Are you a professional looking for top-quality tools to tackle your toughest jobs? Look no further than Milwaukee’s range of premium screwdrivers and combo kits. Let’s dive into some of their standout offerings:

New Screwdrivers:

Designed with professionals in mind and proudly made in the United States, these screwdrivers offer superior grip and precision. Custom machined tips reduce the risk of stripping during tough fastening tasks, while laser etching increases the grip surface for added confidence. Manufactured with high-strength boron-infused steel, these screwdrivers are exceptionally durable and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Product ImageSkuProduct NameProduct Price
MT205#2 Phillips 6″ Cushion Grip Demolition Screwdrivers (USA)$16.97
MT2085/16″ Slotted 6″ Cushion Grip Demolition Screwdrivers (USA)$16.97
MT2103/8″ Slotted 8″ Cushion Grip Demolition Screwdrivers (USA)$20.97

New Combo Kits:

Milwaukee M18 Compact Brushless 2-Tool Combo Kit (3693-22CX)

This combo kit offers compact yet powerful tools for various applications. With a Compact Brushless Hammer Drill and 3-Speed Impact Driver, you get excellent control and increased productivity. Equipped with REDLINK Intelligence, these tools optimize battery performance and come with premium components for durability.

Milwaukee M18 4-Tool Combo Kit (3693-24CX)

For professionals needing true versatility, this combo kit includes essential tools like a Compact Brushless Hammer Drill, 3-Speed Impact Driver, Brushless Circular Saw, and Hackzall. With increased power, runtime, REDLINK Intelligence, and adjustable strokes, these tools are designed to tackle a wide range of tasks.

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