Sometimes, Milwaukee puts out some really incredible products: their PACKOUT line, those pin nailers, and the new track saws to name a few. Other times, Milwaukee puts out… well, tape measures with lights on them. Yes, you read that correctly–introducing the brand new 25ft Compact Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measure with Rechargeable 100L Light. It’s a mouth- and handful! Some may see this new tape measure and say, “Wow, great, another tool we didn’t ask for” but then you realize maybe it’s pure genius.

What It’s Got

Milwaukee’s new tape measure is made of an impact resistant frame, helping to protect it from drops and falls, and the magnetic end allows you to slap it on any magnetically-balanced metal if your tool belt or pockets are too full to hold it. The anti-tear coating on the wide, 25′ blade helps protect the easily-discernible markings from wear, and the tool also includes Milwaukee’s patented finger-stop to help hold the blade in place while you make your markings. The IP54 rating means the interior of the tool is protected from any dust, water, and jobsite debris, and LED notifications on the face of the tool help to indicate battery charge levels while you’re working.

What Makes It Worth It

All of that is well and good, but we know it’s not what you came here for. After all, most of this is pretty standard these days. So, let’s talk about the real outlier here–that light! 100 Lumens of brightness may not necessarily seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but think about your jobsite for a second; does the lighting truly reach every nook and cranny that you and your crew need to measure? What about this time of year when it seems to get dark out before the workday even ends? And before you mutter it, no, good enough doesn’t count! With this light attached to the business end of their tape measure, Milwaukee has ensured illumination even in the darkest reaches of the jobsite, which leads to not only higher accuracy, but boosted efficiency and ease of use for the operators. Also, why carry around a flashlight AND a tape measure when you can have 2 in 1? We’ve got to face it, people. This just makes sense.

With 2-1/2 hours of runtime per charge of the internal battery, Milwaukee has made sure you’ll be able to make plenty of markings and notations to get going on the job before needing to throw it back on the charger. The light’s lens is also made of the same impact resistant materials as the rest of the tape measure, so you won’t have to worry about any cracks or breaks if it takes a tumble.

“That’s a good fourteen inches there, Jim. Wouldn’t have been able to see it otherwise.”

It’s OK, We Know You Want One

All of these components combine to make a fairly impressive tape measure, as far as tape measures go. No longer will you need to hold your phone’s light above your head to get an accurate reading while you try to remember the number or have a buddy make the marking or notation for you, Milwaukee has given you the power to 2 hands in the palm of 1. Pre-order your new Milwaukee 25ft Compact Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measure w/ Rechargeable 100L Light at the links today and see the difference you’ve been missing. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 614-481-2111 or reach out at sales@ohiopowertool, and be sure to follow us wherever you consume your social media to stay up to date on news, announcement, deals, and so much more!