Milwaukee PACKOUT’s newest competition has just entered the arena! The STACK PACK tool storage from FLEX are durable, customizable, and portable to maximize your storage options. FLEX has certainly made a name for themselves this past year with their revamped 24v power tool line, and now they are bringing you a full range of quick-connect tool storage that claim to be the strongest on the market. 

Multiple Toolbox Options To Customize Your Stack

The Rolling Toolbox—the largest tool box in this launch— has 9” rugged wheels and a heavy load capacity of up to 250 lbs., which is the same as Milwaukee’s large PACKOUT rolling tool chest. The Aluminum reinforced frame around each tool box helps protect the corners and provide stability to carry a heavy load. The handle on the Rolling Toolbox detaches easily as well so it can fit in the back of a truck with the cover down for easy transportation.

The second largest in this collection is the Medium Toolbox, which has a load capacity of 140 lbs. which is more than the PACKOUT Large Toolbox that has a 100 lb. capacity. The STACK PACK Medium Toolbox is slightly deeper that the PACKOUT equivalent, allowing for more storage space.

Lastly, the Suitcase Toolbox is a great stacking piece and has a 110 lb. capacity which beats the PACKOUT equivalent that has a 75 lb. capacity. All three of these cases together can withstand a 500 lb. load capacity, which is super impressive. The STACK PACKs are made of modified high strength polypropylene which provides impact protection and an incredibly durable body to keep all of your tools safe. 

In addition to the three larger toolboxes, there are full and half sized organizers with dividers to keep your hardware, first aid, and fasteners sorted. There are separate bins available to customize your organizers however you like.

Exterior Tool Storage

FLEX added a few clever features to the STACK PACK range to set it apart from the beloved Milwaukee PACKOUT system. The STACK PACKs come with exterior storage attachment to keep your tools organized and easily accessible. There’s a level holder, cord wrapper, and tool rail rack to hold tools with belt or rafter hooks on the outside of your toolbox so you can easily grab them and go. You can also snap on organization bins to store nails, bits, pens, hand tools, or whatever else you need so you don’t even have to open the toolbox while you’re working. With their interior and exterior attachments, this might be the most customizable tool storage system yet—with more options in the works for release later. 

Charge Batteries Right On Your Stack Pack!

The FLEX STACK PACKs offer a few different configurations for storing and charging batteries directly from the pack. Similar to the tool hooks, batteries can be mounted on the side of the toolbox for easy accessibility or hook onto the interior walls of the pack to keep them out of the way of other tools and less likely to get damaged. You can even mount chargers onto the inside or outside of the boxes to simultaneously charge your batteries while they’re mounted to the STACK PACK! With this initial launch, FLEX has 550W, 160W, and 280W mountable charging options as well as their massive 1120W 4-port simultaneous rapid charger that fits perfectly on any of the tool boxes. 

Accessory Attachments

FLEX has started launching their bit sets and accessories in STACK PACK compatible cases that can connect to each other and on top or inside of the STACK PACK toolboxes. The underside of the lid and back wall of the stack packs have connection points to click your bit sets and other compatible FLEX accessories into place. 

The FLEX STACK PACK collection is available for pre-order now at Ohio Power Tool! If you have any questions about the new FLEX STACK PACK storage system or anything else from the FLEX lineup, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!