As we head to World of Concrete 2024, there is now a lot more to be excited about! DeWalt has just announced a completely new line of battery technology powering a whole new range of tools & construction equipment, most of which previously could only be powered by gas engines. POWERSHIFT–the new line–isn’t just a clever name, it really is a what we are seeing in the market today. Gas engines are quickly falling behind to battery technology, and as runtimes get better and costs come down, we really feel the full Power Shift is coming over next few years!

Timing for this launch from DeWalt could not be better as they celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2024!

“As we kick off DEWALT’s 100th anniversary year, our guiding principle of making pros more productive holds strong with the launch of DEWALT POWERSHIFT… DEWALT POWERSHIFT is launching at a time when the industry is increasingly preparing for electrification, particularly as construction sites respond to statewide legislation aimed at phasing out gas-powered tools. As part of this effort, DEWALT is providing a solution that electrifies the concrete workflow to maximize cost and time savings, while minimizing the environmental impact for the user. These user advantages are paramount to innovating in accordance with our purpose to empower Those Who Make the World.”    

Frank Mannarino, President, Power Tools Group, Stanley Black & Decker

Why the Shift Away from Gas will Happen Much Faster with Equipment Rather than With Cars

We can debate all day about the automobile and why electric cars may or may not replace gas in the next 5-10 years, but this is certainly a very different conversation than if batteries will dominate the tools and small equipment market. This is a forgone conclusion, we would argue, simply based on convenience, power, and costs to operate. Not even factoring in safety and government regulations, we just believe people will simply prefer the battery options, and as the price tags continue to come down, we think everyone will make the switch.

How Does DeWalt POWERSHIFT stack up against Milwaukee MX?

We know the first thing everyone will do upon hearing this launch is stack the new DeWalt up against MILWAUKEE’s MX FUEL Line. We certainly understand the comparisons, but the reality is that’s not really what these tools are competing against. 99% of the compactions and light equipment market is currently made up of GAS tools, not cordless. These lines are both aimed at new business they hope to steal from Wacker, Husqvarna, Multiquip, Bartell, and anyone else in the light equipment space. Of course, if you do decide to go to a battery platform, you will need to choose between MX vs POWERSHIFT, and at that point they will be competing. While MX launched a few years ago now, it looks like DeWalt intends to catch up quickly. Launching 6 heavy duty tools from the jump: a Plate Compactor, Jumping Jack Rammer, Power Screed, Core Drill and Concrete Vibrators, along with the new battery, charger, and an adapter, they already have a solid lineup. The most notable “missing” item at launch in comparison would be a 14” Cut-Off Saw, which MX is now on their 2nd generation version of and is one of the most common tools we see.

With the POWERSHIFT battery, somewhat like MX, they do not focus as much on the voltage, but instead are moving toward a rating of Watt Hours. This initial battery for DeWalt is 554WH, which should line up very closely to the MX 8.0Ah. Milwaukee, however, now has a 12.0Ah battery available, which could give the red team an advantage on runtime.

Where DeWalt really wins in this battle is with current DeWalt users, because they’ve made a FLEXVOLT (DeWalt’s 60 Volt platform) to POWERSHIFT battery adapter. This means that out of the gate there are MILLIONS of batteries already in the market and able to power these new tools. We anticipate perhaps some drawbacks compared to using the intended POWERSHIFT batteries, but it really helps eliminates the biggest concern–running out of juice. The war for adopting new cordless platforms is always fought and won with battery adoption, and by connecting 12V to 20V to FLEXVOLT and now to POWERSHIFT, the yellow team rewards their users with massive loyalty points that will keep them using yellow! From the smallest tools to whatever larger equipment comes next, they actively plan to stay in the system for years to come.

So What Do They Have?

POWERSHIFT Batteries & Chargers: High Power Density battery with 554WH of capacity weighing just 11.5 lbs. for long runtime and optimal ergonomics. High-rate charger can charge the battery in less than one hour.

POWERSHIFT Plate Compactor: Provides 3,370ft-lbs. of force through its 15.7″ plate with controls that are mounted on an ergonomically designed folding handle for increased user control and comfort.

POWERSHIFT Jumping Jack Rammer: Features 2,660ft-lbs. of impact force with antivibration insulators and mounted controls on the two-position handle.

POWERSHIFT Backpack Vibrator: Lightweight at only 25 lbs. with the DeWalt POWERSHIFT battery installed and features a durable roll cage with fully adjustable hi-vis harness.

POWERSHIFT Powerpack Vibrator: Can be activated remotely through DeWalt Wireless Tool Control and carried with an over-body hi-vis harness for easy transport.

POWERSHIFT Power Screed: Features fully adjustable handles for customizable height and width in addition to ambidextrous controls that can be mounted on either handle.

POWERSHIFT Core Drill and Stand: Designed with close wall or ceiling clearance. As a part of the DeWalt PERFORM & PROTECT line of tools, the drill features anti-rotation technology to prevent over rotation in a bind up situation.

FLEXVOLT to POWERSHIFT Adaptor: DeWalt FLEXVOLT to DeWalt POWERSHIFT adaptor allowing use of DeWalt FLEXVOLT batteries for additional runtime when using DeWalt POWERSHIFT equipment.

While DeWalt plans to launch and demo these products at this year’s World of Concrete event this January, there’s still very little information available about the system as a whole for now. What are the part numbers? When will they be available to order and shipping out? Maybe most importantly–what do they cost!? While we don’t have all of those answers (yet!), we do know what tools are coming and we are going to keep you updated every step of the way! Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our e-newsletter to get all of the latest updates, and as always, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment if you have any questions.