Makita is always at the top of their game when it comes to upgrading and expanding their cordless power tool selection. Their 18V LXT range is the world’s largest cordless tool line, providing unparalleled solutions for any industry. This month, they announced a few exciting new releases to address some common complaints from industry professionals. They are releasing two brand new Brushless Right-Angle Drills, a Brushless 5” Wet/Dry Masonry Saw, and a Brushless Multi-Tool that are sure to get the job done right every time.

The 18V Brushless Right-Angle Drills

The new 18V LXT Brushless Right-Angle Drills are great for a variety of applications in the electrical, utility, and plumbing industries. Two new drills were announced this month: the 18V LXT Lithium‑Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Right Angle Drill (XAD05Z), and the 18V LXT Brushless 7/16” Hex Right Angle Drill (XAD06Z). These super powerful right angle drills can drill up to 5” holes when used with hole saws and 2-9/16” with self-feed bits. They get great battery life, and when paired with the LXT 5.0 Ah battery, and can drill up to 200 7/8” holes on a single charge.

Both drills also surpass Makita‘s high standards for durability and user experience. They come equipped with Extreme Protection Technology, which is a series of integrated seals that improve the tool’s operation in harsh conditions. When water and solid debris enter the tool, they are redirected through carefully engineered channels to prevent damage to key components. For enhanced user protection, these drills also have a soft start for smooth startups, an electric brake, and dual LED lights to illuminate your work area.

The 18V LXT Brushless 5” Dry/Wet Masonry Saw

The new Makita 18V LXT Brushless 5″ Dry/Wet Masonry Saw (XCC01Z) is a game changer for cutting tile, masonry, concrete, and more. It can be used for both wet or dry cutting applications, with less mess than other competitive models. When doing dry cutting, the saw can connect wirelessly to a dust extractor through their Auto-Start Wireless System. This wirelessly powers both tools on and off to prevent excess debris from flying around your workspace. Additionally, the integrated water delivery system continuously feeds water in masonry cutting applications to control dust, making it OSHA table 1 compliant.

The 18V batteries and chargers in the LXT line deliver category-leading charge times, so you can spend more time getting stuff done instead of waiting for your tool to charge. The brushless motor on the XCC01Z delivers 8,800 RPM and runs cooler than carbon brushed motors so that your tool doesn’t overheat. The LXT Dry/Wet Masonry Saw has a high depth cut with a capacity of up to 1-9/16″ at 90°. You can also purchase an optional guide rail and guide rail adapter for extra control and a straighter cut.

The 18V LXT Brushless Multi-Tool

The 18V LXT Brushless Multi-Tool (XMT04Z) is the newest oscillating tool from Makita. It features the StarLock MAX system, which is a tool-less clamp system for faster accessory installation. This tool is ideal for cutting, sanding, scraping, grout removal, and more. The oscillating multi-tool is compatible with all StarLock, StarLock Plus, and StarLock MAX accessories, making it super versatile for working with wood, tile, plaster, sheetrock, or PVC.

The design of the LXT Brushless Multi-Tool is super user-friendly because it has a small diameter barrel grip for easier handling and added comfort. It is also only 12″ long, so it is very compact for getting in to tight areas compared to many other multi-tools. With the performance quality of the LXT range, efficiency from the StarLock system, enhanced speed, low vibration, and reduced noise, this tool checks just about every box needed for a stress-free user experience.

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