The name Sumner Manufacturing has been a well-known brand popular for decades when it comes to moving, lifting and fitting for pipe and other industrial materials. Pipe carts, Stor Mac cages, Jack stands, rollers and Contractor Lifts have been on nearly every jobsite and looking at it now is really shocking they had never offered a Lever Hoist or Chain Hoist for contractor market.

Sumner Lifting Expansion has come in several forms, their mobile gantry launched two years ago have ¾, 2 & 5 Ton options but of course a critical part of the gantry would be a hoist. With these new lever & chain hoists it really rounds out Sumner’s ability to get material around the jobsite and into place.

Lever and Chain Hoists

Sumner Level Hoists

These Lever Hoists have a very similar to what we have seen from top competitors, offering a full range of ¼ to 6 ton options that meet all ANSI/ASME, OSHA and CE hoist standards. All steel construction, removable top hook, dual pawl brake, very nice feel with short stroke ratchet on lever with a full 360 degrees movement. Every unit safety tested to 1.5x load and nice high visibility yellow to stand out on the jobsite. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of the Sumner Lever Hoists units with Premium units that feature Overload Protection are available upon request 800-242-4424.  

Sumner Chain Block Hoists

These Chain Fall Hoists have a similar well build feel, offer a full range from ½ to 10 Ton options that all meet ANSI/ASME, OSHA and CE Hoist Standards. Heavy duty construction, dual pawl brake system with Hard Steel Load Sheave Rollers to deliver smooth and consistent performance. Each hoist is safety tested to 1.5x of load, with a nice high visibility yellow for clear identification on the jobsite. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of the Sumner Chain Hoists as well, premium units with Overload Protection are available upon request 800-242-4424.  

Lifting Hoists by Sumner

What has impressed us the most with this new lineup of Sumner hoists is the value, very high quality in construction, nice duel pawl design, safety testing, limited lifetime warranty and some very aggressive price points. We are happy to add these options with all the other Sumner Manufacturing products that our customers have relied on for many many years, very complimentary. If you have any questions about Sumner, material lifting or moving please do not hesitate to give our staff a call 800-242-4424.