The newest heavy-duty tubing cutter from RIDGID is here! Their PTC-400 Power Tubing Cutter cuts through stainless steel, carbon steel, copper aluminum, and plastic with very little strain to you. Engineered for effortless transport with its lightweight profile and ergonomic design, this tool is easy to move from jobsite to jobsite. This Power Tubing Cutter is also versatile enough to be used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings for quick and easy cutting applications.


The RIDGID Power Tubing Cutter is designed to be as convenient and user-friendly as possible. It weighs only 32 pounds, so it is can be transported with ease, and it also has an integrated carrying handle and a cord wrap to keep the tool and accessories nicely wrapped up together for storage. This tubing cutter has space to carry all of its necessary attachments as well, including an optional reamer, a spare cutting wheel, and the tube stand.

Simple Controls

RIDGID set out to make the PTC-400 the most reliable and efficient tubing cutter–and they definitely succeeded. For extra precision, there are two rotational speeds to create smooth cuts on both long and short tubes. The low-speed setting can be used for tubing that is 2” in diameter or less and longer than 6.5’. The high-speed setting can cut through materials larger than 2” and any tube shorter than 6.5’. The two speed levels provide more control of the tube and keep your tool in good shape. The integrated foot switch makes starting and stopping super easy as well. Once you’re done with your project, you can wrap the foot switch cord around the integrated cord wrap and be off on your way.

High Efficiency

The PTC-400 Tubing Cutter has an optimal cutting wheel for quality cuts. The handle design saves labor when feeding because it easily twists up and down to raise and lower the blade from ½” to 4″ in seconds. Engineered for effortless transport with built‑in handles and a lightweight profile, this tool makes getting from job to job simple. The quick-acting engagement feature and easy to use feed screw ensure easy operation that gives pros the flexibility and efficiency they want in the field.

“Whether you’re pressing, soldering, or working with thin-walled conduit, the transportable design of the ridged PTC-400 Power Tubing Cutter, combined with the wide range of sizes and types of tubing it cuts, makes a versatile tool ideal for most jobsites.”

Larry Feskanich, Senior Global Marketing Manager for RIDGID Tools

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