 FUEL 4-½” – 6” Braking Grinders

These new grinders offer corded cutting and grinding power, higher shutdown force, and rapid stopping times, all on Milwaukee’s M18 platform. They feature tool-free accessory changes, multiple speed modes, and kits will be available with an 8.0Ah FORGE battery. Pre-sales are set to start in early July, with shipping expected in the Fall.

3670-204-1/2”-6” Braking Grinder Paddle$249
3670-224-1/2”-6” Braking Grinder Paddle FORGE Kit$549
3671-204-1/2”-6” Braking Grinder Slide$249
3672-204-1/2”-6” Variable Speed Braking Grinder w/ ONEKEY Paddle$299
3670-224-1/2”-6” Variable Speed Braking Grinder w/ ONEKEY Paddle FORGE Kit$599
3674-207” Variable Speed Braking Grinder w/ ONEKEY$349

M18 FUEL Deep Cut Band Saw

This updated band saw is 25% lighter and 30% faster than the previous generation. It features variable speed control, integrated blade covers, and a tether attachment for improved safety and performance. A dual trigger option will also be available as a bare tool or kit option. All of these are set to launch in October with Pre-Sales available in September.

2929-20M18 FUEL Deep Cut Band Saw$349
2929-22M18 FUEL Deep Cut Band Saw Kit$669
2929S-20M18 FUEL Dual Trigger Band Saw$429
2929S-22M18 FUEL Dual Trigger Band Saw Kit$719

M18 FUEL 15-Degree Coil Roofing Nailer (2909-20)

This cordless coil roofing nailer offers pneumatic-like performance with a fire rate of a whopping 6 nails per second. It eliminates compressor and air hose setup time, can complete up to 1300 nails on a single battery charge, and includes tips for vinyl siding installation. Lighter weight and better ergonomically designed, this versatile tool will be available soon ($379 bare or $479 kitted) and will begin shipping in October.

M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ Circular Saw w/ 24T Thick Kerf Blade (2834-20)

Designed for the professional carpenter, remodelers, and general contractors who rely on high-performing and durable tools, the reinvented M18 FUEL 7-1/4” Circular Saw delivers 6,000 RPM and maintains high speed under load. When paired with one of the new REDLITHIUM FORGE HD12.0 Batteries, you’ll get up to 750 cuts per charge. The compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for all-day cutting, and positive bevel detents and depth detents offer added productivity and reduce downtime. It also features an electric blade break, LED work light, rafter hook, and all magnesium guards and shoes. Available bare ($249) or as a FORGE 12.0 kit ($449), these are available to Pre-Order NOW with an expected ship date in early August.

M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ Rear Handle Circular Saw

The M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ Rear Handle Circular Saw is designed for professional carpenters, remodelers, and contractors, offering leading performance with the latest cordless technology. Its newly designed POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 6,300 RPM for efficient high-speed cutting, supported by the newly updated REDLINK PLUS Intelligence for optimal performance and protection. The saw, paired with an M18 REDLITHIUM FORGE HD12.0 Battery, offers up to 700 cuts per charge and is compatible with all M18 batteries. Its lightweight, ergonomic design is enhanced by features like positive bevel and depth detents, a multi-sized rafter hook, electric blade break, dust port, LED light, and durable magnesium guards, making it ideal for demanding job site conditions available for $449 in early 2025!

M18 FUEL 5” Random Orbital Sander (2837-20)

This new FUEL sander features best-in-class vibration levels at 12K OPM to reduce stress on your muscles for all-day use. It offers variable speeds from 4,000 to 12,000 RPM, over 50 minutes of runtime with an XC5.0 battery, and VACLINK technology for compatibility with wireless vacuums. It includes a durable cotton dust bag, universal vacuum adapter, and (3) abrasives to offer 95% dust collection. The overmold palm grip provides an ergonomic, comfortable design, but the tool is optimized with multiple grip locations. The low head height allows you to work close to the surface while maintaining balance across multiple orientations. At $199 bare, this tool is set to launch sometime this Fall with anticipated shipping in November.

M18 FUEL PACKOUT Dual Battery 9-Gallon Dust Extractor w/ VACLINK (0888-20)

The PACKOUT Vac you’ve all been waiting for is (almost) here! This versatile dust extractor offers AC/DC functionality, auto HEPA filter cleaning, and dual pressure sensors to notify you when airflow drops below optimal level. With table 1 Compliance for 5” and 7” Surfacing & Grinding, it’s sure to collect all of the dust and debris on the job while also providing an excellent base for your PACKOUT stack. With VACLINK technology, you also can be sure to wirelessly start and stop the vacuum when your compatible tool is turning on and off, or with the wireless remote. This vac is set to launch sometime in Q1.

0888-20M18 FUEL DB AC/DC Dust Extractor Bare Tool$799
0888-22HDM18 FUEL DB AC/DC Dust Extractor Kit$1299
49-90-1968HEPA Filter Kit$59
49-90-1969Fleece Bags – 5 Pack$39
49-90-1970Cleaning And Accessory Kit$89
49-90-197120FT Accessory Hose$79
49-90-197310FT Accessory HoseTBD

M18 FUEL 20” Dual Battery Chainsaw (2827-22)

The new M18 FUEL 20” Dual Battery Chainsaw generates 70cc power (5.8HP), making it the first rear handle cordless chainsaw that can generate enough power for production tree work. This chainsaw also features Milwaukee’s newly improved POWERSTATE motor and Red-Link Intelligence. This new POWERSTATE motor is the most powerful motor in an M18 tool! It offers 20% faster cutting speeds compared to 60cc gas competitors and reaches full throttle in under 1 second. The balanced design, dual power modes, and onboard scrench storage enhance ergonomics and functionality. Plus, Milwaukee has included user-demanded features with this new design, like dual metal bucking spikes, a front metal plate, an inertia break, and more. Sold as a 2-batter FORGE XC8.0 Kit for $899, this chainsaw is available for Pre-Sale NOW with shipments beginning in August.

M18 FUEL Gen II QUIK-LOK Power Head (3016-20)

Offering a 30% increase in power and thermal performance, this new-and-improved power head maintains speed in demanding applications without bogging down. It features a brushless motor, REDLINK PLUS intelligence pushing full throttle in under 1 second, and a balanced design for increased control and decreased fatigue over prolonged use. This new design is still QUIK-LOK compatible, with Pre-Sales set to begin in October.

3016-20M18 FUEL Gen II QUIK-LOK Power Head$249
3016-20STM18 FUEL Gen II QUIK-LOK String Trimmer Bare Tool$299
3016-21STM18 FUEL Gen II QUIK-LOK String Trimmer Kit$399
3016-21PSM18 FUEL Gen II QUIK-LOK Pole Saw Kit$549
3016-20PSM18 FUEL Gen II QUIK-LOK Pole Saw Bare Tool$399

M18 FUEL Short Pole Hedge Trimmer (3043-20)

This new lightweight hedge trimmer offers improved maneuverability, reduced user fatigue, and a balanced design with a padded grip and bail handle for added comfort. With the power to clear 3/4″ branches quickly and easily, this high speed, durable trimmer delivers more runtime over a full tank of gas with a FORGE XC8.0 battery, without the hassle of a pull start, loud noise and heavy vibration. Available bare ($399) or as a FORGE Kit ($599), Pre-Sales are set to start this October.

M18 FUEL Gen II 24″ & 34″ Hedge Trimmers

This next gen trimmer offers twice the peak power output compared to its predecessor and outperforms leading gas competitors. It features an 8.0AH battery (kit only), dual sharpened blades with a 65% larger blade gap and 45% larger cut capacity, as well as a rotating handle to provide increased control in different blade orientations. Redesigned for optimized ergonomics, the weight is better balanced and the distance between the trigger and bail handle is set to the ideal length for premium control. Available in 24” and 30” blade models, all new models are expected to be available for Pre-Sale in October.

3033-20M18 FUEL Gen II 24″ Hedge Trimmer Bare Tool$279
3033-21M18 FUEL Gen II 24″ Hedge Trimmer Kit$479
3034-20M18 FUEL Gen II 36″ Hedge Trimmer Bare Tool$329
3034-21M18 FUEL Gen II 36″ Hedge Trimmer Kit$529

M18 FUEL Pole Articulating Hedge Trimmer (3012-20)

The M18 FUEL Pole Articulating Hedge Trimmer has the power to cut 1″ branches, and cuts faster while providing more versatility for clean cuts. The hedge trimmer features a long 24″ blade, allowing you to clear more material in 1 single pass. Designed to meet landscape maintenance professional needs, this unit has robust double sided blades for faster & more aggressive cutting. The tool’s total length is 85″ with an articulating mechanism that allows for 270° rotation of the blade set, giving you 13 operating positions and 1 storage position to make it a versatile solution in any cutting application. The included tip guard prevents damage to the blade and surrounding work area, and it features a padded grip and rotating handle for optimal hand placement and increased comfort. This version will be launching in November for $679.

M18 FUEL Extended Pole Articulating Hedge Trimmer (3035-20)

Need an even bigger tool? The M18 FUEL Extended Pole Articulating Hedge Trimmer also has the power to cut 1″ branches with a long 24″ blade, but the tool’s total length is 105″. This variation includes the same articulating mechanism for 270° rotation of the blade set for 13 operating positions, the tip guard, and the same padded grip and rotating handle. This version will also be launching in March 2025 but for $699.

M18 FUEL Edger (3011-20)

This new edger provides powerful performance without bogging down, offering more power than a 31cc gas competitor. With low noise, instantaneous throttle in under 1 second, and no pull starts, it increases your control and productivity to get the job done. Available bare ($349.99) or as a kit for ($549.99) pre-sales are set to start in November.

M18 FUEL 16” String Trimmer (3046-20)

Clear thick brush with this powerful new brushless string trimmer. With instant throttle response, low noise, and a balanced design, this new 16″ trimmer provides ultimate control and reduces fatigue to ensure you get the job done quickly and easily. Pre-sales for the bare tool ($299) are expected to begin in October, with no announcement of a kitted option yet.

M18 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer w/ SWITCHTANK (3019-20)

The M18 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer w/ SWITCHTANK delivers the industry’s best pressure control, with no manual pumping and an interchange tank design, however the old tanks will not fit this new design. The sprayer’s instant, constant, and adjustable pressure enables ultimate spraying control across a wide range of applications, up to 25ft. vertically and slightly longer horizontally, all with no manual pumping required. Add on tank assemblies for different spraying applications to effortlessly eliminate previous concerns for cross-chemical contamination. The well worked on redesign is promised to improve longevity and durability with no concern for leaking. This is expected to be available for $399 bare or $499 as a kit in November, with tanks available for $199.

M18 Brushless Stick Transfer Pump (2927-22)

This M18 Transfer pump features a HYDROPASS Filter to shield against clogs, while the 360° design maximizes flow in heavy debris filled water. Pumping up to 25 gallons per minute, this tool can drain up to 1,000 gallons on a single FORGE HD12.0 Battery. Set to launch in January of 2025, more details and pricing are yet to come closer to its release date.

M18 Brushless Single Acting 60in3 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Pump (3120-21)

The M18 Brushless Single Acting 60in3 10,000psi Hydraulic Pump eliminates manual pumping and provides up to 2.5X faster application speeds. Vastly reducing fatigue, with up to 95% less muscle effort vs. hand pumps, this hydraulic solution gets the job done faster and easier than ever. The single-acting pump offers 60in3 of usable oil, enabling full extension for a wide range of small tools and cylinders. Designed for seamless compatibility with all 10,000psi single-acting rated hydraulic hoses and cylinders, this hydraulic pump ensures efficient performance and features a manual valve for precise return flow control and a bladder window for quick fluid level checks. Weighing only 12.6lbs, this compact pump is highly portable and easy to transport. A trigger lock-out prevents unwanted activation during transport, setup, and teardown. The kit includes one M18 XC 5.0 REDLITHIUM Battery, an M18 and M12 Multi-Voltage Charger, a Shoulder Strap, and a 3/8″ NPTF Female Quick Connect Cone Poppet Coupler (installed on the tool) for $1,500, launching this July.

M18 FUEL Ringer Roll Groover (2927-22)

The M18 FUEL RINGER Roll Groover is the industry’s first cordless Roll Groover, designed to optimize productivity of on-site grooving. Delivering the fastest setup to finish with the easiest set up and transportation around the jobsite, the Groover allows you to work where its most convenient without the limitations of a cord. This portability eliminates the strain of traditional grooving, letting sprinkler fitters and pipe fitters efficiently work anywhere, even at the point of install. With runtime up to 25 3″ Sch 40 grooves with the 2 kitted FORGE XC8.0 Batteries, the RINGER stands up to the demands of a day on the jobsite. The easy-to-use groove controls enable you to simply select the pipe material, size and schedule to control groove depth. The groove depth offset control also provides the ability to adjust groove depth to the tolerance of a specific pipe batch, eliminating ratcheting & cranking, reducing guess and check, and enabling hands-free operation – making the RINGER the easiest way to groove on-site. This tool is set to be available in March 2025 with pricing to be determined.

M18 Modular Pipeline Inspection System w/ HDR

The M18 Modular Pipeline Inspection System sets the standard in sewer inspection by providing the industry’s Clearest Image, Easiest Inspections. The HDR self-leveling camera heads allow you to see both up close and further down line with superior clarity, reducing washed out areas and highlights detail in dark conditions. We provide you the ability to digitally zoom 4X and pan, making it possible to see more than ever before in drain lines. The pitch sensing feature reads and displays pitch on screen for easier diagnosis and more effective reporting. Powered by M18 REDLITHIUM batteries, the M18 500GB Control Hub powers the reels, stores recordings, and easily swaps between camera reel sizes delivering unmatched system versatility. You can capture, create, and share from the M18 Wireless Monitor or directly from a tablet or mobile device for faster sharing of findings. These are all set to launch in July–learn more here.

M18 Brushless PACKOUT Fan (0818-20)

The new M18 Brushless PACKOUT Fan delivers impressive performance with over 900 CFM and 19+ MPH airflow packed into a lightweight and portable solution. Its variable speed dial allows for optimal air movement, and it offers a runtime of over 2.5 hours on high with a 5.0AH battery. Designed for compatibility with PACKOUT Top Stack and Shop Wall, it features 290° rotation, an integrated AC outlet for optional extended runtime, a robust and durable fan grill that can survive impact from drops. At $129.99 bare, this fan is available for Pre-Order now with shipping starting in August.

M18 Bluetooth Jobsite Speaker (2954-20)

This new compact M18 jobsite speaker offers a full range sound experience with a 3.75” woofer and high-frequency tweeter. It features Bluetooth 5.3 for a 200-foot range, and AUDIO LINK allows you to pair it to play music through multiple compatible Milwaukee devices. Customize the bass and treble to your preference, and use the versatile handle design to bring it with you anywhere you go–on a utility cart, nail hook, or hanging with a pass through. With up to 18 hours of runtime on an XC5.0 battery and an IP64 rating for dust and water resistance, it also includes a USB-C 3.0A port for personal device charging. Pre-Sales for this are set to begin mid-July for $119, with shipping estimated in mid-August.

New Lighting

M18 ROVER Dual Power Triple-Panel Flood & Area Light (2368-20)

This new ROVER light offers 4,500 lumens of high-definition output with 9 total output modes. With 3 individual light heads, you can utilize the 810° Horizontal Rotation and 270° Vertical Articulation for any task or area lighting needs. It also features a magnetic base, integrated hook, and screw holes for optimal mounting. Impact resistant and IP54 rated for dust and water protection, this compact high-output light is also backed by a 5 Year Tool manufacturer warranty and Limited Lifetime LED warranty. Pre-sales are estimated to begin soon for $179 bare, with shipping set for October.

M18 ROVER Clamping Flood Light (2358-20)

This new flood light offers magnetic mounting and an up to 3″ clamp opening for easy setup anywhere. With 2,000 lumens of HD Output, 3 lighting modes to manage output and runtime, and 359° of Horizontal Rotation and 160° of Vertical Rotation, this rugged little light has it all. It can run for up to 6 hours on a standard XC5.0 battery, and features the same IP rating and warranties of the Triple Panel ROVER. This light will be available for $119 bare and is set to go on Pre-Sale in September.

M18 ROVER Compact Folding Flood Light w/ USB Charging (2359-20)

This M18 Service and Repair light not only delivers 1,000 lumens of high-definition output across 4 modes, it also provides USB-A (15W) and USB-C (27W) charging for small devices. With an integrated rafter hook, horizontal and vertical lighting head mobility, and up to 8 hours of runtime on high with a 5.0 battery, this will now be the most compact light on the M18 platform. It also features the same safety rating and warranties as the prior lights. Available bare for $79, this tool is set to launch in October.

USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Magnetic Task Light (2013R)

This new Rechargeable Low-Profile Magnetic Task Light packs a big punch in a tiny design. With adaptive mounting capability and infinite light head mobility in all directions, this little light offers up to 12 hours of runtime on a single charge and 3 modes to manage output and runtime: High (500 lumens for 4 hours), Medium (250 lumens for 8 hours), or Low (100 lumens for 12 hours). Its durable aluminum frame features magnets for mounting on metal surfaces and alternative mounting options for non-metal surfaces. Designed for tough jobsite conditions, it boasts an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance, a 6-foot drop rating, and unlimited vertical and horizontal light head mobility to reduce shadows and improve visibility. This pocket-portable task light is USB-C rechargeable and comes with a 2-year warranty for $64.97. Available for Pre-Sale NOW with expected shipping in early July.

New M12

M12 FUEL GEN2 Stubby Impact Wrenches

Milwaukee’s new generation of M12 FUEL Stubby Impact Wrenches are available in various configurations, starting at $199. With 25% more mass to deliver 550 ft.-lbs. of nut-busting torque, 400 ft.-lbs. of max fastening torque, and reaching up to 3000 RPM, these wrenches offer reduced fatigue and more access in tight spaces. Up to 2.5lbs lighter with its 30% more compact POWERSTATE motor and 50% faster than competing impact wrenches, these new M12 options pack a punch in a compact package.

They are designed for faster removal and fastening, with quick one-handed mode changes. Milwaukee heard the complaints from professionals about how fast the older version’s battery latches were able to be damaged. When designing these new models they created a sturdier package design to help support those battery latches, extending the life of the tool. All variations of the new models are available for Pre-Sale NOW, with shipments expected to begin in September.

Product ImageSKUNamePrice
2562-203/8” Impact Wrench$199
2562-213/8” Impact Wrench Kit$279
2562-223/8” Impact Wrench Kit$349
2563-20½” Impact Wrench$199
2563-22½” Impact Wrench Kit$349
2563P-20½” Impact Wrench W/ Pin Detent Kit$199
49-16-2562Impact Wrench Boot$29

M12 75′ Drain Camera w/ PACKOUT Compatibility (3154-20)

The M12 75′ Drain Camera w/ PACKOUT Compatibility delivers fast, confident facility maintenance. The flexible cable with 18mm HD camera easily navigates tight bends and pushes up to 75′ in 1-1/2″-4″ lines for clear diagnosis and confident clearing of blockages. The compact size and PACKOUT compatibility (top stack only) enables easy, one-trip transportation with additional mess containment. The camera provides instant setup with an integrated and adjustable display for multiple, clear viewing angles in all environments. Clearly assess with the daylight readable, 7″ touchscreen display and zoom and pan. Easily save photo/video and export findings from the gallery. The impact, debris, and water-resistant display protects against jobsite conditions and is covered by a 5-year limited tool warranty. The M12 75′ Drain Camera w/ PACKOUT Compatibility provides fast, confident facility maintenance with reduced downtime for maximum productivity. Set to launch this December for $1,499.

M12 Compact Drain Line Inspection

The M12 Compact Drain Line Inspection Cameras feature Milwaukee’s most compact footprint for the tightest jobsite environments and maximum portability on and off the van. Available in 65′ (3318-22A) or 85′ (3318-22B) options, these cameras easily navigate the tightest bends and traps in small diameter drain lines. With the most flexible push cables, the cameras have deliver the clearest image and easiest inspections, and they’re equipped with multi-frequency Sonde for precise locating. Milwaukee’s reels will allow you to capture, create, and share custom photos and videos from one of the compatible Pipeline Inspection viewing devices, such as the new M12 Wireless Monitor (3971-20), or directly from a tablet or mobile device for faster sharing of findings. The small cameras are self-leveling camera, and have the ability to digitally zoom up to 4X and pan. These are set to launch in December with varying prices.

M12 FUEL ⅝” SDS Plus Rotary Hammer (2508-20)

This new M12 rotary hammer is set to be the fastest drilling in the 12V class–20% faster than its leading competitor. With a 3-mode operation, ladder hook, and shadowless lighting it packs a lot of features into a compact and lightweight, one-handed design. This tool can drill up to (60) 1/4″ x 2″ holes per charge, and is set to launch in Q4 as a bare tool ($229) or kit ($279).

M12 FUEL 3” Random Orbital Detail Sander (2535-20)

The new M12 FUEL 3” Random Orbital Detail Sander is a lightweight (1.5 lbs.) solution featuring a 3” pad, locking variable speeds from 10K to 4K RPM, and a 3/32” orbit diameter. It includes on-board active dust containment, a durable cotton dust bag, and a universal hose adapter for best-in-class dust collection (95%), as well as 4 mode speed control, a modular holster, and a surface inspection LED light. This tool is available for Pre-Sale NOW for $179 bare and expected to begin shipping out in August.

M12 FUEL 6” Random Orbit Sander

This larger 6″ Random Orbit Sander offers the best in class material removal rate compared to pneumatic models. With a variable speed paddle trigger and dial adjustments you have ultimate control. It produces less noise and vibration compared to pneumatic alternatives, features tool-free pad changes, and comes with both stick-it and hook-and-loop pads (learn more in accessories section below). Available in 3/16″ or 3/32″ options, these are set to launch from Milwaukee in January 2025.

2585-20M12 FUEL 3/16″ Random Orbit Sander – Bare Tool$299
2585-22CXM12 FUEL 3/16″ Random Orbit Sander – Kit $449
2584-20M12 FUEL 3/32″ Random Orbit Sander – Bare Tool$299
2584-22CXM12 FUEL 3/32″ Random Orbit Sander – Kit$449

M12 Shop Borescope (3151-21)

Get the clearest image to identify hairline cracks with this new M12 Borescope. Featuring a 5.5” HD touch screen, 25 frames per second, a 720p 5mm camera head, and front and side view cameras, this borescope provides excellent image quality and access to tight spaces. It includes a 3’ flexible cable, WiFi transfer capabilities, and a removable cable connector for easy servicing. Set to be priced at 1,499 and pre-sales are set to launch in November.

M12 Bluetooth Speaker w/ PACKOUT (2955-21)

Featuring a 3.5″ woofer and high frequency tweeter, this compact speaker provides a CLEAR SOUND experience on the M12 platform. AUDIO LINK allows you to play music through multiple compatible Milwaukee devices (over 200+) to create a larger sound experience. It also includes an integrated nail hook, d-hook, and various listening orientations to provide maximum versatility on or off the job. Pricing is said to be $129 with pre-sales starting in January 2025.

M12 Copper Tubing Cutter (2479-22)

The M12™ Brushless 1-1/4″-2″ Copper Tubing Cutter delivers the fastest clean cuts. The copper tubing cutter helps you maximize productivity due to unmatched cutting speeds and a patented cutting mechanism that automatically adjusts the diameter to cut Type K, L, and M copper pipes from 1-1/4″ to 2″ (OD from 1-3/8″ to 2-1/8″). Our rotating head delivers faster cutting, reduces muscle fatigue, and allows for superior access with as little as 1.7″ clearance. The built-in LED light and view window illuminate the line of cut for better visibility when working in confined spaces. Available NOW for $399 bare with a kitted option coming soon.

New MX Tools

MX FUEL 2” Submersible Pump (MXF210-1XC)

This compact and powerful submersible pump is ideal for various applications, designed to simplify your work and ensure that you can pump anywhere, anytime, with ease. With unmatched portability, convenient remote monitoring, and ONE-KEY compatibility, you are able to quickly and easily transport water in the tightest spaces without the need for electric power or a generator. You can learn more about this pump in our fully dedicated post here.

MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light (MXF040-1XC)

Milwaukee’s most power-dense tower light yet provides 15,000 lumens of illumination and covers over 2,300 square feet. Designed for portability, it requires 75% less storage space and integrates seamlessly with the PACKOUT Modular Storage System. Weighing under 50 pounds, it features a 7ft. folding mast, dual power options, and a durable, IP56-rated construction. The unit includes a ONE-KEY Bluetooth Card for easy connectivity management and is priced at roughly $1,999, including the MX FUEL 6.0Ah Battery and Starter Kit. Check out our fully dedicated post here to learn more about this light.


PACKOUT Rack (48-21-8070)

The PACKOUT Rack is where PACKOUT meets shelving–bringing ultimate PACKOUT access to the inside of vehicles and shops. Fully customize the drawer layout with any boxes, organizers, bags, and compatible power tools by connecting to the sliding drawers, allowing you to access everything you need without unstacking. Stack and expand the Rack across a vehicle wall to accommodate the needs of any fleet, or use 2 Compact Wall Plates fastened to the side for added storage. The kit includes 2 PACKOUT Racks, 4 PACKOUT Rack Drawers, 1 PACKOUT Rack Frame, and all required hardware. The Rack can be installed into Ford Transits*, Ram ProMasters*, Mercedes Sprinters*, box trucks, shipping containers, and onto shop walls. This is set to launch in April 2025 with pricing TBD.

PACKOUT Rolling Drawer Tool Box (48-22-8420)

The PACKOUT Rolling Drawer Tool Box offers a quick, one-handed opening that allows for maximum productivity on the jobsite. With a 250lb weight capacity, the Rolling Drawer is able to store a variety of heavy tools and materials. Milwaukee designed the sliding mechanism as wheels under the drawer instead of on the sides of the drawer to allow you more weight capacity. It also includes 2 – long solid plastic dividers and 6 – short dividers that can be quickly adjusted to keep you more organized. The system will include the newly released low-profile handle for easier transportation. With over 100+ solutions, PACKOUT Modular Storage is the industry’s most versatile and durable modular storage system. This PACKOUT Rolling Drawer will be around $250 in price.

PACKOUT Compact Debris Separator (49-90-2200)

This separator captures up to 99.9% of jobsite debris, reducing vacuum maintenance and ensuring sustained suction. It is compatible with various vacuum hoses and the PACKOUT Modular Storage System. A caster kit is available for $29.99 as an accessory, with pre-sales starting soon for $99.99 and shipping in October.

PACKOUT Insulated Bottles & Mugs with Sip Lid

This new drinkware line features twist-to-lock PACKOUT connectivity, dishwasher-safe construction, and durable stainless steel. The double wall vacuum insulation keeps your drinks hot or cold all day, and it offers increased impact resistance and a leakproof sip lid. Available in 12- or 18-oz. red or black designs, pre-sales for these are set to start in September.

48-22-8380PACKOUT Sip Lid$12.97
48-22-8391R/BPACKOUT 12oz Insulated Bottle w/ Sip Lid$31.97
48-22-8394R/BPACKOUT 18oz Insulated Mug w/ Chug Lid$34.97
48-22-8395R/BPACKOUT 18oz Insulated Bottle w/ Chug Lid$39.97

Milwaukee is also releasing new bottles with a leakproof Chug Lid that will be available in 25-, 35-, or 40-oz black or red options in November. More information is yet to come on these options.

PACKOUT Tilt Bin Organizer (48-22-8433)

This organizer features 10 removable quick-access bins (2 large, 8 small) for storing a variety of materials. With labeling slots, and secure stack or hang options, it also includes locking security bars for secure transportation. This is set to run for $99.98 with an estimated launch of December this year. A large bin for the organizer is also going to be available but pricing and release date are to be determined.

PACKOUT Tool Box Caddy Attachment (48-22-8602)

This caddy attachment offers adjustable dividers, storage on the back, a large belt clip, and barriers to prevent sliding. It fits 10” tools and has a 25lb weight capacity. Pre-sales are set to start in October at $34.99.

PACKOUT Tool Box M18 Battery Rack Attachment (48-22-8603)

This add-on attaches to rails in either orientation and stores up to 3 M18 batteries, with a 25lb weight capacity and durable design. Pre-sales start in October for $29.99.

PACKOUT Tool Box M12 Battery Rack Attachment (48-22-8604)

Similar to the M18 version, this rack stores up to 3 M12 batteries and has a 25lb weight capacity. Pre-sales for this will also start in October at $29.99.

PACKOUT Tool Box Tray Attachment (48-22-8605)

This tray attachment fits various small tools as well as PACKOUT products–PACKOUT Bins (2 small or 1 large), the Magnetic Tray, SHOCKWAVE Bit Cases, a Drinkware Puck–and has a 25lb weight capacity. Pre-sales start in October for $29.99.

PACKOUT Tool Box 3-Hook Attachment (48-22-8606)

This attachment features removable reinforced hooks and storage slots, optimized for D-handle power tools. The hooks can also be lifted and set 90°. Pre-sales start in October at $32.99.

PACKOUT Tool Box Long Holder Attachment (48-22-8607)

This holder attachment offers quick access, carabiner style gates and reinforced base to hold a variety of different shaped larger tools. Pre-sales start in October for $44.99.

PACKOUT Tool Box Compact Plate (48-22-8608)

This compact plate is compatible with all PACKOUT products and has a 25lb weight capacity. Attach it to the rails of your PACKOUT for extra storage on the go. Pre-sales start in October for $29.99.

PACKOUT Tool Box Attachment Mount (48-22-8601)

This attachment mount offers secure and quick connection points for mounting accessories to your PACKOUT rails. Pre-sales start in October at $14.99.

New Hand Tools

366pc. Master Mechanics Hand Tool Set w/ PACKOUT Drawers & Dolly (48-22-9495)

The ultimate tool organization all in 1 package. With FOUR FLAT Sides, this set includes anti-roll, wrench-ready Chrome Sockets; better access, longest life Ratcheting Combination Wrenches; the boldest, longest lasting marked Impact Sockets; Combination Ratchets with up to 25% more torque; TORQUE LOCK faster set-up Locking Pliers; high-leverage handle, magnetic tip Screwdrivers; as well as hooks, picks, pry bars, pliers, and more all packed into the most versatile, durable Modular Storage System. This setup will be available to order in December with pricing to be determined.

Standard, Autolock, Magnetic, Wide Blade, and Stud Tape Measures

These new and improved tape measures offer a stiff, durable blade with standout lengths from 6 inches all the way up to 4 feet without rollover. With improved blade visibility and protection, they also feature an anti-tear coating to protect it from fast retraction and friction over time. They ensure precise measurements and improved control, shipping out in November.

48-22-17066FT/2M Keychain Tape – 12 Pack$4.97
48-22-171212FT Compact Tape Measure$10.97
48-22-171616FT Compact Tape Measure$12.97
48-22-17175M/16FT Compact Tape Measure$12.97
48-22-172525FT Compact Tape Measure$16.97
48-22-17268M/26FT Compact Tape Measure$16.97
48-22-173030FT Compact Tape Measure$21.97

Autolock, Magnetic, Wide Blade, and Stud variations will also be available, all ranging from 6 to 40ft in length. With some of the furthest standouts and least droop than competing measures, these offer the most accurate solution for measuring long distances alone with a hand tool.

48-22-181616′ Compact Autolock Tape Measure$13.97
48-22-18175M/16FT Compact Autolock Tape Measure$13.97
48-22-182525′ Compact Autolock Tape Measure$16.97
48-22-18268M/26FT Compact Autolock Tape Measure$16.97
48-22-1016M16FT Compact Magnetic Tape Measure$19.97
48-22-1017M5M/16FT Compact Magnetic Tape Measure$19.97
48-22-1025M25FT Compact Magnetic Tape Measure$22.97
48-22-1026M8M/25FT Compact Magnetic Tape Measure$22.97
48-22-1027M25FT Elect Compact Magnetic Tape Measure$22.97
48-22-121616FT Wide Blade Tape Measure$20.97
48-22-1216M16FT Magnetic Wide Blade Tape Measure$24.97
48-22-12175M/16FT Wide Blade Tape Measure$20.97
48-22-122525FT Wide Blade Tape Measure$25.97
48-22-1225M25FT Magnetic Wide Blade Tape Measure$29.97
48-22-12268M/26FT Wide Blade Tape Measure$25.97
48-22-123030FT Wide Blade Tape Measure$29.97
48-22-123535FT Wide Blade Tape Measure$35.97
48-22-124040FT Wide Blade Tape Measure$39.97
48-22-142525FT Gen II Stud Tape Measure – 14FT SO$29.97
48-22-14268M/26FT Gen II Stud Tape Measure – 14FT SO$29.97
48-22-143535FT Gen II Stud Tape Measure – 14FT SO$39.97
48-22-1425E25FT Engineer Scale Stud Tape Measure$29.97
48-22-1435E35FT Engineer Scale Stud Tape Measure$39.97
48-22-143610M/35FT Scale Stud Tape Measure$39.97

New Workwear and Safety Gear

M12 Heated Gear

Milwaukee’s new heated jackets and vests for men and women feature durable carbon nanotube heating elements, rapid heat-up times, and extensive heat coverage. The HEXON heat technology ensures the fastest heat up time (now less than 2 minutes) and sustained heat no matter the temperature. Now with 40X greater heat coverage and an LED controller with 3 heat settings per zone, you’re sure to be more protected than ever. These garments provide up to 12 hours of run-time, with adjustable cuffs and waist for up to 3X the insulation and heat retention. They are washer and dryer safe and all feature a new battery pass-thru pocket for improved comfort. New rollouts include TOUGHSHELL and QUIETSHELL Jackets along with AXIS Jackets and vests. Men’s sizes are available from S-3X, while women’s are available from XS-2X. These are all available for Pre-Sale NOW, with shipments anticipated in August.

Product ImageSKUNameColorsPrice
M100-20M12 Heated TOUGHSHELL Jacket OnlyBlack, Gray, Blue, and Red$199.99 – $209.99
M100-21M12 Heated TOUGHSHELL Jacket KitBlack, Gray, Blue, and Red$229.99 – $239.99
M101C-21M12 Heated QUIETSHELL Jacket KitCamo$249.99 – $259.99
M102-21M12 Heated AXIS Hooded Jacket KitBlack and Gray$229.99 – $239.99
F102-21M12 Women’s Heated AXIS Hooded Jacket KitBlack and Gray$229.99
M300-20M12 Heated AXIS Vest OnlyBlack, Gray, and Brown$169.99 – $179.99
M300-21M12 Heated AXIS Vest KitBlack, Gray, and Brown$199.99 – $209.99
F300-20M12 Women’s Heated AXIS Vest OnlyBlack, Gray, and Green$169.99
F330-21M12 Women’s Heated AXIS Vest KitBlack, Gray, and Green$199.99

Heated Gear Power Source w/ App Control (48-11-2330)

This all new designed power source is compatible with all Milwaukee heated gear. It offers a more flat design for added comfort when worn with your heated gear. Featuring seamless Bluetooth connectivity, you can now connect to the Heated Gear App for enhanced heat output and zone control right on your mobile device. App intelligence also allows the HEXON Heat Technology to automatically adapt its output to deliver selected runtime in your environment. You can even set ‘favorites’ in your app for quick personalization and transitions. The power source offers up to 12 hours of runtime on low, with fast charging capabilities and USB-C bi-directional charging in less than 1 hour. Pre-Sales are available NOW for $99.99, with shipping set for August.

Bump Cap Universal Insert and Black Performance Bump Cap

These protective caps provide best-in-class protection without the appearance. The Bump Cap Universal Insert (48-73-1062) can be inserted into a standard hat for $10.97, or the Black Performance Bump Cap has a stylish baseball cap design for $34.97. It features integrated pen loops, velcro front patches, and the shell is able to be reverse dawned for added customization and functionality. Pre-sales start in January 2025 for both items.

Gasketed Face Shield and Eye Visor

These protective visors provide all day comfort and protection with adjustable positions, soft rubber gaskets, a wide field of view, and anti-scratch exteriors. The advanced dual coat lenses are fog-free and they provide military grade impact protection to keep you safe from harmful debris and and particles in demanding environments. These are expected to launch this July with the Visors shipping in August and Face Shields shipping in January 2025.

48-73-1412Bolt Gasketed Clear Eye Visor$69.99
48-73-1417Bolt Gasketed Tinted Eye Visor$79.99
48-73-1422Bolt Universal Face Shield with Gasket$79.99
48-73-145410 Pack Replacement Lens Gasketed Clear Visor$299.99
48-73-145510 Pack Replacement Lens Gasketed Tinted Visor$329.99
48-73-145610 Pack Replacement Lens Gasketed Clear Full Face Shield$349.99

New Accessories

7-¼” Framing Blade and 7-¼” Thick Kerf Framing Blade

These new framing blades feature venting to reduce wobble and premium tungsten carbide for long life. They also provide straighter cuts in high heat applications and stay sharper longer than competing blades. The thin kerf blades (1/16″) focus on faster cuts and battery preservation, while the thick kerf blades (5/64″) offer straighter cuts and added stability. Both blade variations are available for Pre-Sale NOW, with shipments expected at the end of July.

7-¼” Framing Blades

48-40-07207-1/4″ 24T Framing Blade – 1 Pack$9.97
48-40-07227-1/4″ 24T Framing Blade – 2 Pack$19.97
48-40-07257-1/4″ 24T & 40T Combo Pack$25.97
48-40-07337-1/4″ 24T Framing Blade – 3 Pack$28.97
48-40-17207-1/4″ 24T Framing Blade – 25 Pack$235
48-40-17237-1/4″ 24T Wormdrive Blade – 25 Pack$235
48-41-07207-1/4″ 24T Framing Blade – 10 Bulk$9.97
48-41-07237-1/4″ 24T Wormdrive Blade – 10 Bulk$9.97

7-¼” Thick Kerf Framing Blades

48-40-07407-1/4″ 24T Thick Kerf Framing Blade$11.97
48-40-07427-1/4″ 24T Thick Kerf Framing Blade – 2 Pack$22.97
48-41-07407-1/4″ 24T Thick Kerf Framing Blade – Bulk 10$11.97
48-40-27407-1/4″ 24T Thick Kerf Framing Blade – 25 Pack$275

Hook & Loop Backing Pads

All new Hook & Loop backing pads are available to be paired with the new M12 FUEL 6″ Random Orbit Sanders. Available in soft or firm as well as Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) options.

49-36-25836″ Hook and Loop Backing Pad – SOFT$24.99
49-36-25846″ Hook and Loop Backing Pad – FIRM$24.99
49-36-25856″ (PSA) Pressure Sensitive Adhesive – SOFT$24.99
49-36-25866″ (PSA) Pressure Sensitive Adhesive – FIRM$24.99

3” PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs

These new 3″ sanding discs are designed with an open weave texture for maximum durability and to minimize clogging. They offer a smooth finish and rapid material removal, with the mesh design allowing for easy cleaning and reuse. The nylon backing protects against sharp edges, tight corners & tough removal while the tear resistant aluminum oxide grain mesh offers 12X longer life than standard sandpaper or competitive mesh sanding sheets. Available in ranges from 80 to 400 grit, these are available for Pre-Sale NOW with shipments expected to go out this August.

48-80-60803″ 80 Grit PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 12pk + Pad Saver$12.97
48-80-61203″ 120 Grit PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 12pk + Pad Saver$12.97
48-80-61503″ 150 Grit PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 12pk + Pad Saver$12.97
48-80-61803″ 180 Grit PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 12pk + Pad Saver$12.97
48-80-62203″ 220 Grit PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 12pk + Pad Saver$12.97
48-80-63203″ 320 Grit PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 12pk + Pad Saver$12.97
48-80-64003″ 400 Grit PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 12pk + Pad Saver$12.97
48-80-64053″ Assorted Grit (80/120/180) PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 12pk + Pad Saver$12.97
48-80-64063″ Assorted Grit (80/120/180) PowerGrid Mesh Sanding Discs 36pk + 3 Pad Savers$37.97
48-80-64023″ Sponge Interface Pad Disc$5.97
48-80-64013″ Pad SaverTBD

These new additions to the Milwaukee lineup promise to bring unparalleled performance, reliability, and innovation to your worksite. Stay tuned for more updates regarding their releases from Ohio Power Tool and get ready to upgrade your toolbox with the latest in tool technology.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to or call 614-481-2111 and we will be happy to help. Also be sure to follow us on all your favorite social media channels to stay in the know on all the latest releases, deals, news, and more!