Did you know that the construction industry has the greatest number of both fatal and nonfatal traumatic brain injuries? To combat this statistic, Milwaukee is releasing a full range of brand new Safety Helmets with ANSI Type II safety compliance in both front-brim and brimless styles. These are designed to protect both the top and side of the head to keep workers safer than traditional hard hats would. They offer greater protection, more versatility, and are secured with a chin strap and a comfortable suspension system.

These helmets provide optimum versatility with 4 BOLT accessory slots, 2 universal slots, and 2 BOLT mounts to accommodate any necessary attachments and accessories. A BOLT headlamp mount and marker clip along with the accessory slots allow users to easily integrate additional PPE to the helmet as required for your job. These new Milwaukee helmets have a comfortable swinging ratchet for quick adjustment and improved comfort as well as an adjustable chin strap for a better fit. The removeable sweat band and liner are anti-microbial and moisture wicking for greater comfort and can easily be machine washed along with the chin strap.

Yellow Front Brim Safety Helmet - Type 2, Class E

Type II Class C

The Type II Class C helmets are vented and designed for temperature reduction, but are not voltage rated. These are great if you are working in construction zones or any areas where there is a potential for impact from falling or flying objects. These will not protect you from electrical hazards but are great for impact protection from above or the side. The comfortable padded suspension helps the hat sit comfortably when in use and absorb impact.

Type II Class E

The Type II Class E helmets are unvented and are proof-tested for electrical work up to 20,000 volts. These are most commonly used in the electrical and utility trades because of their impact and dielectric protection. These also come in both brimless and front-brim options depending on your preference or requirements for the job.

The Full Range

The new Milwaukee Class C and E Safety Helmets come in 7 different colors in both front-brim and brimless options. All of the new styles will be available for pre-order soon at Ohio Power Tool and are set to begin shipping out from Milwaukee in early September!

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  • Early batches of Class C (vented) helmets contain a mis-printed label marking them as Type I. They are Type II and a correction is in the works. A Certificate of Compliance will be given to anyone who purchases or tests these vented helmets.
  • Bolt accessories have been delayed (face shields, sun visors, ear protection, etc.) and will be launching in waves throughout early 2022.