Milwaukee has been announcing a ton of exciting new tools in conjunction with their annual PIPELINE event. Back in June, they released a full new range of M12 and M18 drills and drivers, pipe inspection systems, personal lighting options, batteries, and more that shook up the industry. This week, they are announcing even more new tools, including a range of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) releases for the year that target professionals working on outdoor industries.

All of the new releases will be added to our site as they become available to order from Milwaukee. We will regularly update this post with any new information and releases, but some of our friends at VCG Construction and Tool Review Zone were on the scene at the event to get live footage and answer some questions!

M18 FUEL HATCHET 8” Pruning Saw

The new M18 FUEL HATCHET 8” Pruning Saw (3004-20) is going to be a game changer for tree service and power utility professionals. It’s compact—weighing about 7.2 lbs. with a battery—but still powerful enough to make tough cuts without getting bogged down, even in hardwoods.

Milwaukee currently has an M12 6″ Hatchet, which is the smallest pruning saw they offer and is optimized for 2”-3” branches. This is a great option for landscape maintenance and MRO as an alternative to a manual hand saw. The new Pruning Saw is on the M18 platform and slightly larger while still remaining more compact than a standard chainsaw. This saw has the ability to make 8″+ cuts and is an excellent alternative for gas powered pruning saws. Tree service and power utility professionals will get the best use of this tool because it also features a lanyard loop and climbing scabbard to tie it off on a harness, lift, or bucket for easier access in aerial applications. The climbing scabbard has tie off points, locks onto the saw, and covers the bucking spikes for added safety. Milwaukee anticipates releasing this new M18 FUEL 8″ Hatchet in October 2022.

M18 FUEL 12” and 14” Top Handle Chainsaws

Next up, the M18 FUEL 12” and 14” Top Handle Chainsaws (2826-20C & 2826-20T) are going to be your best friend if you do any heavy duty aerial cutting like pruning, tree removal or utility pole topping. The top handle design gives you advanced control when working high up, and you’ve got a lanyard loop and climbing scabbard on these as well, so you don’t have to worry about dropping or losing control of the tool while you’re high off the ground–no one wants to deal with dropping a chainsaw from the air!

Milwaukee claims these are the fastest cutting top handle chainsaws on the market right now, getting up to 20% faster cutting speed than gas competitors. You also get to avoid some of the headaches associated with gas chainsaws like pull starts, high noise levels, emissions, and regular engine maintenance, which is a major plus. The 12- and 14-inch chainsaws come in 2 kit configurations: one with an XC8.0 battery for jobs where you need a lighter weight and more ergonomic tool, and the second kit with an HD12.0 battery for heavy duty jobs where your main priority is getting maximum power and the longest runtime possible. Milwaukee is saying that these chainsaws are currently set to be released in November 2022.

M12 Handheld Sprayers

Two new M12 Handheld Sprayers are coming with the PIPELINE 2.0 launch as well. The M12 One- and Two-Gallon Handheld Sprayers (2528-21G1 & 2528-21G2) have constant and adjustable spraying pressure for pesticides, selective herbicides, non-selective herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers. Both models have 3 pressure settings to adjust to your application. You can get up to 80 gallons of spraying per charge with an M12 CP2.0 battery and up to 17 feet of vertical spray distance at 80 PSI!

Unfortunately, these two sprayers don’t have the SWITCH TANK application that we see in the M18 Backpack Sprayer, so you will have to clean out the tank, pump, and wand fully before switching between chemicals. You can still swap out the tanks though, if you need to pre-mix tanks of different chemicals for heavy spraying days, just make sure you clean the sprayer well between switches so you don’t cross-contaminate. The new sprayers are also anticipated for release in November 2022.

M12 Brushless Pruning Shears

Last up for the new OPE releases are the M12 Brushless Pruning Shears. These cordless shears are going to cut 25% faster than manual shears, and with 75% less muscle effort! These shears run on a POWERSTATE brushless motor, so they can cut through 1-1/4” branches and get over 1,000 cuts per charge through 1/2″ material with a CP2.0 battery.

The lightweight, inline design makes these shears ideal for maneuvering in tight access locations. One really cool feature about these shears is they also include a mode select board, which allows you to lock the blades into half capacity if you’re cutting a lot of smaller branches at once. This will increase your cut speed even more to get the job done faster and be on your way. These are not anticipated to launch until Spring 2023.

With this launch, Milwaukee really tried to stack these tools with all the features that are in-demand from professional users. They definitely pinpointed certain industries to create the most user-friendly solutions for the people that will use these tools every day on the job. Stay tuned for more information and release dates as they become available, or shop our PIPELINE page now for releases from earlier this year! If you have any questions in the meantime, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!