Recently Ridgid launched 2 new SeeSnake Compact Camera System updates to the 100’ SeeSnake Compact 2 Camera system. The new systems add a lot of functionality and versatility, both C40 and M40 have 130’ of length adding a critical 30’ make these systems able to handle most residential applications. The difference is between the flexibility of the cables C40 has a 6mm cable (same as original Compacts) and the M40 has a 7mm for a stiffer push cable. The C40 SeeSnake will have a turn radium of 2.5” while the M40 SeeSnake a little less capacity needing 3”, also has a slightly higher price tag. Both camera heads also feature TruSense High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensors for higher contrast images and TiltSense which gives the slope angle of the pipe thanks to an inclinometer in the camera heads.  

The other big feature of these new system is the new monitor CS6x VERSA which functionally works similar to the CS6x ($2185) but mount is far more functional mounting to C40 or M40 Compacts or in multiple positions standing on it’s own to work with any other SeeSnake monitor. The X on all SeeSnake monitors going back several years means it’ll connect to Wi-Fi, can control the TruSense HDR and TiltSense features so even though these are new features backwards compatible with monitors several years old.     

SeeSanke CS6x Versa Monitors

All in All these are both very impressive SeeSnake Systems which can very easily satisfy a wide range of drain and sewer inspection needs. Launched at the same time as the new FlexShaft Drain Cleaners K9-102 50’ or K9-204 70’ which can clean drains while the camera system is actually in the line. Check out the video for more on those units.

[youtube v=”F_B5TaROlEY” maxwidth=”1120px” center=”yes” style=”padding-top: 8px;margin-bottom: 24px;”]

Of course Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 is happy to answer all your questions on professional Ridgid Plumbing Tools, we stock a wide variety of equipment, parts and we are a factory warranty service center for their SeeSnakes, Threaders and most other equipment.