Milwaukee has been rapidly expanding their sewer and drain maintenance line for a while, and they aren’t stopping any time soon. Their newest additions, the M18 Modular Pipeline Inspection System and the M12 Pipeline Locator, are definitely going to be a strong competitor within the industry. These new inspection tools feature unmatched clarity, simplicity, and productivity for service, maintenance, and drain professionals.

The M18 Modular Pipe Inspection System

The M18 Modular Pipe Inspection System features 2 different reel sizes: the 120-foot reel that works well with 2″-6″ lines, and the 200-foot reel that is suitable for 3″-10″ lines. These are also available as a 200′ or 120′ Kit, which includes the reel, the M18 500GB Control Hub, tablet mount, small & medium camera head skid, grounding stake with lead clamps and cable, an M18 & M12 Rapid Charger, and 2 M18 XC5.0 Batteries.

The Milwaukee M18 200’ Pipeline Inspection System Kit 2974-22 is being used on a jobsite.

The M18 500GB Control Hub powers the reels, stores recordings, and easily swaps between camera reel sizes, delivering unmatched system versatility. This model comes equipped with more storage than most other premium inspection systems on the market and gives the user more options for video editing and film organization. The control hub allows for full video editing such as adding audio notes, zoom, changing focus, and trimming, rather than just using raw footage. It comes equipped with sealed battery and USB doors, and on the back it also has a camera test port so that you can self-diagnose if your camera head is broken or if it’s the push cable/slip ring when an image is lost.

Equipped with industry-best 1080p HD self-leveling camera heads that unlock 4X digital zoom, the 200’ and 120’ pipeline inspection reels provide the resolution to see more in drain lines than ever before. Another exciting feature is the hot-swap battery, which allows you to change the battery mid-job without losing any of your data, so you can continue your inspection all day without any interruptions. The unique design of the sonde behind the push spring is promised to provide the same frequencies as competitive sondes. A transmitter built into the M18 500GB control hub energizes the push cable to trace lines and assist in locating the sonde.

For added video viewing capabilities, the M18 Wireless Monitor can connect wirelessly to the control hub to easily view, edit, trim, and share your footage with customers. This monitor is built tough to withstand jobsite conditions. It’s waterproof and impact resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged on the job like you may if you typically use a tablet. The control hub puts out its own Wi-Fi signal, so you can connect to the monitor easily and utilize it’s ONE-KEY Technology to track the tool’s location, manage it in inventory, and lock the tool out to help protect your investment.

Camera Durability

This camera head was not purchased off the shelf–it was designed from the ground up over multiple years. When constantly having to withstand abusive impact that comes with cast iron, clay pipes, and transitions, Milwaukee knew to design these cameras tough for the jobsite. Multiple iterations of each camera were tested over tens of thousands of cycles to make sure that they got it right prior to this launch.

Both the 25mm and 34mm cameras come with a camera head case made of a high-lubricity 1.5mm thick polymer jacket, providing an extra layer of protection against side impact while maintaining maneuverability. They also feature a scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens, 630 Stainless steel outer housing (the toughest stainless steel available), and double o-rings for a reinforced, watertight seal. The camera is IP 67 rated, but tested to over 300 feet underwater.

The camera head has a 1 year warranty, and if it needs to be replaced, new replacements can be purchased from factory and authorized service centers. Service centers will be able to stock as many as they need to ensure fast turn times.

Push Cable

The push cable is also designed to be extremely durable. It is made of a single fiberglass core much like other competitor reels, featuring a high-density polyethylene outer jacket. While there unfortunately is no warranty for the push cable, the cables can be re-terminated when they kink and are able to be fully replaced.

We are told that there will be 21 Milwaukee-owned service centers that will be able to repair the products and re-terminate the cable. These will also be E-service eligible with prepaid shipping labels like the rest of Milwaukee‘s products. They are also rolling out an Authorized Service Center program so that Milwaukee service centers who prove that they are competent in cable re-termination and that they are willing to stock service parts and keep minimums can be approved to repair tools and re-terminate cable.

The M12 Pipeline Locator

M12 Pipeline Locator Kit 2580-21 provides the most intuitive plumbing locating experience, simplifying the process of pinpointing sewer camera sondes and tracing underground sewer lines. The color screen shows directional arrows to guide you to the direction of the sonde with a locator depth of up to 20 feet, eliminating any guess work. The two omni-directional antennas make locating and line tracing easier than ever. The screen automatically switches to line trace mode and uses a compass icon to follow the energized line, delivering accurate directions every time. The M12 Pipeline Locator is also compatible with ONE-KEY for tracking, security, and inventory management. This system is super user-friendly and durable, making it a great option for industry professionals.

The M12 Pipeline Locator uses arrows to easily locate underground sewer lines.

If you’re interested in the new M18 Modular Pipeline Inspection System and the M12 Pipeline Locator but are hesitant to make the investment, we’re told that while Milwaukee has no return policy for these, they will have in-field demo units for anyone to demo before making purchases, and that they will firmly stand behind their warranties, which are in-line if not better than industry standards. The full line is available for pre-order now at Ohio Power Tool. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the all new Milwaukee pipe inspection system, the Ohio Power Tool team is here to help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!