Back at the WWETT Show in February, RIDGID unveiled their all-new SeeSnake Mini Pro (76883)–their latest in the SeeSnake camera line. We discussed it briefly (which you can read about here or watch here), but now that is is officially launched we’re here to take a bit of a deeper dive into this new machine and how it differs from any of RIDGID’s previous offerings in their SeeSnake line.

RIDGID SeeSnake Mini Pro Camera with TruSense Technology 76883

Let’s dive right in; this new SeeSnake Mini Pro features the smallest and most rugged 25mm digital self-leveling camera currently available, with the ability to navigate tough 90° bends in pipe and push through straight, long distances for up to 200 ft.

The mid-flex push cable is perfect for navigating even the tightest of corners and curves, while still offering the rigidity to power through straightaways. The cable offers mid-stiff flexibility in comparison to RIDGID‘s other offerings in their SeeSnake camera line, and the added versatility ensures increased efficiency and effectiveness on the jobsite.

Different RIDGID SeeSnake Options

RIDGID has also empowered the new SeeSnake Mini Pro with TruSense technology, removing the need for mechanical parts inside the camera head to sense rotation. This means that when paired with a TruSense-enabled monitor, like the CS6x Versa, a series of sensors on the camera head open up a variety of new benefits, including digital self-leveling of the camera to keep the image upright at all times.

The SeeSnake Mini Pro also features a TiltSense Inclinometer, which displays the camera head’s degree of tilt while in a pipe directly on the monitor. This way you always know exactly what direction and angle you’re lookin at within the pipe. The TruSense also adds the ability to pan and zoom while the camera is in operation, enabling you to view the interior of the pipe like never before, and the HDR capabilities ensure a crystal clear image with superior clarity.

Pipe view from camera on RIDGID SeeSnake Mini Pro Camera with TruSense Technology 76883

RIDGID’s all-new SeeSnake Mini Pro will be released this April, so be sure to click one of the links above to grab yours from Ohio Power Tool today! Feel free to reach out at 614-481-2111 or with any questions, comments, or concerns, and be sure to follow us wherever you get your social media fix to stay up to date on all the latest news, releases, deals, and more!