DeWalt have recently announced 3 additions to their line of USB-rechargeable tools to bring with you to the jobsite, on a hike, around the house, or wherever you have the need to use them. The new lights and speaker are designed specifically for tough, all day use, and all 3 have the ability to fit into the palm of your hand for quick, simple transportation and storage.

DeWalt Mini Bluetooth Speaker DCR008

First up is the brand-new Mini Bluetooth Speaker (DCR008), which provides up to 14 hours of runtime to let you groove through the workday with some battery left over to spare. The rugged housing and IP67 rating for protection against water and dust that DeWalt have included make this the perfect jobsite speaker to bring with you to work, and the recommended 5V 1A power supply is able to charge the speaker in as little as 2 hours. 2 speakers can be linked up to create a stereo soundscape, and DeWalt have thrown in a carry strap and buckle for easy transport and storage. With a footprint small enough to fit into most average cupholders, the Mini Bluetooth Speaker can be stored securely in a car for extended road trips as well.

DeWalt LED Task Light DCL182

An LED Task Light (DCL182) features a powerful LED for 1000 Lumen illumination on high mode, with an IP54 rating to protect against water and dust. With 12 hours of runtime to power through your day, this light is able to be charged in as little as 85 minutes with the DeWalt-recommended 5V 1A power supply to get you back in business all the sooner. Also included is a magnetic base, able to mount on any metallic object on the jobsite for easy hands-free use, as well as an optional carabiner clip for simple storage and accessibility on tool belts and bags. The pivoting head on the light is able to rotate to adapt to any situation or location, providing the ultimate versatility on the jobsite.

DeWalt LED Flashlight DCL183

Finally, an LED Flashlight (DCL183) also provides 1000 Lumen output in its Spot High Mode, and includes the same IP54 rating for dust and water as is found on the Task Light. The 6.5 hour runtime may not seem like a lot, but with the ability to charge in as little as 75 minutes, you’re able to slap this on a charger for a lunch break and get back into it by the time you’re done eating for a fast, efficient turnaround. A magnetic base and hook are also provided, allowing the flashlight to be stuck to any magnetic surface or hung from hoses, pipes, tubes, cables, or really anywhere you can attach it to for additional hands-free work that, when paired with the LED Task Light, should provide incredibly powerful illumination wherever you need it most.

All of these incredible new DeWalt tools will be available at your favorite online tool dealer (aka Ohio Power Tool) and you can grab yours via 1 of the various links throughout this post. Both the LED Task Light and LED Flashlight are both available for pre-order at the time of this writing, while the Mini Bluetooth Speaker is set to be released later on in June. Please feel free to reach out at 614-481-2111 with any questions, concerns, or comments, and be sure to follow us wherever the cool social media kids hang out these days to stay in the know on all the latest deals, announcements, news, and more!