Milwaukee has greatly expanded their BOLT hard hat PPE line over the last couple years, and they just announced their newest BOLT Eye and Face PPE lineup! These hardhat-compatible visors, and face shields will keep your face an eyes safe from sparks, dust, debris, and more for jobs that require a little more protection.

Eye Visors

The new BOLT Eye Visors are designed to take the place of safety glasses so you can clip them directly on to your hard hat! These clip right into the BOLT front mount on any Milwaukee hard hat or helmet and can easily pivot up and down when needed for a comfortable fit. They are available in both tinted and clear options so you can have added sun protection when working outdoors.

The BOLT Eye Visors have an anti-fog and scratch-resistant interior coating for long-lasting visibility. These are great for drilling, cutting, material handling, installation, sanding, fastening, and any other job where you need a little extra eye protection.

Face Shields

The BOLT Face Shields are Z87.1+ rated as face shields, meaning they have twice the impact resistance as Z87.1+ safety spectacles. Clear, tinted, and mesh face shields are releasing with this launch to cover a wide range of applications. These are considered secondary protection, and should still be worn along with eye protection.

The BOLT face shields are available in both clear and tinted options for indoor and outdoor wear. These are great for metal cutting, grinding, overhead drilling and installation work, and work with chemicals and acids. Similar to the Eye Visors, the solid face shields are scratch and fog resistant to maintain perfect visibility even in adverse conditions.

The mesh face shields are ideal for logging, cutting wood and shrubs, chipping concrete, and pouring concrete. They are made with optimal shield width and mesh pattern, the shield offers a consistent, wide, and clear field of view. The mesh is also easy to clean throughout the day if any wood chips or debris gets caught in the mesh.

Complete BOLT Compatibility

All Eye Visors and Universal Face and Mesh Shields will include a BOLT Low-Profile Headlamp Mount that allows seamless compatibility with most headlamps. You can also use other BOLT accessories simultaneously with the visors and face shields like headlamps, marker clips, ear protection, and more!

The new Milwaukee BOLT face and eye PPE is available for order NOW at Ohio Power Tool and set to ship 9/30/22! If you have any questions about these new releases or any other Milwaukee BOLT accessories, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!