It’s an age-old dilemma; you’re out on the jobsite, in the middle of some tedious task, and you find that you need a hex wrench. Maybe you only brought your metric set, and wouldn’t you know, you meant to bring your SAE! But your stack of PACKOUT is all the way over there, and you’re pretty sure your wrench set is in that Low-Profile Organizer right there near the bottom. Damn this curse of forgetfulness! Well, no other choice but to stop what you’re doing and start digging through your stack…unless there was! 

Introducing Milwaukee’s all-new Folding Hex Key Sets! Available in three different sizes and four different combinations, these hex sets provide up to two hundred and seventy degrees of rotation for their keys, providing access to a wide variety of different applications. The entire set is about the size of one of their Fastback knives, and fits comfortably into a pocket or tool belt. The all-metal aluminium body is able to withstand some intense torque, and also serves to provide both increased durability and a longer life for the tool.

Milwaukee’s all-new Folding Hex Key Set in action!

Each key is also marked distinctly on the body itself, leading to quick and easy identification on the job, and the addition of a key shelf and individual body cutouts help provide the fastest key access on the market. SAE, metric, and TORX options allow for complete control in any situation, and the eight-, nine-, or seventeen-key combinations give you the ability to customize your setup as you see fit.

Access hexes easily – even with gloves!

Milwaukee’s all-new Folding Hex Key Sets should be a staple for practically every tool box, and the good news is that pre-orders are now open; click the link to grab yours today and never go without some hex wrenches again! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 614-481-2111 or reach out at, and be sure to follow us wherever you get your social media to stay up to date on news, deals, and more!