The annual World of Concrete event in Las Vegas is known for being THE PLACE to announce new concrete tools and equipment that will be launching in the new year. Milwaukee has made a splash over the past couple years primarily with their MX FUEL tools, and they weren’t done yet. They have just announced yet another MX FUEL Equipment System Expansion with 6 new, innovative light equipment solutions. Prioritizing being safer, more reliable, and more productive than gas and corded equipment, the MX line now boasts 25+ tools that redefine premium performance on a cordless platform. But not to forget about Milwaukee’s Main Attraction–new M18 additions are set to be shown off at the show as well, which will be very exciting to see, especially for Concrete Trade Pros who are already on the M18 platform!

For the MX line, Milwaukee’s latest expansion included the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM FORGE XC8.0 (MXFXC608) and HD12.0 (MXFHD812) Battery Packs and new Super Charger with COOL-CYCLE capabilities (48-59-1815). These new REDLITHIUM FORGE batteries are the most powerful, fastest charging, and longest life batteries within Milwaukee’s world-leading cordless systems. Pairing these new high output batteries with the upcoming releases is guaranteed to ensure the most efficient and powerful jobsite imaginable. So let’s run through what all they’re coming out with!

MX FUEL 1HP 2” Submersible Pump MXF211
Onto every jobsite, a little rain must fall! This new Submersible Pump will be a great addition for solving pesky water challenges so that you can get to work faster. Not tethered to a generator or wheeling out a gas unit, the MX FUEL 1 HP 2” Submersible Pump will provide portability to pump water anywhere without the need for a separate power unit. Utilizing auto-sensing technology and auto-shut off, the pump can adjust it’s performance to match incoming flow, turning the unit off once the water level is low to save you time and allowing you to position the pump to last longer without burnout. When paired with the MX FUEL XC6.0 battery (MXFXC406), the MX FUEL 1 HP 2” Submersible Pump delivers up to 20 minutes of run-time on high and up to 2,000 gallons per charge.  
Available: Fall 2024

MX FUEL High Cycle Concrete Vibrator MXF372
To accompany Milwaukee’s other MX Vibrators, as well as M18 Vibrators, this new addition really fills out the lineup! The MX FUEL High Cycle Concrete Vibrator provides the most powerful, most consistent consolidation by sustaining 11,500 VPM in the stiffest concrete. Offering the fastest setup, it eliminates the need for dedicated high-cycle generators and extension cords, and comes with a wireless remote that allows you to control the device from up to 30 feet away. When paired with the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM FORGE XC8.0 Battery Pack, the MX FUEL High Cycle Concrete Vibrator consolidates up to 90 yards³ per charge, utilizing a 1.75-inch head with a 7-foot whip.  
Available: Summer 2024

MX FUEL 70kg Rammer MXF270-2HD
After seeing the MX Plate Compactor (MXF220-2HD) at the 2023 World of Concrete event, everyone said, “where is the Jumping Jack?!” Well, turns out it was not far behind! Milwaukee says the MX FUEL 70kg Rammer will deliver the power to hit harder and travel faster for maximum productivity without sacrificing compaction performance. Providing no gas headaches and greater control, this Rammer offers a centralized user interface, allowing for easier control adjustments and maneuverability in trenches or confined spaces. When paired with the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM FORGE HD12.0 Battery, the MX FUEL 70kg Rammer delivers up to 25 minutes of continuous run-time, or over a quarter mile of compaction.    
Available: Summer 2024

MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light MXF040
When the first MX Rocket light arrived, MXF041-1XC, it changed the way people thought about portable jobsite lighting. With a huge blanket of light and long runtime, these high-power lights could replace tow-behind units in a lot of applications. But there was one common complaint we’ve seen amongst most shoppers: did it have to be sooo big? So, now Milwaukee’s dishing out a second option! Providing a faster set-up and maximum portability, the MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light requires 75% less space to store and transport compared to the MX FUEL ROCKET Tower Light/Charger. Delivering up to 15,000 lumens of task and area lighting, it provides coverage of over 2,300 sq. ft.–5X the usable light of an M18 ROCKET Dual Power Tower Light. The MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light provides up to 3 hours of run-time on high when powered with the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM XC406 Battery and features Dual Power to plug in for all day use. 
Available: Fall 2024

MX FUEL Portable Battery Extension MXF010
The MX FUEL Portable Battery Extension connects to MX FUEL equipment, removing the weight of the MX FUEL battery pack to deliver up to 45% lighter weight and less fatigue on handheld equipment. This can be worn as a backpack for easy transport or placed on the ground while using handheld MX FUEL equipment for ease of use with all of your MX FUEL Tools. The MX FUEL Portable Battery Extension maintains peak performance with all MX FUEL equipment and is compatible with all MX FUEL batteries. 
Available: Summer 2024

Milwaukee Cut-Off Saw Cart 3105 for MXF315
The new Milwaukee Cut-Off Saw Cart is designed to be used with the MX FUEL 14” Cut-Off Saw (MXF315) with RAPIDSTOP Brake to provide longer, easier cuts. The Cut-Off Saw Cart allows you to cut precisely at different, adjustable depths while minimizing the potential for muscle strain and fatigue.  
Available: Summer 2024

M18 FUEL Overhead Rotary Hammer with Integrated Dust Extraction 3311-22
For the M18 platform, Milwaukee is launching an M18 FUEL Overhead Rotary Hammer with Integrated Dust Extraction as a new-to-world solution that delivers superior ergonomics for overhead drilling and simplified dust collection. The built-in dust extractor creates a lighter weight and more balanced design, while the new side handle design allows you to maintain better posture throughout the application for lower fatigue. AUTOSTOP Kickback protection provides enhanced safety by preventing over-rotation in a bind-up, and the POWERSTATE Brushless motor provides the fastest drilling for small ceiling anchors with enough power to complete up to 5/8” holes in concrete.   
Available: May 2024

M18 FUEL PACKOUT Dual Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor 0888-20
Yes! Yes! Yes! We’ve been waiting for this unit ever since PACKOUT launched! Other popular modular box systems have always had a vac option for the base, so obviously Milwaukee needed to make their unit cordless, which is no easy task for an energy-hog like a full size vacuum. The new M18 FUEL PACKOUT Dual Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor will provide sustained suction with dual automatic filter cleaning by maintaining air performance levels, resulting in enhanced productivity. Delivering versatile power for all-day performance, this Dust Extractor provides cordless convenience with corded capabilities, which is critical for multi-phase sites. The M18 FUEL Dual Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor includes VACLINK, an integrated wireless dust control technology that allows the ability to activate the dust extractor from the remote or the tool for increased efficiency on the jobsite. Further enhancing safety, it also features an integrated low-flow alarm that alerts you when the airflow reaches a level in which dust extraction is no longer effective, ensuring usage remains optimal and airflow levels are maintained.  
Available: Fall 2024

M18 FUEL Duplex Nailer & Nails 2844-20
Going cordless with heavy duty duplex nails is no easy task, so we love to see Milwaukee not only building a better tool, but also improving the nails at the same time. We’ve seen this be very beneficial with a few other specialty fasteners, so we’re eager to see how these new ones from Milwaukee will perform. The M18 FUEL Duplex Nailer both increases productivity and optimizes the ergonomics of concrete form assembly. With firing rates of up to 4 nails per second, it delivers the performance to seat nails into all wooden formwork materials. Compared to the traditional hammer and nail application, you’ll have a 7X increase in productivity and a drastic reduction in muscle effort. The M18 FUEL Duplex Nailer is equipped with tool-free jam clearance and depth of drive adjustment to minimize downtime on the job, and is compatible with the Milwaukee Collated Duplex Nails.

The Collated Duplex Nails are designed with a large top head and increased spacing between nail heads to provide easier prying out of materials. With durable plastic collation material, the Collated Duplex Nails can withstand rigorous jobsite conditions and will be available in two sizes: 8D, 2 ¼-inch drivable length, and 16D, 3-inch drivable length. 
Available: Fall 2024

ROLL-ON 7200W/3600W 2.5kWh Power Supply 3300R
You may have seen this announced at the 2023 Pipeline Event, but we’re very excited to see it in action powering heavy duty concrete tools! The new ROLL-ON 7200W/3600W 2.5kWh Power Supply provides the best power for the toughest jobs, instant set-up to eliminate gas and temporary power hassles, and premium power anywhere. Including a REDLITHIUM Integrated 2.5kWh Battery that is non-removable, the ROLL-ON provides high power and runtime to sustain high-demanding applications with no need for additional batteries. The ROLL-ON is equipped with (2) 20A duplex breaker outlets, (1) USB-C, and (1) USB-A port to provide power for multiple corded tools, chargers, and sensitive electronics.

Delivering 7200W of starting power and 3600W of running power, the pure sine wave inverter provides heavy-duty power while still protecting sensitive electronics, and it features pass-through power for the ability to charge and discharge simultaneously. The ROLL-ON can be instantly set-up on the job, eliminating the hassles of gas or temporary power such as heavy extension cord use, outlet overcrowding, maintenance, pull starts, and gas management, in order to maximize productivity on the job. With the ability to be powered anywhere, ROLL-ON can be used indoors or outdoors with no emissions, quiet operation, and an IP54 rating to withstand jobsite conditions. Designed with a user-demanded feature set, the power supply is fully compatible with the PACKOUT Modular Storage System and includes 9.5″ All-Terrain Wheels for durable transportation. Integrated with ONE-KEY technology, you can also this feature to track, manage, and adjust charge rate options to maximize outlet usage onsite. 
Available: Summer 2024 

M18 FUEL 6-½” Circular Saw 2833-20
Last but certainly not least is Milwaukee’s newest M18 FUEL 6-½” Circular Saw! This new saw, while not entirely concrete related, is still an impressive new announcement, offering top performance in a slightly smaller package to deliver up to 20% more power and up to 40% faster cut speed. Milwaukee’s advanced POWERSTATE Brushless Motor spins the blade at 6,000 RPM while maintaining high speeds underload even in demanding applications. The circular saw features REDLINK PLUS Electronics, ensuring maximum tool performance and protection from overload, overheating, or over discharge. When paired with Milwaukee’s M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT XC6.0 Battery (48-11-1865), the saw delivers up to 300 cuts per charge. For added productivity, the M18 FUEL 6-½” Circular Saw also has positive bevel detents and new-to-world depth detents. Additional features include: electric blade brake, LED work light, rafter hook, belt hook, and all-magnesium guards and shoe.    
Available: Summer 2024

That’s a wrap on what we know for now. Be sure to stay tuned-in to our social media for more World of Concrete releases and announcements or subscribe to our e-newsletter to be the first to know about all new updates and deals! If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to or give us a call at 614-481-2111–we’re always happy to help.